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The Passing of Nipsey Hussle

By Paul Anthony

When we think of rap music, what do we think about? We think of people who are clever enough to rhythm words together and tell a story while they do it. When we also think of rappers we think of gangs and people who won’t think twice about hitting someone. But with that being said we intend to forget that they are people as well. Sunday the rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away but more importantly the man Ermias Joesph Asghedom passed away. You would think I am talking about two people but I am really just talking about one person.

Not too many rappers give back to the community in which they came from but Nipsey did. Ermias Joesph Asghedom was born on August 15th, 1985 and was raised in Crenshaw neighborhood of south Los Angeles. There he went to school and shined and even asked if he could be tested to join his school’s gifted program. Sadly like many youths in his area he went on to join a gang. He joined the local Rollin 60’s neighborhood gang which is part of the crips. He began to rap and by 2005 he was sending out mixtapes and finally in 2018 he had his debut album and was actually even nominated for best rap album at this past year’s grammy awards. Asghedom started to go by his stage name when a friend of his called him Nipsey Hussel which is play from a comic Nipsey Russell. But now it is sad to say the past year of his life was the best and now it is over.

Once he got the fame and money he started to give back which says a lot about his true character. he even went to officials of the LAPD to set up a meeting with trying to end Gang violence. it came to an end when 29 year Eric Holder shot him three times with one of those shots was at his head. When Eric was arrested the police found out that he shot Nipsey because they got into a personal dispute just a few hours earlier.

Sad to say that a guy who was trying to end violence in his neighborhood gets gunned down in front of his own store. he leaves behind a child, a girlfriend, a mother and father and a brother, he was a family man. I may not listen to his music but from what I read he was the rapper that we needed in the rap game. I am sure Nipsey you will be missed !!


Drake Creepy Video

By Paul Anthony

Just last week a video had surface of Drake “fondling” an underage fan on stage. Now when I saw the headlines, I was taken away because Drake is now 32 years old, so I was thinking this just happen because the news is breaking but the headlines regarding this video can be misleading. So I did my research and watched the video. Well the video was actually taken in 2010 when Drake was a young kid himself basically and he was a rookie in the rap game, at this time he was only twenty- three years old.

Now by no means am I defending him, as i said before I did watch the video and I must say it does look creepy as hell but at the same time it look like it was a part of the show that he used the stunt to lead into his next song. It look like harmless fun that he was just goofing around but yet he still looked nervous to do it. The video starts when him picking the girl from the crowd, he hugs her and gives her massage, nothing harmful yet. he then asks her for age and she proceeds to tell him that she is 17. He then starts to make jokes by saying he needs to stop and doesn’t want to go to jail yet but then says he is 23 so it is okay then proceeds to start his song.

I have to wonder does this video deserve this much attention? Better question is does Drake deserve this much backlash that he is getting so far? But as I ask myself those two questions another one comes to mind and that is why did this video take so long to get released? Ten years this person who filmed this video decides to release it to TMZ. And let’s be honest TMZ doesn’t worry about who or why people give them stuff, they just take it and run with it.

Usually when these situations happen people are usually hurting for money and knows they have something that is worth a lot of money. Now I wonder if the girl from the video is coming forward which she can because she is a full grown adult now and tell her side of the story to see how she felt.

What we do know is he is getting bashed over social media and has yet to put out an statement regarding this situation. This story will be ongoing until he or she says something.