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Friday Roundabout!

By Paul Anthony

You often hear jokes about the different voices for Siri and Google and Amazon Alexa which are jokes but now that is changing and I am not Joking .Now Amazon announced that for just 99 cents Alexa will now sound like Samuel L. Jackson will be her voice and I am sure he will say his famous word Mother F***** but that will be $4.99 though, the 99 cents option would be the basic and the other is with him swearing, How funny will that be? I almost think $4.99 would be worth it. Now there hasn’t been any announced date for this package but stay tune!

Now we got to switch to something more serious because we lost a horror legend last Saturday and that person was Sid Haig, who died from complications from the Lung Infection which happened when he vomit in his sleep. Sid’s career started way back in 60’s and for the most part until the 90’s he was busy mad but slowed his pace in the 90’s, However His career picked up again by 2003 when he starred in House of 1000 corpses as Captain Spaulding, a role that would make him famous in the younger generation eyes. It’s sad to say that he is gone, he will be missed by millions.

When you are good at your job, it’s only a matter of time before your company realizes it to and when they do they start to worry about losing you and now we could be facing that issue with Marvel Studios. It is being reported Marvel Studios Big Man Kevin Feige will now work with LucasFlim on a Star Wars project. We all know they are own by Disney owns them both, but they still operate as different companies. Now Kevin has always wanted to work on a Star Wars film and now the question is will he get a full time job there and move on from Marvel. Now I don’t know if we should go that far but right now you just don’t know.

This news really has me pumped for the film more then ever. Fans are already pumped for Jurassic World 3 and it seems like the film can’t come fast enough, sadly it still a year and half away. The biggest thing we kept asking ourselves is where was Alan grant and Ellie Sattler at? which were played Sam Neill and Laura Dern. We saw BD Wong return and Jeff Goldblum return, Jeff’s role as Ian was small in The Fallen Kingdom. But Now His Role as well as Sam and Laura’s will be much bigger. This film will be such a great film and it only made sense for all the cast to return since as of right now this film is set to be the last film and with the Dinosaurs on the run, Grant and Sattler needs to lead the pack to put this dinosaurs back where they belong for good. We will have to wait until June 2021 to see what will happen!

Please Stop With Saw!

By Paul Anthony

Back in 2004 Saw came out and it was something new in an area of film that was just going down hill in that period, Horror films were becoming horrible even for a hardcore fan, so this was so new and here was a shocker it was good. Let’s be honest the music was awesome and so was the ending, in fact that song in the end is still in my head. The next two films wasn’t the same but wasn’t bad either and it finished up Jigsaw story and we learned what happened and why he did what he did. However things in Hollywood don’t end when the story ends but when the money stops. The films were often made on a small budget so the films always made money. After three the films just became trash and dragging any loose ends out. Then we had the 2017 Jigsaw which is the 8th film in the series and was suppose to be the end and when I saw it I truly felt like this was a waste but glade the series was over, then we got a shocker.

First was Chris Rock was going to reboot the film series just a few years after the last one. When this happen first thing I thought was really Chris Rock of all people he was going to reboot Saw. The News didn’t stop there, it then came out that he was going write and direct the film but then also star in the film along side Samuel L. Jackson. Was this a Joke? I said that out loud but it wasn’t a joke, it was real. As much as I want to say that is it the truth is there was more news regarding this film. One this film won’t be a reboot and will happen in the same canon as the previous eight films, it won’t be a direct sequel to Jigsaw which won’t be a bad thing. Second the current title for the film is The Organ Donor which does sound like a creepy title.

The film was going to be released in October 2020 which is the normal time for a saw movie but now they changed it to the point where the film is coming out in May of 2020. The changed was being reported that they didn’t want to go up against Halloween Kills. Putting it in May doesn’t help either because you got Black Widow, SpongeBob, Fast and Furious 9 in May as well, not to mention June films as well which includes CandyMan.

I’m not saying this is going to be a bad film, I just don’t see the point in a 9th film, when we were already sick of it. I guess this is how people of 80’s felt with Jason and Freddy. Now if this movie fails I do believe there won’t be a tenth film because the budget alone will go to the roof to pay Jackson and Rock. They will see they will take a lose with this film and put this series to sleep. Then again I could be wrong, we will see in 10 months.

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