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Heels and Faces

By: Justin Hopkins

Stories are all about heroes doing battle with heinous villains. All throughout media this is almost always the case and is no different in the world of wrestling. Dramatic tales of underdog heroes fighting to unseat the diabolical heel champions or fend off weaselly opponents. However, a lesser seen feud is when two faces or two heels mix it up themselves. We see matches here and there, but I am looking for proper feuds or heels where neither are expected to turn by the end. Which is a lot trickier especially when two heels square up, but was sold enough on the idea of putting my fantasy booking hat back on and talking about one of the things I love the most. So, here they are. Four matches, two heel and two faces and how I think it could be booked to where there are no turns. Using AEW and WWE. Sorry, Impact I don’t get the channel and struggle to keep up and wouldn’t do anything from there justice. So without further adieu, lets dive right in with the match on the Thumbnail.

Abadon vs Kris Statlander (Face)

Alright, two things, I am stretching the idea of Abadon potentially being face or heel. Her character is certainly not a normal face, but when the crow is chanting, eat your soul, at Shida, You aren’t an outright heel either and more importantly, Kris Statlander is injured and could be out for a while to come, but that is okay. Gives us time to set the table in advance. So, here’s how it could work. Keep pushing Abadon. She is running her way through everyone on Dark. Just keep it up. Beating everyone she gets in the ring with. After some time of this. Makes it all the way to a title match with Shida and gets the strap. Getting her win back and setting herself on top of the castle and she just keeps going. Leading to a Dynamite where her opponent no shows a title match. Is found by an interviewer leaving. Wants nothing to do with the Living Dead Girl. Angering Abadon who catches up with her in the back and takes her out. Other women start to avoid the number one spot because of this. Until, Brandy, or Matt Hardy depending on how far out you want to go, we are booking a feud between a zombie and alien after all, have fun with it. Where she declares she found a challenger not from this planet who is not afraid of her and the return, when she is healed and ready, Kris Statlander, who should walk away victorious. At this point, Abadon has made a name for herself and a force to be reckoned within AEW and Statlander picks up as one of their top women. Plus, these two are so creative with their characters that I want to see the match they can come up with. Winner – Kris Statlander.

Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee (Face)

Okay, do not turn Keith Lee. This was the rumor that started the conversation that birthed this idea, and it is a woefully bad idea. He is one of your biggest crowd favorites you got and it doesn’t need it. Both of these guys are overflowing with charisma and are more than capable of making this feud happen. How, just have Keith Lee win the Royal Rumble. Just have them being friends but making it known that is secondary when it comes to the title. Don’t have them outright attack each other, but bumping each other. Let their promos and interviews build the tension up until the final raw and everything blows up. have them Main Event Main Event Wrestlemania as it should and… Drew should win. I would love to see Keith win it, but it would be almost too predictable. He’ll get the win back at Summerslam after cashing in the Money In The Bank. Just don’t want the champ losing at Mania this time around. Winner – Drew McIntrye

The Miz vs Roman Reigns (Heel)

This was much harder to book. Wanted to put John Morrison in The Miz’s place, but couldn’t think of any way Morrison doesn’t flip back to face in the process. When the Miz gets the chance, he is the best heel on the mic going today and that is what is needed for this and want to see the promo work between him and Paul Heyman. That would just be wonderful. How I would do it, is have The Miz line himself up as number one contender after Jey. Roman fresh out of destroying his cousin. Have Miz and Morrison rag on him for everything from his time off and attaching himself to Heyman and needing to check in at the end of a match in order to win the belt. He’ll need to dig deep in the bag to keep heel and can even go right into the Morrison turn from there. Roman will retain after another savage beating and showing the locker room that no one is safe. Winner – Roman Reigns

Brodie Lee vs Chris Jericho (Heel)

This match has had to have changed a good number of times. From Omega to Hangman, but as a friend pointed out, neither are official changes yet so that brings us to Mr. Brodie Lee vs Le Champion. Two extremely talented wrestlers and heads of their own top groups going right now. How I would start the feud is to have one of The Dark Order give a sheet to Sammy Guevara. This would obviously anger Jericho who will not be taking the idea of The Dark Order poaching on his boys and have Jack Hager beat up some of the Dark Order lesser members and the feud is on. A full on Faction War between The Inner Circle and The Dark Order. Leading to the match between Jericho and Brodie down the line to settle the score. Winner should be Brodie at the end of the day, he could use the rub from beating someone like Jericho and he wouldn’t lose anything in the loss. Winner – Brodie Lee

And that is all I got. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

AEW First Episode Review

By Paul Anthony

Well last night was the night that we all have been waiting for, well if you are a an wrestling fan. last night was the first episode of AEW’s flagship show Dynamite which ran from 8 pm to 10 pm and went head to head with WWE’s Nxt. How did the show live up to the hype? Well Let’s start with the crowd at the very beginning was insane, right off the bat you can tell that the wrestling world wanted another big time player. Sure we still have Ring Of Honor and Impact Wresting but those two promotions don’t have the funds or the TV deal or the crowds to compete with AEW and WWE.

As of right now I don’t think WWE has to worry about anything just yet, however if they keep this up then it is only a matter of time before a wrestling war begins. First let’s talk about the commentary which had Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone and former Wrestler Excalibur. Now Both Jim and Tony’s voices are stand out in the business however without having any big matches it was hard for them to deliver the great calls instead they couldn’t stress enough about how TNT has Wrestling for the first time in 20 years. Nonetheless I do think they will get better as stories go on from. Next having heels and baby faces come out different tunnels is very much an old school thing and I loved it. Now another great touch they added was having the wrestlers records shown which if they do something with the winners it help us see whose going for what title.

Production was a miss at times, the mics didn’t start working right off the bat and you missed a word or two. Not a big deal but something they could improve on going forward. Theme music now this sounds stupid to judge but it was on a low end of hearing it but that could have been from the crowd as well. The Matches well some of the matches did seem to be sniff at times and some botches did happen, yet this is normal for an live event and I think once these guys and women start to work with each other more and more the quality should improve. Promos now I get that they needed to have matches to wow the crowd but the lack of promos did someone hurt the show.

Hear me out, right now there are no true story lines just yet, which I guess for the moment you don’t need promos but it would have been nice to see how these guys work on the mic. Now I get it these men and women are experienced but the promos have to be good which is something I hope do next week

In the End I am giving this show a good B+ which isn’t bad for their first show. I can’t wait to see how they improve going forward and in the end I hope they stick to their system and not try and be another WWE because Impact tried that and failed.

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