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Unsolved Mysteries review

By Paul Anthony

One of the first shows that I got into as a kid growing up that wasn’t a cartoon or sitcom had to be this show Unsolved Mysteries. Like many of the fans of the show I would watch reruns and when they brought the show back in 2008 I would watch those episodes as well then the show ended again and for ten long years the show was on ice until now when Netflix brought it back and of course I had to watch it and though the season only consist of 6 episodes so far with another 6 on the way but the question becomes did these episodes so far live up to the legacy of the show before it?

Let’s break down each episode plot for you first. As I mentioned before the show has 6 episodes so far with 6 more on the way. Episode one is about the death and disappearance of Rey Rivera and the episode is titled Mystery on the Rooftop. Second episode titled 13 minutes which involves Patrice Endres, a salon owner who disappears in a 13 minute window that she had for a break. Third episode titled House of Terror which involves the Dupont’s family Murder and the disappearance of the father and husband Xavier Dupont. Fourth Episode titled No Ride Home features the death of Alfonzo Brooks. Fifth episode is titled Berkshires UFO which the title basically explain the plot which was about the Berkshires county UFO sighting and Alien Adduction. The final episode is called the missing witness which is about Lena Chapin.

Each episode basically have the victim’s friends and family giving the good side of the victims and then explaining what could have happen and so forth and they also have former investigators of the crime to explain their side of things and why everything hasn’t been solved yet. Each episode in it’s own right is intense and gives you a good amount of details where you can come up with your own conclusion even if it you can’t prove it.

Ranking the episodes from my point of view goes a little like this. 1. Missing Witness, 2. No Ride Home, 3. Mystery on the Rooftop, 4. 13 Minutes, 5. Berkshires UFO and 6 House of Terror. The Missing Witness is my favorite by far because of the situation with the witness being the daughter of the murderer and when she is ready to tell the world key evidence about her missing Step-father, she to is killed with no body found and leaves behind a son that the mother who is the murderer has custody to and it is very twisted and just sad. My least favorite is House of Terror and its not a knock on the episode but I know it in involves an French family but having the entire episode in French and reading the subtitles as you are trying to follow the story was just not working for me.

The big and only con about this show is the fact it no longer has a host which does make it feel like every other Netflix show, but that is just being picky right there. In the end they did a great job with the show and I am looking forward to more episodes.



Please if you have any information regarding the cases of the show please go to http://www.unsolved.com

The Main Event Review

By Paul Anthony

In This review will be going over a little movie called The Main Event which is made by WWE Studios and released on Netflix. Now currently Netflix is making headlines by a another movie I which we will review at a later date. now that film is a hardcore action film, so when I describe this film I am truly saying it in a good way. When I first saw the previews I have to admit I thought this film was kind of dumb. In part the trailer showed a kid beating a and lifting a pro wrestler. Now Wrestling is already under the light because of it being staged and etc, so I figured it would hurt that sport even more because they did in fact use real wrestlers. Then I did watch the film and it explain why he was able to do what he did. Now at this point this blog does contain spoilers so you have been warn!

The movie is about an eleven year boy named Leo who gets picked on by bullies and begins to lose his confidence. Leo lives with his grandmother and father and the film reveals not only does he get picked on but also his mom left them behind forcing his dad to work two jobs to keep the house running. But one day when Leo is getting chased by bullies he stumbles a crossed a wrestler’s mask but this mask is special which when Leo puts it on he has a strength and personality of a confident wrestler. At this point he learns that WWE NXT is coming to town for a tournament and the winner gets 50,000 dollars and a WWE contract. The money is the important part because Leo’s dad needs 20,000 dollars in order to keep the house and return to working one job and can spend time with Leo. As the tournament goes on Leo becomes the talk of the town and favorite to win, which causes him to do promos and sign autographs which takes him away from his friends, which then Leo goes back to having low confidence because he realizes he loves his friends and family more than anything. In The final match his opponent steals his mask before their match, which is something he should have noticed beforehand but never mind that. When Leo learns that the mask is fake, he begins to get scared which at this time his father shows up and guides him through the cage match where he tells Leo that everyone has a weakness and his opponent’s weakness is height which Leo coaches him to climb the cage and look down which basically causes the guy to pass out and fall allowing Leo to go for the pin and the win. When they discover that Leo is just a kid which means he can not get the contract but passes it to another wrestler, Leo keeps the money and saves his family’s home.

The movie was a good family over the top film with nice feel good story which I know we all need right now. Some things were over the top even for that type of film. The comedy did fall flat and I only caught myself giving a giggle here and there. Even the acting was stiff at moments but in the end I would say this was decent family movie. With that being said I giving this film a C for a grade yes it had it’s moments but it just felt like an average film.

Netflix Review: Pandemic

By Paul Anthony

These days all we can do is review stuff it seems like is on Netflix and I find crazy how their series of shows always managed to grab us and we get hooked big time!. But does that mean the shows are actually good or is just the perfect timing for the most part, they are just that good but a few are just perfect timing and this series was just that. I am reviewing a Netflix series called Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak. Catchy little title in the perfect time. Since I have been reviewing films and shows I generally don’t lose interest in what I am watching unless its something that is truly boring. I get it Netflix filmed this before everything started to happened but once again timing can be everything.

The series contain 6 episodes that were about 45 to 60 minute long. The first episode was about the front line workers such as doctors and nurses treating the patients that have these viruses and no doubt they show the audience the hard work that they do cure and prevent a virus from getting worse. the Episode was a good start to the series and it made me even value our frontline workers even more, its the following episodes that began to bore me because they step away from the frontline workers to show us the research side of things. We spend the five hours of our lives following researchers around as they find a way to make a cure and test it on pigs and other animals. Now I get it that it is a job that is required to help everyone and once again it starts off good but then it tails off and starts to drag. The title caught me because I thought because of what we are dealing with that this series should be interesting and it had potential to be just that. Maybe if the series was 3 or at the max 4 episodes I would be praising it rather then bashing it. It is hard to praise something that you begin lose much interest in. the topic was a hot but it didn’t need to be dragged out. They give us more information then most of us have ever known about outbreaks and what frontline workers and health officals have to go through and it was nice to see that, it really was.

We are now in the end of the blog where I have to give the final say of what I think of it. In the end I believe the series was just too long for its own good and because that, it becomes very boring at times and you begin to wonder and lose track of the information they are giving you and even they realize that by adding stuff about people who are against vaccines and goes the opposite way of their title. If the show is called how to prevent an outbreak and your showing me segments where people bash the health process and then clearly you ran out of material to give to us. Should have made the series shorter. In the end I am giving this series a D for a review and would say overall this was a miss for Netflix.


Friday Roundabout 3/13/2020

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another edition of Roundabout and sorry for the delay, as we all know this has been a tough week for all of us. We know what has been going with the virus and how everything is shutting down for the next two weeks or so, and hopefully that will work.

Let’s get into some wrestling news because I touched upon this with my blog earlier regarding WWE biggest event WrestleMania but that is still a few weeks away but they do have shows to do. For a couple of days we knew Smackdown was going to be switched from Detroit to the Performance Center in Tampa without an audience. other sports leagues were thinking about doing this but instead just paused their seasons all together. Now we know Monday Night Raw which was suppose to take place here in Pittsburgh will now also be at the Performance Center. it’s sad for us here because we were all excited to see Stone Cold Steve Austin for the first time in 17 years and on 3 16 but now that will have to wait until next time. However we can expect that WWE will do their shows without the crowds for the next few weeks until things become safe again.

AMC which is one of the bigger movie theater chains will remain open even though most state governments have order that there should be no mass gathers. now I don’t know what AMC plans to do because movies are getting delayed left and right. I guess some companies want try to remain normal through this period of time.

As we know a lot of studios are pretty much shutting down production on all of their shows and movies. Netflix and Disney and AMC all pretty much came out and said their shows will not finish production at this moment.

T.V shows aren’t the only thing being pushed back. Some big time movies have pushed their release dates way back, here are some as of right now F9, No Time to Die, Lovebirds, Mulan, The New Mutants, A Quiet Place Part II, and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway and My Spy. It’s unclear if more movies that are done will follow. We know Vin Diesel new film Bloodshot is expected to take the number 1 spot.

Now the next big film to be released is Black Widow which is set to come out in the first week of May and many are wondering if this film should get pushed back as well and I have my answer and as of right now it should be no. May is still over a month away and already because we are following in China’s foot steps we should be able to contain this outbreak, there are cases now where people already recovered from it. At the very least we should wait another three weeks or so and see if it got worse before we  start to cancel the summer.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they tested positive for Covid-19 in Australia where Hanks was filming a new movie. he updated us with him saying they are taking things day by day. This is our first true case where we can see as a public of how bad it is or how bad we think it is. Here at Smash we want to say we hope Tom and Rita make a full recovery.

Locke and Key Season 1 review

By Paul Anthony

Netflix seems to be on good track in 2020 with their films and shows. I recently reviewed The Witcher and I did enjoy it, when I enjoy one show I have to give them the chance again with another show. Now Locke and Key was starting to be advertised and once I finished with The Witcher I decided to give Locke and key a chance. Could Netflix struck gold again? Well at first I wasn’t so sure but as I watched the show the more and more I started to realize that I am enjoying it. Not to mention you can’t go wrong with a product that was created by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill though he doesn’t like to tell people who his father is , which is a good choice, now onto the show right?

This season which is the first season does consist of 10 episodes and each episode is between 40 to 60 minutes long. Now I know this series is based on the comic book series, which I have not read, I can’t say how close to the source it really is, I can only base the review off of what I watched. The season focuses on the Locke family as they move from their home in Seattle to Matheson, Massachusetts when the children loses their father Rendell who is murdered by a former student of his. This situation forces them to move to their father’s family Home and there after the three kids, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode begin to find keys that opens magical doors but then soon realize that opening these doors do cause problems and reveal stuff about their father that they never knew. All this magic and fun and learning they doing they also have to battle a demon that they basically helped release by opening doors that they knew nothing about. Slowly with the help of their friends they battle the demon and the monsters but little did they know that the demon did a body switch and prisoned the wrong person who was a friend of their father and one of their friends is now possessed to make matters worse and that is how the season ends.

Now when a show is ten episodes and an hour long, sometimes a story can be dragged out and I feel like that is what we have here. Please understand that I am not saying it was dragged out too much but at times it did seem like they were dragging. I did enjoy the horror and magic mixed together it was good blend. I did like the other highlight of seeing children grow from and deal with the trauma of losing their father. I am interested in seeing what happens in season two. If you looking for a good show to watch I would say you will enjoy this show much. In the end I am giving this show a good 80 percent or a B rating.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez Review

By Paul Anthony

I always have to praise Netflix’s original series, they do hit the spot with good reviews and I can see why. The documentaries that they do are on the good end of things so with that being said when they released this one because it had to do with football and Aaron that I had take a watch because I remember this situation like it was just yesterday. Here we have a modern day O.J. Simpson case. This however was unheard of because Aaron was very much an active Football player not only that he was a superstar at such an young age and was just rewarded a big contract from the New England Patriots. I have to admit that besides the basics I didn’t know much about this case until now.

Instead of having an 3 or so hour long movie of sorts they basically broke it up into three episodes for which each episode focused on a different aspect of Aaron’s life and case. In the first episode we get the story of his childhood and how he was raised with his family and just being an all around fun kid. Friends and family are interviewed  so we can get an idea of Aaron was before the rise in football. Aaron was described as any other young football star in high school. As we hear the interviews we do see clips of him playing football and hits that he took at very young age. It’s revealed that His father was his backbone to keep him straight forward and pushed him mostly likely beyond his limits to be a football star.

In the second episode it talks about Aaron going to The University of Florida to play for the Gators and then we also learn that Aaron’s father had passed in 2006 and his mom wasted no time to bring in another guy. This was the first signed that we saw that Aaron’s life was held together by his father. Now in Florida and enjoying being a superstar in college. Aaron starts to have a change in his behavior after he realize he could get away with anything because football down there was everything and as long as you win it doesn’t matter. Then the episode starts to shift to him being drafted and scouts made it clear this guy had social problems but his talent was worth it. Once in New England he became a star again and once again the trouble followed because now it was revealed he was involved in the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd, who he meant through his girlfriend.

In The final episode it mostly breaks down the murder case and Aaron’s life behind bars and the trials he was at and we see first hand the affects of his actions and honestly the affects that football has on our culture. The show clips of fans Aaron’s protesting that he is innocent and they disregard that there is another family that is hurting because of him. In the end they reveal that Aaron had CTE from all the hits that he took from high school through the pros.

This was a very strong emotional documentary because it showed us how football really is above everything even above Life and Death. In the end Aaron is gone and the people around was affect by his actions and Football needs to make changes and preach to people that this game can change one’s life for the better and for the worse and in the end it is clear they are the true Villain where Aaron was a henchmen and Odin was a victim.

The Witcher Season 1 Review

By Paul Anthony

When The Game Of Thrones ended I did feel lost in some ways because it was one of my favorite shows and it grew on me. Then I heard Netflix was doing a show that was almost like that and the show would be based on a book series called The Witcher. Like Game of Thrones I never read the books so I wasn’t too sure if I would be into this series or not. Then It was released and I started to see everyone talk about it and of course I had to watch it and give it a try to see what the hype was about. Now I have to ask myself was the hype worth it? Could this fill the void that Game Of Thrones left behind?

The show does different from Game Of Thrones where the main characters which are three of them nearly chooses the paths they go on because of their abilities except the youngest of the three where the main characters of G.O.T didn’t really have a choice. The One thing I found to be almost annoying with show is the time jump with the stories of the main characters. First we have the true main character Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill. Geralt is a Witcher who hunts monsters and magic creatures of that nature. We are told that a Witcher has special abilities to fight these magic beings. He linked by destiny to princess Cirilla “Ciri”, who is the crown princess of Cintra. She to has magical powers that she receives from her grandmother, the powers skipped Ciri’s mother. Then we have a half elf and half human but is deformed because of it, she learns to become a mage and at the cost of fertility she rids herself of her deformity. Sooner rather then later these three will cross paths and we learn how they will do it.

Each episode follows the characters but what we learn through out the season is that there is a time hop. So one character could be in a different time period then another character. In Season one Geralt’s stories happen over a 12-15 year period and Ciri’s is more like a month and Yennefer of Vengerberg, happens over a 70 year period. I won’t lie it does get confusing so watching every scene is important and have pay attention to detail. I do love a show that makes you think and pay attention.

Now the show isn’t without flaws though. Character development was at a weak point, the back and forth with the characters didn’t really help the cause with the development. They did say they will fix this problem in season two so at least they know. Now certain costumes that people were wearing did look like the creative department were lazy but once again they saw their problem and heard the reviews. I do like this show overall and minus those few things I am giving it a good 80 percent and recommend you giving it a try, only sad thing is we have to wait until beginning of next year to see season 2!

6 Underground Review

By Paul Anthony

Netflix is no doubt is becoming bigger and bigger and with that being said, they are recruiting big time people in the game but they also are starting to recruit big time directors. Michael bay is one of those directors. Here we have a big budget film which the budget is around 150 million and the film was lead by Ryan Reynolds and even have Dave Franco in the film as well though his character doesn’t survive long, sadly he is the first member to get killed and that is pretty much it for him with this film.

Now the plot is basic which you can understand for a Michael bay film, basically you have people who have fallen off the face of the earth or ” die” and become “ghosts” as they call themselves and they go off and fight crimes to make the world a better place. The group is led by Ryan who goes by the name of one, which is the rule of the group. they don’t know anyone’s real name they just go by numbers which means they don’t have ties to each other and that means less emotions when someone dies. Though that aspect goes out the door because 4 teammates start to date each other which One finds out later. In short the group loses just one member which One recruits another member and he becomes number 7. they train for what will be their first true mission and in the end they succeed and part of the rules are when the mission is over they part ways until they are needed again and so they do.

Now like I said this a bay film so it had no real story but his bread and butter is the action. Now with that being said and with the budget the action scenes were a big step in the right direction for Netflix. I know they operate a little different because I often think how would this film do making money if it was release in theaters. Well From a 150 million dollar budget and the time it was actually released and most of the reviews I would say you would be looking at around 500 million dollar movie which would make it some what of a successful film. Now the question becomes how would I rate this film? With everything I just said I do think it wasn’t a bad film. The story doesn’t make you over think about the plot and it’s simple and the action was there enough to overcome everything else. In the end I am giving it 70 percent. It was average film in my eyes, now am I curious for a sequel, yes I am but we shall!

Friday Roundabout 1-10-2020

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome to another roundabout. Hope you all had a great week. As always, bringing my thought on rumors and news from around the entertainment world in the past week, and a little longer to touch on one rumor. With all of that said, let’s jump right in with the big Marvel story from the week, in Doctor Strange and the loss of the director.

It is a shame to see Scott Derrickson dropping out of the Multiverse Of Madness, sequel to Dr. Strange, especially due to creative differences. Was a big fan of the first movie, and felt Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in Infinity War and the climax of Endgame definitely hyped up the urge to see his return.  At the same time, not going to panic over it at the same time. Marvel has been a consistent machine at pumping out solid movies and with them having similar issues with the first Antman, they have some experience in righting the ship from creative differences with Directors. Hope that they can find a way to reconcile with Scott, but if not. Still hyped for this sequel.

Going from the big screen to the smaller one and movement on a remake of the classic 1981 Werewolf movie, The Howling, coming to Netflix. The announcement came in the form of Director Andy Muschietti working on an adaption for Netflix, which I find really exciting. Andy has said before that The Howling was a dream project for him to work on, and The Howling does have a rich story with some room to grow and take into different directions, and like all remakes, even if they don’t live up to expectations. Still have the classic to enjoy.

From there we go to the world of Video Games, and before I go into this one, need to stress that this is just a rumor. I tried to find something official but at this point, all I can find is speculation, but as a Sony player. Feel the need to give my two cents on this one. It has to do with various sites reporting that the PS5 will be backward compatible. Going all the way back to Playstation 1. If this is true, I would be elated. Would be satisfied with PS3 and over the moon to access PS2, but getting them all would be fantastic, and they really need that feature to compete with Xbox, who has announced that the X Series will do just that. With the PS5 due up later this year, really wish Sony  would put out some official statements to curb some of the rumor trains. In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed that this rumor carries weight.

Speaking of games, we got a bit of what to expect from Resident Evil Nemesis. This is such a small thing to be excited for a game that I am pretty much Pre-Ordering the first chance I get, but they were talking about Nemesis himself, and to not expect what you remember. Learning from their time working on Mr. X in the remake of Resident Evil 2, and he will not work in scripted terms, but as he sees fit. Making him unpredictable and increase the horror factor. Also, Carlos will have a playable section, which will add even more new content. Truth be told, I am super excited for this game and any reason I can find to talk about it; I jump. Releases on April 13th, barring any delays and please, don’t let there be any delays. Need a new game to play.

There is a few trailers that have dropped. New Mutants and Birds of Prey seem to be the big ones, but have given up trailers for New Year Resolutions. Going to do my best to avoid trailers, after the first ones, because I am tired of them spoiling aspects of the movie after the first trailer drops, and encourage everyone to follow my example. #Nomorespoilersintrailers.

In close, want to congratulate Frozen 2 on becoming the highest grossing animated movie of all time, and hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of the roundabout. As always…

Thanks for reading.

The Christmas Chronicles Review

By Paul Anthony

So I know it is a year late basically but it is almost Christmas time and it was time to do a Christmas movie review. Now Netflix has been coming strong with the movies with having some big names attached to their projects. This film  starred Kurt Russell as Santa Clause and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Clause though she makes a cameo in this film though I have to wonder in the sequel if she will have a bigger role in the next film.

So the film starts in the opening credits, we see a family that continues to grow with each clip, we see the children grow then the opening credits end and we notice that the father is no longer with the family which we learn he had died in between the Christmases. This causes the son to become a rebel or future criminal of sorts. When the mother has to work and the brother Teddy has to watch his younger sister Kate against his will things go wrong when Kate spots Santa. The duo comes together to catch Santa and to the shock of Teddy, Santa is real and they begin to follow him and the see the reindeers and the sleigh, the whole nine yards but once they get in the sleigh and cause basically an accident and then the whole night becomes ruin and Santa fears that Christmas might be ruin if they don’t correct the wrong and fix the sleigh which leads them on a goose chase.

When everything comes together Teddy realizes that Santa could have solved the problem with his magic in a matter of seconds and Santa reveals that this was plan to help Teddy to get his Christmas sprit back in which he does in the end when we find out that Teddy did write Santa and all he wanted was to see his father one last time and Santa does his best by giving him a magic ornament in which his father tells him that he is proud of him.

The story was pretty much predictably but still one that with the right plot points were able to touch the heart. Having Kurt Russel as a Santa was a good touch to the film and have to admit I thought he was the best part of the film. Though the acting from the kids was a little stiff at times I didn’t see them really hurting the film. The Writing was basic as well you saw with the lost of the father, it was going to touch the heart which is a basic element of a Christmas movie. In the end I am giving this film an 7 out 10  or a good 70 percent. Though it was basic it still did enough to please the heart!

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