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WrestleMania 36 Predictions!

By Paul Anthony

Well if you are a wrestling fan than this is the weekend you have been waiting and well since we are stuck inside anyway. it makes it that much more interesting to watch. Now for the last for weeks we were all wondering if this event would take place and if so, how and where. We got our answer when they announced that it would held at the performance center without fans there and then they came up with the idea of having it two nights instead of one which they came up with the tagline Just Too Big For One Night and good thing they did this because having 8 plus hours of people just bouncing around would just be way too boring. Watching three hours of it was enough. But here we are. Now we don’t know which order these matches will air but I am assuming each night will have some of the bigger profile matches that way the audience will be engaged both nights. We know some people have pulled out dur to health concerns and that actually makes the matches interesting because it changes things to where the matches would have more easy to predict but not so much now and oh yeah for whatever reason the show is being hosted by  Rob Gronkowski, yay.. not really but here are my predictions. Mind you that these matches are not in any certain order!!

  1. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Women’s NXT championship. Well I want to go with Flair because I believe they want her on NXT and with the fresh talent there, it could help with the ratings
  2.  Brock Lesner vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Winner Brock Lesner and here is why as much as Drew is over, seeing Brock lose the title at WM has been getting old.
  3.  Goldberg vs Braun Stroman for the Universal Title. Winner Goldberg, no way does WWE want Stroman to have the title.
  4.  Becky Lynch VS. Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s Title. This is tricky because I do feel WWE is pushing Shayna but Becky is still over, I am going with Becky!
  5.  John Cena VS. Bray Wyatt, well this is another hard one because WWE had something good with Bray but buried him for Goldberg but Wyatt needs to be strong and Cena not here anymore so Wyatt will be the winner.
  6.  Bayley vs Lacey Evan vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks vs Tamina in a elimination match  for the Smackdown Women’s championship. Winner Bayley and why not set up a feud with Sasha!
  7.  The Undertaker vs A.J. Styles. Winner Undertaker, because he has been a mainstay in this event WWE wants him to look strong again and A.J. back in that midcard level right now.
  8. Kevin Owns Vs. Seth Rollins. Winner Seth, Kevin is showing some great Mic work but Seth is their guy.
  9.  Smackdown tag team championship match is very much up in the air, rumor is it could be a member from each though its not clear if the titles will be on the line due to Miz being sick in any case I would have a USO member winning a triple threat match.
  10.  The Street Profits vs Austin Theory and Angel Garza. Easy Winner The Street Profits, they are the hottest tag team right now it would be crazy to think they would lose!
  11.  Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley. Winner another easy answer Black is getting a push and beating a tough guy like bobby would have make his case.
  12.  Elias Vs King Corbin, This match has no interesting value in my eyes I’m giving it to Elias
  13.  Edge Vs Orton, Last Man Standing. Winner Edge, you just don’t mess with a Man’s wife.
  14.  Sami Zayn Vs Daniel Bryan. Winner Bryan, that title needs it’s value whose better than Bryan to give it value.
  15.  The Kabuki Warriors vs Bliss and Cross for the WWE Women’s tag team Championships. Winner Kabuki Warriors. As Much as I love Bliss and Cross, I am digging the bad warriors.
  16.  Otis Vs Dolph Ziggler . Winner Otis its a feel good story and Dolph is a high price jobber.

What should WWE do?

By Paul Anthony

With this worldwide outbreak everyone is facing difficult decisions. People are wondering if they should go to work or enjoy vacation plans. Governments around the world want to basically shut the world down for the next 14 days to try stop the outbreak from getting worse. We have seen now all the leagues and we are talking about the big leagues. NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB and NCAA all shut down operations for a small or long period of time depending on this outbreak and even smaller soccer leagues and XFL stopped operation and the last one is very interesting and I am talking about the XFL.

We all know Vince McMahon owns the XFL and they decided to postpone the league but we all know what McMahon is really famous for and that is owner the biggest Wrestling promotion and that is WWE and people who are WWE fans know that their biggest event which like their Super Bowl so now the question becomes do they cancel or postpone it? Now the event is taking place in Tampa, where there have been cases of the virus and that is confirmed.  We all never thought it would come to this but look at what has happened so far. Now the governments have urge no mass gathers which a sporting event is a mass gather. At first WWE like others issued a no touch policy but now the government might be urging them to postpone the event.

So what should they do then? WrestleMania  could see a crowd of 80,000 plus to see the matches but yet here we are with WM still going as plan. Let’s say this does go on and nothing happens no one get’s sick or anything. Then they will have showed everyone pretty much that there is nothing to worry about. The flip side is because fans come from all over the world and they could cause the outbreak to speed up and they will have look like the biggest jerks of all time. The government has basically sent the signs to them to cancel on that day but once again its still going on. Is it greed or is it sign that they think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion, You can be the judge.

If it is greed which most will say it easy because this event draws in the most money for the promotion. people spend thousands of dollars for just one ticket at times and that is another thing will people want their money back because we will have no idea when our lives can return to normal day to day. The event is still three weeks away and we know right now that things can get even worse or things might start to look better. We won’t know until we get closer to April 5th but ask yourself in the end What should WWE do?

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