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Heels and Faces

By: Justin Hopkins

Stories are all about heroes doing battle with heinous villains. All throughout media this is almost always the case and is no different in the world of wrestling. Dramatic tales of underdog heroes fighting to unseat the diabolical heel champions or fend off weaselly opponents. However, a lesser seen feud is when two faces or two heels mix it up themselves. We see matches here and there, but I am looking for proper feuds or heels where neither are expected to turn by the end. Which is a lot trickier especially when two heels square up, but was sold enough on the idea of putting my fantasy booking hat back on and talking about one of the things I love the most. So, here they are. Four matches, two heel and two faces and how I think it could be booked to where there are no turns. Using AEW and WWE. Sorry, Impact I don’t get the channel and struggle to keep up and wouldn’t do anything from there justice. So without further adieu, lets dive right in with the match on the Thumbnail.

Abadon vs Kris Statlander (Face)

Alright, two things, I am stretching the idea of Abadon potentially being face or heel. Her character is certainly not a normal face, but when the crow is chanting, eat your soul, at Shida, You aren’t an outright heel either and more importantly, Kris Statlander is injured and could be out for a while to come, but that is okay. Gives us time to set the table in advance. So, here’s how it could work. Keep pushing Abadon. She is running her way through everyone on Dark. Just keep it up. Beating everyone she gets in the ring with. After some time of this. Makes it all the way to a title match with Shida and gets the strap. Getting her win back and setting herself on top of the castle and she just keeps going. Leading to a Dynamite where her opponent no shows a title match. Is found by an interviewer leaving. Wants nothing to do with the Living Dead Girl. Angering Abadon who catches up with her in the back and takes her out. Other women start to avoid the number one spot because of this. Until, Brandy, or Matt Hardy depending on how far out you want to go, we are booking a feud between a zombie and alien after all, have fun with it. Where she declares she found a challenger not from this planet who is not afraid of her and the return, when she is healed and ready, Kris Statlander, who should walk away victorious. At this point, Abadon has made a name for herself and a force to be reckoned within AEW and Statlander picks up as one of their top women. Plus, these two are so creative with their characters that I want to see the match they can come up with. Winner – Kris Statlander.

Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee (Face)

Okay, do not turn Keith Lee. This was the rumor that started the conversation that birthed this idea, and it is a woefully bad idea. He is one of your biggest crowd favorites you got and it doesn’t need it. Both of these guys are overflowing with charisma and are more than capable of making this feud happen. How, just have Keith Lee win the Royal Rumble. Just have them being friends but making it known that is secondary when it comes to the title. Don’t have them outright attack each other, but bumping each other. Let their promos and interviews build the tension up until the final raw and everything blows up. have them Main Event Main Event Wrestlemania as it should and… Drew should win. I would love to see Keith win it, but it would be almost too predictable. He’ll get the win back at Summerslam after cashing in the Money In The Bank. Just don’t want the champ losing at Mania this time around. Winner – Drew McIntrye

The Miz vs Roman Reigns (Heel)

This was much harder to book. Wanted to put John Morrison in The Miz’s place, but couldn’t think of any way Morrison doesn’t flip back to face in the process. When the Miz gets the chance, he is the best heel on the mic going today and that is what is needed for this and want to see the promo work between him and Paul Heyman. That would just be wonderful. How I would do it, is have The Miz line himself up as number one contender after Jey. Roman fresh out of destroying his cousin. Have Miz and Morrison rag on him for everything from his time off and attaching himself to Heyman and needing to check in at the end of a match in order to win the belt. He’ll need to dig deep in the bag to keep heel and can even go right into the Morrison turn from there. Roman will retain after another savage beating and showing the locker room that no one is safe. Winner – Roman Reigns

Brodie Lee vs Chris Jericho (Heel)

This match has had to have changed a good number of times. From Omega to Hangman, but as a friend pointed out, neither are official changes yet so that brings us to Mr. Brodie Lee vs Le Champion. Two extremely talented wrestlers and heads of their own top groups going right now. How I would start the feud is to have one of The Dark Order give a sheet to Sammy Guevara. This would obviously anger Jericho who will not be taking the idea of The Dark Order poaching on his boys and have Jack Hager beat up some of the Dark Order lesser members and the feud is on. A full on Faction War between The Inner Circle and The Dark Order. Leading to the match between Jericho and Brodie down the line to settle the score. Winner should be Brodie at the end of the day, he could use the rub from beating someone like Jericho and he wouldn’t lose anything in the loss. Winner – Brodie Lee

And that is all I got. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

Five potential final opponents for The Undertaker.

By: Justin Hopkins

When I was eight years old I tuned into wrestling for the first time and was blown away by the larger than life characters. While many people I knew were for Austin and D-Generation X. None was bigger for me in that moment than the Deadman, The Undertaker. Everything about him was amazing. The Gothic attire and way he would manhandle the opponent around the ring then turn around and scare the referee for trying to back him off. As the years have gone by, with some stellar to fantastic memories and some really bad moments. He has always had a way of being captivating. With all of that said though, the legend of the Undertaker needs to have a fitting end and in a big way. Now, they kind of have that, with The Boneyard Match. A match that not only saw him under the biker and Deadman gimmick. Burying AJ Styles after an entertaining bout and rode off on his bike. Which could very well be it. Had everything a final match could have for him, but by the way he talked about HBK’s final match (Before Saudi Arabia) Wouldn’t be surprised if he tries for one more. Wanting his final match to be less cinematic and done in the ring with fans around and that is the path we are going to follow today. Who could give the Undertaker the final match that he could be happy and comfortable enough with to call it a day on his In-Ring Career. Lets check out the parameters first. First they have to be a workhorse. Ability to have a great match with anyone they are in the ring with and help him to the finish line. He is great, but needs the help. Second, they got to be full time on the roster. No disrespect to the likes of Brock Lesnar, but if that was going to be it, would have happened already. A full timer would be able to keep the feud going through regular promos and wouldn’t risk of in ring rust themselves. Alright lets dive in.. with an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention The Fiend Bray Wyatt

I would love to see him fighting inside the Funhouse. Seeing him going through his career through the lenses of the Fiend and Wyatt pointing things out. Bray has always been billed as the next Undertaker character, even when he was the cult leader, but this isn’t the right format to end the career of the undertaker, and The Fiend is not the right character for him to exit out on.

5. Cesaro

Alright, This is clearly the dark horse on this list and take the most work to make happen, but not as crazy as you might think. He is a super athlete. Insanely strong and nimble and capable of having great matches any time he goes out to the ring and makes everyone he steps into the ring with looks like a million bucks and entertaining enough to build this match up ahead of time. Problem being he would need built up a bit ahead of time, with a string of victories and all.

4. Finn Balor

This wouldn’t be The Demon. We would need him to go full on heel Prince Devitt. The demon would be a good run, but the time has passed for The Demon, unless they go full Cinematic Match, A possibility but we are booking for live in the ring and Taker needs The Prince for this match. Finn has been having a good time being back in NXT, so this might be a one shot deal back in the ” Main” roster, but they could use his first run as ammunition to be used against him, by one of the biggest stars they have had to built up the drama and kind of make NXT that much more of a bigger deal.

3. Seth Rollins

With the exception of the guy at the number one spot, this may come with the easiest story to tell. The Monday Night Messiah trying to sacrifice the Deadman for the greater good. It pretty much rights itself and Seth is a workhorse who is fully capable of bringing out whatever is left within the Undertaker.

2. Daniel Bryan

High offense and technical prowess. Daniel Bryan can not only bring out the best in The Undertaker, but can even make the moments where he needs a breather interesting through the use of wrestling moves that are not a headlock. His smaller sizer would even help the undertaker move him about in the latter periods when a larger opponent would just look bad and with Bryan wanting to work with as many different people as he can. He could have a lot of fun with this.

1. AJ Styles

After the Boneyard Match happened. I was happy with how it ended and hoped they would move on, but then Money In The Bank happened. Saw how AJ acted when he saw the picture of The Undertaker and the casket. His anger when he watched the preview for the Last Ride Documentary and know that is pretty much all I want. The story of AJ wanting to redeem himself and the similarities that can be drawn between this and the Shawn Michaels match that The Undertaker has been chasing ever since. AJ fits the build for what he needs. A big name workhorse who can help the Deadman get a final match he can be proud of.

If the Undertaker never wrestles again. He can easily stake claim to the great match he had with The Boneyard match, but if not. I hope The Undertaker can have the match he can be proud enough to close his career on. He has given his life to the company and had entertained millions through it all. These are just my picks of the guys I think can pull it off. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

WWE Money In The Bank 2020 Predictions

By: Justin Hopkins:

Money In The Bank is a funny thing. Can really make or break someone and create moment that lasts forever. From Brock using the beat box last year, to Rob Van Dam uses his for a match at One Night Stand. Seth Rollins crashing the scene of the Main Event at Wrestlemania or my favorite, The Edge cash in on John Cena at New Years Revolution. Some decent moments, the Orton, Alexa, and Bayley Cash ins. Than the bad, Corbin, Sandow, and Strowman. Whatever will happen this year, where the formula is changed up completely, with Money On The Roof. The contestants are going to be battling their way to the top of WWE Headquarters where a ring will be set up and  the briefcases will be hanging above. Men’s and Women’s matches will be going on at the same time and have no idea how they are planning on pulling that off, but I am excited to see how they plan on doing this. So, lets dive in a try to predict those matches and the rests of the card, shall we.

Four Way Tag Team Championships – Forgotten Sons vs Miz And Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs New Day (Champions)


This is actually a pretty tricky one to predict. See Miz and Morrison breaking up soon, so not them. As much fun as it would be seeing the house party actually win something for a change, they are more there to up the numbers and they really haven’t done enough for the Forgotten Sons to get the win here. So, by process of elimination here, got to go with the champs retaining here.  Winner – New Day.

Smackdown’s Women Championship – Tamina vs Bayley (Championship)

I would love to be apart of the sweeping Tamina Train. Believe in the underdog story of someone who has been around for so long and chase for new rivalries to go off it. Wouldn’t have to be long..but we seem so close to having the renewed rivalry of Bayley and Sasha.. but do they need the title for that. Not really… I don’t think they will give the strap to Tamina though. So, going with the champ to defend. Winner – Bayley.

  WWE Universal Championship – Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman (Champion)

This one another tough would to pick, and almost seems that by having Wyatt going instead of The Fiend might suggest that Strowman is going to get the win, and I am kind of for it. I don’t want to see Strowman be a transitional champion. Would like to see him have a decent run with the belt until things get back to normal and Roman returns, and who knows. This can actually turn into something special, if they let him run with it. Winner – Braun Strowman

WWE Championship – Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (Champion)

Speaking of something special. Drew has really been making the most of the empty arena settings and don’t see any reason to take the strap off him before a crowd can celebrate it formally. Wouldn’t want to see him lose it and win it back in front of a crowd… because I am afraid that they will lose interest in him before that and not get another run. So, for safety reasons, I really want to see a successful defense. Winner – Drew McIntyre

Men’ Money On The Roof – A.J. Styles vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin vs Aleister Black vs Rey Mysterio vs Otis

You have no idea how badly how much I want to say Shayna or Asuka wins this briefcase. Each of them are capable of mixing it up with the guys and the matches are going to be transpiring at the same time. What if they are fighting on the roof, beating the guys up and women’s case has been snatched up and bodies are laying. A distraught Shayna can’t believe she lost, but looks up at the men’s case. Cuts away to the guys and they come through the door in time to see Shayna bringing it down. but I don’t think they will do something as gutsy. Going to go with A.J. for his work on the Boneyard match. Winner – A.J Styles

Women’s Money On The Roof – Shayna Baszler vs Asuka vs Lacey Evans vs Nia Jaxs vs Dana Brooke vs Carmella

This really feels like a two woman fight here. Lacey, Carmella, and Nia all kind of have reasons to win. Adding something to the case, but Asuka and Shayna are on fire, and Asuka has probably been the brightest star in the empty arena. Able to bring life to every segment and match she is apart of and really want to see her dancing around with the case. So going with the heart and predict the Empress is walking away with it. Winner – Asuka

Bonus pick – Otis is going off the roof.

There are some rumored matches, which I am just going to ignore cause I can’t even guess if they will actually happen or not. With that said, this should be a fun event to watch, one way of the other. Sort of a danger from the Money on the roof matches being overcrowded and beyond hectic, but glad to see them trying something new here and that is all I can ask.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.



The Main Event Review

By Paul Anthony

In This review will be going over a little movie called The Main Event which is made by WWE Studios and released on Netflix. Now currently Netflix is making headlines by a another movie I which we will review at a later date. now that film is a hardcore action film, so when I describe this film I am truly saying it in a good way. When I first saw the previews I have to admit I thought this film was kind of dumb. In part the trailer showed a kid beating a and lifting a pro wrestler. Now Wrestling is already under the light because of it being staged and etc, so I figured it would hurt that sport even more because they did in fact use real wrestlers. Then I did watch the film and it explain why he was able to do what he did. Now at this point this blog does contain spoilers so you have been warn!

The movie is about an eleven year boy named Leo who gets picked on by bullies and begins to lose his confidence. Leo lives with his grandmother and father and the film reveals not only does he get picked on but also his mom left them behind forcing his dad to work two jobs to keep the house running. But one day when Leo is getting chased by bullies he stumbles a crossed a wrestler’s mask but this mask is special which when Leo puts it on he has a strength and personality of a confident wrestler. At this point he learns that WWE NXT is coming to town for a tournament and the winner gets 50,000 dollars and a WWE contract. The money is the important part because Leo’s dad needs 20,000 dollars in order to keep the house and return to working one job and can spend time with Leo. As the tournament goes on Leo becomes the talk of the town and favorite to win, which causes him to do promos and sign autographs which takes him away from his friends, which then Leo goes back to having low confidence because he realizes he loves his friends and family more than anything. In The final match his opponent steals his mask before their match, which is something he should have noticed beforehand but never mind that. When Leo learns that the mask is fake, he begins to get scared which at this time his father shows up and guides him through the cage match where he tells Leo that everyone has a weakness and his opponent’s weakness is height which Leo coaches him to climb the cage and look down which basically causes the guy to pass out and fall allowing Leo to go for the pin and the win. When they discover that Leo is just a kid which means he can not get the contract but passes it to another wrestler, Leo keeps the money and saves his family’s home.

The movie was a good family over the top film with nice feel good story which I know we all need right now. Some things were over the top even for that type of film. The comedy did fall flat and I only caught myself giving a giggle here and there. Even the acting was stiff at moments but in the end I would say this was decent family movie. With that being said I giving this film a C for a grade yes it had it’s moments but it just felt like an average film.

Bad Week for the Employees of Vince! Part 2

By Paul Anthony

Last week I did a blog on the XFL shutting down and everyone basically got fired. At this point it was clear Vince was never invested in that league as much as he was suppose to be but in this blog we are going to talk about the employees that he is truly invested in. Last week WWE laid off more than 30 people from the producers to on screen talent in order to cut cost and by that you would think that this outbreak is killing WWE. However that isn’t actually true, yes with the live events being canceled they aren’t bringing in as much money but they are like any other league and that they are still in great shape but there was reason for the cuts which we will talk about in a second.

It has been reported that WWE does have 500 million in the bank at this point to keep the company float if it ever faced some real hard times. I am guessing Vince learned this from the issues WWE faced in 90’s. So they have reserve money basically. Now Vince we all know some times can sign people and over pay them for example and Brock and Bill Goldberg contracts pay them several million dollars combine for their thirty second matches that they do for a few times a year instead of building stars and that would actually increase profits and would actually cut cost but not people that work hard for him and give up their home lives to make him money.

Now the amount of money they saved by cutting people that they did would have only used up a few percent of their reserve money for a few months and they could have easily refunded their bank account once everything returned to normal. Charts showed that even with this shutdown going, they would have still made a profit for the year yet was there something behind this more than what we are to believe? Most likely this was a move to please the investors who want keep making more and more money and Vince who wanted to please them and not touch the reserve and cater to their needs. Down right shame if you ask me that in these hard times, people who have money still want make more money.

There have been rumors that some of the people that they let go would return. Sadly everyone that was on screen still had a 90 days no complete clause in their contract. Which leaves WWE their only option for the next few months. In which WWE would bring them back. Now When things return to normal I have to wonder if wrestlers will truly want to wrestle for Vince after they saw how the hard working employees got treated through these tough times. I hope AEW continues but there also other promotions as well that will treat these wrestlers better than this. In the end of this two blogs about Vince I have to say even if you the money, you can’t trust him.

WrestleMania 36 Review!

By Paul Anthony

Well WWE’s biggest event is in the books and I have to say it was a great show regardless of the certain outcomes and finishes. You may have wanted a few outcomes to be different in which we will talk about those endings as well. We know there was 20 matches scattered over two days. Two of the bouts were on the pre show for day 1 and day 2. lets look at these matches in order!

First match of the weekend went just under four and a half minutes, Cesaro beat Drew Gulak in very good back and forth match the only problem with this match was that it was too short, these guys could put on a good show if they were given more time. Second match was Bliss and Cross beating The Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s tag titles. The match was a good back and forth match that went a good 15 minutes. I did like the idea of The Warriors not losing the titles but I guess it was time for a change. Third match of the night was Elias Vs King Corbin in a decent match that went 9 minutes only problem is, no one really gives a damn about those two right now because they aren’t being used the right way. Becky Lynch Vs Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s championship that went barely over 8 minutes, the problem that people didn’t like was the ending and in my eyes it was smart move on Becky’s part to outsmart the powerful rookie. Sami defeated Bryan to keep his title, this match was just annoying because Bryan deserved to win the title to give it some type of honor but this match just felt like a filler.

The real match of the night went to the triple threat ladder match for the Smackdown tag titles which went nearly 20 minutes and the ending was just fun and awesome, honestly this could have gone 30 minutes and I would have been happy! Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins also put on a nearly 20 minute match with some great spots, like seeing Kevin fly off the sign to give Seth a elbow drop was a great spot. Bill Goldberg vs Braun Strowman who was replacing Reigns for the Universal Title went like three minutes with Braun winning the title and I am happy for him, even though the match was just finishers which is a theme for these major titles. Now everyone is having fun with the Bone yard match that went 19 minutes and felt like a horror action type of film. This fit the Undertaker well and could have been his very last match?

Now we are entering day 2 and we will start with the pre show match Liv Morgan  defeated Natalya in a match that went just over 6 minute and it was just a normal pre show match nothing to brag about. Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley for the Women’s NXT Championship match that went 20 minutes and in the end the queen proved why she is called the queen. Such a great match and I am curious to see how Flair does in the new NXT. The next two matches were around 8 minutes each and even though it was the people who we thought would win with Aleister Black defeated Bobby Lashley and Otis defeated the Jobber Dolph and got to leave with Mandy Rose.  Edge proved he is back when he defeated Randy Orton in a 37 minute Last man Standing with a Spider-Man like elbow. Though some would say it went a little too long it was still a good match.

The Street Profits made easy work of the made up team of Angel Garza and Austin Theory in a 6 minute match to retain their tag titles. Bayley defeated Lacey Evans, Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Tamina in a good 20 minute match and we even got a little tease of the best friend duo splitting up but once again it was just a tease.  The Firefly Fun Match was a another weird movie like Match that went 13 minutes with Bray beating John Cena. Now it was fun but not like the Bone yard match.

Now we have the WWE Championship match which was the main event of the weekend and it went a whole 5 minutes with drew and brock exchanging finishers and Drew finally getting the title that he deserved and I wish the fans were there to see this touching moment. In the end I have give this show solid A even if the ending of a few matches were not what wee wanted, they did a great job!

WrestleMania 36 Predictions!

By Paul Anthony

Well if you are a wrestling fan than this is the weekend you have been waiting and well since we are stuck inside anyway. it makes it that much more interesting to watch. Now for the last for weeks we were all wondering if this event would take place and if so, how and where. We got our answer when they announced that it would held at the performance center without fans there and then they came up with the idea of having it two nights instead of one which they came up with the tagline Just Too Big For One Night and good thing they did this because having 8 plus hours of people just bouncing around would just be way too boring. Watching three hours of it was enough. But here we are. Now we don’t know which order these matches will air but I am assuming each night will have some of the bigger profile matches that way the audience will be engaged both nights. We know some people have pulled out dur to health concerns and that actually makes the matches interesting because it changes things to where the matches would have more easy to predict but not so much now and oh yeah for whatever reason the show is being hosted by  Rob Gronkowski, yay.. not really but here are my predictions. Mind you that these matches are not in any certain order!!

  1. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Women’s NXT championship. Well I want to go with Flair because I believe they want her on NXT and with the fresh talent there, it could help with the ratings
  2.  Brock Lesner vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Winner Brock Lesner and here is why as much as Drew is over, seeing Brock lose the title at WM has been getting old.
  3.  Goldberg vs Braun Stroman for the Universal Title. Winner Goldberg, no way does WWE want Stroman to have the title.
  4.  Becky Lynch VS. Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s Title. This is tricky because I do feel WWE is pushing Shayna but Becky is still over, I am going with Becky!
  5.  John Cena VS. Bray Wyatt, well this is another hard one because WWE had something good with Bray but buried him for Goldberg but Wyatt needs to be strong and Cena not here anymore so Wyatt will be the winner.
  6.  Bayley vs Lacey Evan vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks vs Tamina in a elimination match  for the Smackdown Women’s championship. Winner Bayley and why not set up a feud with Sasha!
  7.  The Undertaker vs A.J. Styles. Winner Undertaker, because he has been a mainstay in this event WWE wants him to look strong again and A.J. back in that midcard level right now.
  8. Kevin Owns Vs. Seth Rollins. Winner Seth, Kevin is showing some great Mic work but Seth is their guy.
  9.  Smackdown tag team championship match is very much up in the air, rumor is it could be a member from each though its not clear if the titles will be on the line due to Miz being sick in any case I would have a USO member winning a triple threat match.
  10.  The Street Profits vs Austin Theory and Angel Garza. Easy Winner The Street Profits, they are the hottest tag team right now it would be crazy to think they would lose!
  11.  Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley. Winner another easy answer Black is getting a push and beating a tough guy like bobby would have make his case.
  12.  Elias Vs King Corbin, This match has no interesting value in my eyes I’m giving it to Elias
  13.  Edge Vs Orton, Last Man Standing. Winner Edge, you just don’t mess with a Man’s wife.
  14.  Sami Zayn Vs Daniel Bryan. Winner Bryan, that title needs it’s value whose better than Bryan to give it value.
  15.  The Kabuki Warriors vs Bliss and Cross for the WWE Women’s tag team Championships. Winner Kabuki Warriors. As Much as I love Bliss and Cross, I am digging the bad warriors.
  16.  Otis Vs Dolph Ziggler . Winner Otis its a feel good story and Dolph is a high price jobber.

Friday Roundabout 3/13/2020

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another edition of Roundabout and sorry for the delay, as we all know this has been a tough week for all of us. We know what has been going with the virus and how everything is shutting down for the next two weeks or so, and hopefully that will work.

Let’s get into some wrestling news because I touched upon this with my blog earlier regarding WWE biggest event WrestleMania but that is still a few weeks away but they do have shows to do. For a couple of days we knew Smackdown was going to be switched from Detroit to the Performance Center in Tampa without an audience. other sports leagues were thinking about doing this but instead just paused their seasons all together. Now we know Monday Night Raw which was suppose to take place here in Pittsburgh will now also be at the Performance Center. it’s sad for us here because we were all excited to see Stone Cold Steve Austin for the first time in 17 years and on 3 16 but now that will have to wait until next time. However we can expect that WWE will do their shows without the crowds for the next few weeks until things become safe again.

AMC which is one of the bigger movie theater chains will remain open even though most state governments have order that there should be no mass gathers. now I don’t know what AMC plans to do because movies are getting delayed left and right. I guess some companies want try to remain normal through this period of time.

As we know a lot of studios are pretty much shutting down production on all of their shows and movies. Netflix and Disney and AMC all pretty much came out and said their shows will not finish production at this moment.

T.V shows aren’t the only thing being pushed back. Some big time movies have pushed their release dates way back, here are some as of right now F9, No Time to Die, Lovebirds, Mulan, The New Mutants, A Quiet Place Part II, and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway and My Spy. It’s unclear if more movies that are done will follow. We know Vin Diesel new film Bloodshot is expected to take the number 1 spot.

Now the next big film to be released is Black Widow which is set to come out in the first week of May and many are wondering if this film should get pushed back as well and I have my answer and as of right now it should be no. May is still over a month away and already because we are following in China’s foot steps we should be able to contain this outbreak, there are cases now where people already recovered from it. At the very least we should wait another three weeks or so and see if it got worse before we  start to cancel the summer.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they tested positive for Covid-19 in Australia where Hanks was filming a new movie. he updated us with him saying they are taking things day by day. This is our first true case where we can see as a public of how bad it is or how bad we think it is. Here at Smash we want to say we hope Tom and Rita make a full recovery.

What should WWE do?

By Paul Anthony

With this worldwide outbreak everyone is facing difficult decisions. People are wondering if they should go to work or enjoy vacation plans. Governments around the world want to basically shut the world down for the next 14 days to try stop the outbreak from getting worse. We have seen now all the leagues and we are talking about the big leagues. NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB and NCAA all shut down operations for a small or long period of time depending on this outbreak and even smaller soccer leagues and XFL stopped operation and the last one is very interesting and I am talking about the XFL.

We all know Vince McMahon owns the XFL and they decided to postpone the league but we all know what McMahon is really famous for and that is owner the biggest Wrestling promotion and that is WWE and people who are WWE fans know that their biggest event which like their Super Bowl so now the question becomes do they cancel or postpone it? Now the event is taking place in Tampa, where there have been cases of the virus and that is confirmed.  We all never thought it would come to this but look at what has happened so far. Now the governments have urge no mass gathers which a sporting event is a mass gather. At first WWE like others issued a no touch policy but now the government might be urging them to postpone the event.

So what should they do then? WrestleMania  could see a crowd of 80,000 plus to see the matches but yet here we are with WM still going as plan. Let’s say this does go on and nothing happens no one get’s sick or anything. Then they will have showed everyone pretty much that there is nothing to worry about. The flip side is because fans come from all over the world and they could cause the outbreak to speed up and they will have look like the biggest jerks of all time. The government has basically sent the signs to them to cancel on that day but once again its still going on. Is it greed or is it sign that they think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion, You can be the judge.

If it is greed which most will say it easy because this event draws in the most money for the promotion. people spend thousands of dollars for just one ticket at times and that is another thing will people want their money back because we will have no idea when our lives can return to normal day to day. The event is still three weeks away and we know right now that things can get even worse or things might start to look better. We won’t know until we get closer to April 5th but ask yourself in the end What should WWE do?

WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Predictions

By: Justin Hopkins

It’s been awhile since I covered anything WWE and even longer if you take away the little fantasy bookings I did. Mostly, due to how disillusioned and heart breaking it has been, but we are at the last stop to Wrestlemania. An exciting time (Mostly) and there are some fun things that can happen here, and one slightly disturbing fact about things to come. With that said, let’s jump right and talk about the matches and who I think shall walk away as the winners shall we.

Rumored Matches

I am going to just put them into one quick paragraph here. There are a few rumors of some more matches to be added to the card. The most likely being Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan, which I think will be a victory for Drew Gulak through some cheating. I am glad to see them using some guys they don’t and can be a fun rivalry to carry all the way to Mania, and Bryan can get a good match out of almost anyone. The second match, is a possible third chamber match and this is a pretty weak rumor, and only one sight seemed to even mention it. Would be a Smackdown’s Women’s Chamber and only Lacey Evans seemed to be added. She did make some comment about a possible multi person match, and to be honest. Would make sense to have something like this to start the wheels going for Bayleys Title Match at Mania. If they do, I think Bayley will win, and likely screw over Sasha to get the wheels going for that.

United States Championship Match: Andrada Vs Humberto Carrillo

Alright, onto the regular stated matches, and we go to the US Title. Honestly, this one is kind of a difficult pick. Andrada coming back from suspension and if they didn’t pull it off him for that. Don’t see him dropping the belt just yet. Humberto has been chasing for quite some time and would make his victory at Mania a bit more sweeter. So, going with the champ to win it here.

Winner: Andrada

Intercontinental Championship Match: Braun Strowman Vs Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura

  I would love to say the trio would come out victorious here. Each one of them being horrible underutilized and deserves so much more, but if Braun isn’t carrying that strap into Mania he is going to be involved in another stupid angle and he deserves a moment of his own. While these three can have a great triple threat from the group imploding, and potentially steal the show. Once again, champ is retaining.

Winner: Braun Strowman

AJ Styles Vs Aleister Black

This is where the wheels start to wobble a bit for me. I would much rather see this match at Mania than AJ and Undertaker. Again, we are suppose to be building stars and the match between the up and coming Black vs the veteran Styles is way more interesting. Unfortunately, this is not the way we are going, and we got two guys here and neither can stand a loss. Even when you factor in all of the outside interference that will be thrown Aleister’s way. He still can really use the win and he is just don’t see that happening.

Winner: AJ Styles

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits Vs Seth Rollins and Murphy

It’ll be a fun match that will probably go down like it did on Raw, with a bunch of outside interference and Murphy will take the pin. No reason to take the belts off of The Street Profits. Not much more to say about this one.

Winner: Street Profits

Smackdown Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match: Miz and Morrison vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Usos vs Lucha House Party

I have no possible idea what can go down in this match. They could have Roode and Ziggler win to set up them vs Heavy Machinery at Mania and incorporate the Mandy Rose storyline. To really make Otis the ultimate winner, both get the girl and the titles and with how popular he is, would make for a great moment, and the more I talk about it. More I actually want to see it happen. They can drop the titles to New Day or Usos to set up that excellent match, or keep it on Miz and Morrison and set them up for a three team match, with them having to fight off New Day and Usos. And Lucha House Party will be involved in the match as well, and have no belief in them except pulling off some high spots to pop the crowd and be their downfall at the same time, but I have talked myself into the first one.

  Winner: Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Number 1 Contender Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Sarah Logan vs Ruby Riot vs Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

This is the match that has me really worried and showcases their desperate need to stop burying talent and building their star power. I am fully invested in Shayna winning this match and going on to face Becky. There is a rumor that she has some heat and it’s idiotic. The ball is already rolling and will kill her before she gets going. She has to win this, but she can not destroy everyone in this match. If she does, she will have no one who can reasonably go against her after Mania (No, I do not want to see her face Charlotte, at all… ever.) Had Liv not been brought back into the fold in a stupid lesbian story and Sarah actually got one over on Charlotte, and they brought Ruby back in a strong way. They wouldn’t have this problem, but here we are. These three women have to look like the strong, capable wrestlers that each one of them are, even if that means working together to take Shayna out of the equation for a bit. To really showcase that they can go to the crowd and when Shayna wins the belt at Mania. You have three more talented women waiting in the wings. As far as Asuka and Natalya goes, Asuka is fantastic and hurts to say, she needs to go back to making the Tag Belts worth something with Kairi and just no on Natalya. She is good in the ring, but no.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

And that is that for this years Elimination Chamber. There is a lot of fun to be had with these matches and hope it goes well. We are a few weeks away and have had my fill of twists on this years road to Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed and as always…

Thank You For Reading.


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