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The Pay Issues

By Paul Anthony

We are in the era of full women rights and rightful so, god made us all equals therefore we should get paid equal. If you are good at what you do you should be paid well regardless if you are an man or woman now it is something different if you just suck at what you do. But we know or some of us know that a company’s revenue is very important because that revenue helps pay for people’s income. Now this is very true for sports leagues. Revenue from fans showing up and buying clothes and jerseys helps keep a sports league in great shape for years to come. Now the part that is fun for Athletes in these leagues is the money they can get with little to no education, sounds like i am being harsh but I am not. Just think you are in debt from college making maybe 50 to 70k starting out. Some of these people make 300K with no debts from college, so when I say I am not trying mean I am really not. that high number Just mention is for men not women sadly, their case is much different, but as they fight for equal pay the truth is they may never get it but who is to blame for that? Well if you are sports fan then look no further then at yourself.

Leagues live on their revenue that is no secret and it comes from the fans, just look at the NFL which makes billions upon billions which they can give their plays millions per year and not think twice about it. I know you heard the saying called the big four leagues which are the biggest leagues in North America in terms of revenue, they are NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL. Then you have two more leagues behind them which are MLS and the CFL. All are of course Men leagues. So how do these leagues make then? NFL makes about 13 billion, MLB makes about 9.5 billion, NBA makes about 5.2 billion, MLS makes .9 billion and CFL makes about .2 billion. Some high numbers right.

Now you may be wondering where do the women leagues stack up against these numbers? truth is they don’t at all. Let’s look at the biggest Woman’s league and that is the WNBA, but they wouldn’t have stuck around had it not been for the NBA giving them money, about 11 million dollars per year for most of its time here just so they can remain a float, now just for a few years only half of the league’s teams reported a profit and that comes with not enough people watching them shine.

This topic become a hot topic thanks to the US Women National team winning the World Cup for the second time and four of the 8 world cups and while the men failed to qualify for the world cup. Now people only seemed to be interested in these world games for National pride rather then being a hardcore fan of the sports because those hardcore fans are far in between Just ask yourself which game would you attend a NBA game or WNBA game and then you’ll understand why they don’t get paid that much.

I would like to say one day this could change but it won’t change until the right action is taken and what is the right action? Well one solution is the men Leagues buy the Women’s leagues and fund them that which could clearly boost the pay for the women but that could also mean less profits for the big four leagues are they willing to accept 12 billion instead of 13 billion, I would say no because they would have already done this. I wish the women Athletes the best of luck and keep fighting for higher pay!


Crawl Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

Going into Crawl, didn’t have much expectations. I love Animal style creature films. From the good ones, like Jaws, Lake Placid and…. Piranha. To the dumb such as Sharktapus, Python, and Piranha. So, went in pretty open minded. Expecting a good, fun movie, but not in the league of Jaws, but wow. This was so much better then anything I expected, and carving itself out as one of the best I have seen.

Starting with the story. Yes, it has one and is pretty solid and grounded one at that. Staring with Haley, a college swimmer, who is seen losing a swim race, by a fraction of a second, and seems to be held back by some emotional issue going on in her personal life. After a phone call from her older sister, she sets off to make sure her Dad, who was in the wake of a Category 5 Hurricane. Journey takes her through a police barricade, and down to her childhood home. Finding her Dad unconscious, with a broken leg, and slashed up torso. Before she can get him out, is chased back by our first Alligator, and the movie never really lets down from there.

Kaya Scodelario (Haley) and Barry Pepper (Dave) were your two main characters and the only ones you really deal with throughout. The rest were pretty much there to be eaten, and they were both so perfect for their roles. Haley was just the perfect survivor. So many times you are holding your breath. Worried over how she was going to get out of their grasp each time they get a hold of her. Cause each time is worse then the last. Building in suspense and rooting on her ultimate triumph when the Gator gets her in the Death Roll. Then you got Father of the Century, who at first you are just waiting for him to die, but through his relationship with Haley and just the upmost love and belief he has in her, you begin to pull for just as hard as Haley, and he takes a beating. By the end you are wondering how he isn’t dead, but are glad he is not because his presences adds to how much of a champ Haley looks in the final shot.  An ending I didn’t see coming for the genre we are in, but enjoyed it tremendously for being different and choosing to end the story instead of something more ridiculous that we normally get.

The atmosphere, pacing, sound, and settings were perfect. Being in the North, never had to deal with a Hurricane, but the rain and wind sounds all seemed point on. The dark, dank and slow closing claustrophobia from the flooding crawl space. That follows them up through the house to the top of the roof. They never feel safe and always wondering when the next attack will come, because they pace out the attacks so well. Withholding the first attack for a good while. Setting up the trap, before getting the ball rolling and even when you are well into the story. They pull back, pull back, and then get you with a shock attack. Gives Kaya and Barry time to build their characters and build the tension to a boiling point and then give you another alligator attack.

Even the alligators were pretty spot on. The were CGI and used to build their bulk and shimmering eyes, but their movements were kind of true to how they are in the wild. How they grab and pull their victims off, or they grab and start to roll and rip off shred of their prey. Using their hunting techniques to add and work the story around, which was a nice touch. Exaggerated at times, but nice all the same.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this movie. Would be reaching if I did, and not prevalent enough to even take me out of my immersion. This was a fun, creature blood bath, grounded with a heart and relatable story between a young woman trying to wrap her mind about what is happening in her own life and gain a little confidence in herself along the way. Please go and see this, it’s truly a must watch. Giving it a high A-Rating and may end up going to see it again myself. True hidden gem in a year that has given us quite a few excellent movies.

Thanks for reading.

Stuber Movie review

Dave Bautista last few years have been catching my eye, in fact even before he started getting movie roles, he’s last few months full time in WWE were probably his best and you just saw a star being born and then his big time role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and in the Avengers films. Since then I have been curious to see his performances going forward and when I saw the preview for this film I could tell this film might not be the big film of the year far from it in fact so what did I think of the film?

Well Let’s start with the casting and acting. As I mention before I am big fan of Bautista now him and Kumail Nanjiani as Stu to me was the highlights among the acting well the only highlight. Now I know KuMail has been around but mostly been doing a lot of voice work and that will continue going into next year when he is the film The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle.  Now back to the film, Most of the other characters seem like they were only making cameos so it was hard to even make it seem like they were threat. Actually the movie made it seem like Bautista character Vic’s eye sight issues were the only real realize to why the bad guys were winning for most of the film and soon as his eyes got he got the upper hand it was pretty much over.

Because of that the character development was on the weak side of things because half the time I forgot who the bad guys were and didn’t really care for them which I felt like it did hurt the film and the epic fight fell felt to me. Yes this is a comedy but any good R Rated comedy needs a lot of other things to carry it and just didn’t have it outside of the main two good guys.

Now let’s talk about the idea here because this was something new and Yes buddy cop films are nothing new but using Uber is new and that has value to me. So in the end how I rate this film? I give this film a C it had moments but it just that moment and nothing will jump out at you but wasn’t a bad ride either. The numbers aren’t out yet but I would assume you would see this film somewhere in the top 5!

Murder Mystery Review

By Paul Anthony

Well I think this time I am truly getting tired of bad films thinking they are good, I often catch myself wondering when is funny no longer funny anymore, I get my answer when I was any new movie that Adam Sandler is in. Few years back we all know the story Adam Sandler’s production company signed a contract with Netflix to produce a number films, all signs point to the fact that the contract was for 8 films and this film marks the 7th film in the contract. I’ll be honest this deal needs to end fast.

I know Netflix at first was getting a lot of views on this film which, I am going to guess people were expecting something great and comedy gold when you have Jennifer Aniston in it but when you think about that you also have to realize that Adam Sandler is in it as well. Let’s get to this review of this film This movie fell flat to me and I am being nice, this film was built as a comedy and I don’t think I even laughed once. The cast did what they could and you had some good names in this film, for starters you had Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans and Terence Stamp, though his role was more of an cameo rather then the main cast. Jennifer has been in a few good comedies the last few years. Now We know she was on friends and that was a sitcom, but with that being said I don’t find her funny on her own but give her a good cast and script and she will make you laugh, however she couldn’t in this film but that is no fault of her own. Adam’s job was to bring the laughs the problem is his style grew old like him and instead of changing it up he just keeps playing the same character and that gets old.

The plot was basic, for starters it was about a Marry couple who after 15 years of marriages seems to be falling apart because of laziness on Adam’s character to part. To spice it up he plans a last minute trip to Europe and there they get tangled into a rich family fighting for the billions of dollars, in the end they are set up to look like the killers in which case they must prove that they didn’t do it. Sounds like a fun idea for a movie but the writing was just weak and you kind of saw who was the guilty party.

Yes I am bashing this movie because, I hardly ever watched a comedy that didn’t make me laugh just a little, with that being said I am giving this film an E, they had a good idea but they just didn’t deliver good on the idea, this film could have been better but this is what is expected from an Adam Sandler movie these days and trust it is sad. We know now this was film 7 in the 8 film contract so this deal is coming to an end which may not be a bad thing for Netflix.

Return to Silent Hill. Quick look back on the movie.

By: Justin Hopkins

I know what you may be thinking. Why are you talking about a movie that came out in 2006. Movie is 13 years old and you are choosing to talk now. Well, the Shout Factory has released the Collectors Edition Blu Ray today, and with this being a horror movie that I hold in rather high regard. Think it is overlooked when good horror movies are discussed and most importantly, one of the rare, brightest gems in the video game adaption of a movie. With that said, lets once again delve into another much more intense, disturbing fog, of Silent Hill.

I’ll be the first one to admit, while I know a lot of the lore and backstory around the games. I am not the most experienced at playing them. Have started playing a bit of 2 when I heard that this was coming, and the first one, beat me down hard, but with that said, Director Christophe Gans and his team really got the details down. From camera angles when Rose first arrives and is racing through town, and the changing camera angles were straight out of the first game. Even getting the exact scene of her chasing who she believes is Sharon to the unveil of the Gray Children. The atmosphere and mood was perfect. It wasn’t gross, but disturbing and unnerving. Which is what Silent Hill is all about.  It isn’t about going, oh that is so sick or gross, but What the, and that movie gets that. From Pyramid Head ripping the woman’s skin off Anna and then throwing it at our protagonists to the guy with his feet barbed wired to his head and the frosting on the top; the nurses. Was 16 when I came out, and the way those Nurses moved, blindly slashing each other’s throats has stayed with me to this day. Bravo to some unsung heroes, Roberto Campanello, Micheal Coto, Yvonne NG, and the dancers behind the Nurses, for bringing these monsters to life in terrifying form.

Can go on for a long, long time, but I want to talk about one more thing, and that is the psychology behind this and the questions left behind. There is an actual psychological element to this movie. May not be as strong as the games, but with Silent Hill being different for everyone, kind of makes sense that it’s not the same. By going the route of this being Alessa’s Silent Hill. It opened the door to bring any monster they wanted, because they were the worst torture to use against those who hurt her, with the two mothers. Dahila Gillespese ( Deborah Kara Unger) lament over her failure to save her daughter and Rose Da Silva ( Radha Mitchell) sheer willpower to overcome the horror and the cult to save hers. Both being the same of Sharon and Alessa, and Jordelle Ferland is still one of the creepiest entities in a movie or game as Dark Alessa. Would put her performance against almost anyone.

I love the Collector’s Edition of Silent Hill. It’s a lot of a cut. Can really make out the details on the make-up and special effects. Laurie Holden looking hardcore Cybil Bennett. So, get out there and pick up your copy. Give it a fresh look or first look. Take in the relationships between everyone and how they contrast each other, and let your mind wonder on the question; Is that Sharon at the end or Alessa?

Thanks for reading


Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

For any one who follows us on our Podcast, knows that Spider-man Homecoming was my favorite MCU film, barring Infinity wars and Endgame. Loved everything they did and Tom Holland has continued to be amazing as Spider-man, and I had real high hopes going in, despite it having to follow the tremendous emotional weight of Endgame, and arguably… may have passed Homecoming. Lets dive, with a bit of spoilers ahead, in and discuss cause I am still on the fence.

Starting with the most High School news thing, I have ever seen, with the kids news program talking about Thanos event called The Blip. Which sounds dumb, but for people who were gone for five years and not present for the snap. They had to just describe it and seemed like someone said off the cuff and it stuck. After the news, you jump to Peter and Ned who are planning their trip to Italy and how he is going to tell M.J how he feels and Ned is having none of it, wanting to be bachelors in Europe ( a crazy, fun side story that takes a hilarious turn) and when M.J interrupts, you can see the tension between M.J and Peter early on that kick starts a fascinating story for Peter.

Tom Holland brings out the best of Spider-man and Peter Parker at the same time. Every loss and death carries so much weight. Drags you on his emotional roller coaster and route so hard for him to get up and wow with just thrilling fights and celebrate his victories. His fifth time playing the web-swinger and is just getting better. From start to finish, he doesn’t have any flaws. Strong chemistry with every actor on set and makes good scenes great just by being there.

While we all came to Spider-Man in action and how the battle that would ensue between him and Mysterio. All hats off to Zendaya for her performance as M.J. Having much more time to flesh out and add to her role, and she ran with it full steam. Bringing M.J’s bravery and cunningness her chemistry, along with her own fresh and new idea to the mix. Throw in her strong chemistry with Tom Holland and was show stealing at times. As exciting as the action and Mysterio was, and the mini arcs, but Zendaya stood out and her scenes were as good as the rest.

Villain wise. Jake Gyllenhaal could make a claim for top tier among the best. Just oozed confidence and showmanship that Mysterio is all about. Taking full advantage of Peter’s Naivety and being mentally drained by Fury tearing into him at every possible moment, a high school rival for M.J’s attention, not being able to spend time with her, and the massive hole left in his heart by losing Tony Stark, and if he can fill Iron Man’s spot. Using all of that and gets Peter to just hand over one of the strongest weapons in the world willingly.  It was deep and emotional and spoiler in three, two, one… and even though he dies. Quentin Black gets his revenge in a doctored video, that not only paints Spider-man as a murderer, and then outs him as Spider-Man in a thrilling cliff hanger of a Mid-Credit scene.

Before I finish, want to spotlight the fights between Spider-man and Mysterio cause they were so good. With Mysterio’s projections and special effects, it had to be top of the line and that superseded it by leaps and bounds. It was gorgeous and the blows were brutal. Peter took a beating and just got you behind him more every time he got up, and no I don’t care they called his Spider-sense, Peter Tingle, since it was his Aunt that gave it to him, and was rather sweet moment.

Can’t suggest going to see this movie in theaters more. The actors were all on top of their game, the effects were stellar. Was a great way to end Phase three and built toward the future, and on top of all of that; the return of J.K Simmons J.Jonah Jameson and all is right with the world.

Thanks for reading.

Spider-Man Far From Home Review

By Paul Anthony

Its a new month and we using a tier system to rank our movies, so before we get started let me explain a little about this tier system. we will be using letters to give our rating, think about it like being in school, S will be used as the top of the top movies in this case S will be Super or 100plus percentage next will A or Awesome like 90 to 100 percent rating, B will be Basic or 80 or 90 percent rating, next will be C for careful which will be 70 to 80 percent. Then we got the Letter D for Drool or 60 to 70 percent. Now we are really getting low here now we Have E for effort which is 50 to 60 percent, and now we have the lowest rating which is F which is failure which is 0-50 percent. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to the review!

Since Marvel took over Spider-Man he has been getting many positive reviews despite there being so many films with Spider-Man since 2002, but this is Marvel second solo Spider-Man film and trust me they did deliver! For starters I am giving the film the rating of A right around 95 percent. Tom Holland continues to grow as Spider-Man and Peter Parker, its important to note that despite the two being one a key to a secret identity is being different from your alter ego. Tom Holland does a great job at growing into both roles. In Here we now seem him going through the idea of him not wanting to be the big hero yet still being a hero and wanting a normal life with his friends which makes sense because he is only 16 and been through tons. These films set a good tone with decent humor but also let Holland shine with showing how much he misses Tony, which is a good touch because Tony did want he did for Peter.

Now I am not the biggest fan of Jake Gyllenhaal but he did do a good job at Quentin Beck/ Mysterio, The trailers made it seem like he was going to be a hero pretty much every trailer made him look like a hero now not spoiling for anyone here but he is a Master of Trickery and Illusion and Marvel can’t stress that enough.

Another thing that I did like was in this film we saw more of Peter Parker rather then Spider-Man and like I said before we needed this because we saw more of Spider-Man the last few films. Usually I would knock it for that but it made sense to do that. They also explain the aftermath of the snap and explain that it is called “The Blip” and explain those who faded and came back had to start where they were before they faded so if you had a younger brother he would basically be your older brother now. Let’s get to the post credit scenes more importantly the first. We know j. Jonah Jameson is big in the Spider-Man universe and people really loved him after J.K. Simmons portray him from 2002 to 2008 in the Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man with reboots we know there will be new actors for roles but then Marvel and Sony gave us a treat With J.K Simmons reprising the role! Yes its a spoiler but who cares this was just such an awesome thing to get this treat! Either Please go see the movie, the movie budget is 150 million and just in two days according the stats it has already made 130 million not bad!

The Price of an Legend

By Paul Anthony

Let’s ask ourselves how much we would spend on a Jersey? Now Imagine that jersey being from a legend an baseball god. Recently Babe Ruth’s jersey that he wore with the Yankees from 1928 to 1930. Someone bought the jersey and your mind will be Blown away when I tell you for how much!

Try spending over five million dollars on a jersey that you will never wear in your life. Crazy I know right, just think if you had five million dollars how would you spent it? I don’t know buy a nice house and new cars, have the kids college funds taken care of. However if you have 5 million to spend then you have plenty of money then but still over million is a lot for a small item. Now I get Babe Ruth was a god in the baseball world, his stats rank nearly number 1 for nearly 50 years and so forth, there may never be another player like him in anyone life time. He did things that the other home run kings never did. So it makes sense that his jersey would be auctioned off at a high price which crushed the previous record which was over 4 million dollars, oh by the way that jersey was his jersey as well when he played for the Boston Red Soxs in 1920.

I am a Baseball fan, I really am but I still think that amount of money is crazy to spend on just a jersey, but hey if you take good care of it and the older it gets then the more money it will be worth. Who knows you might even get ten million for it. Then again it can be difficult to give something up that you bought because you do love it.

Baseball has been around for a very long time, well 150 years and a Babe Ruth Jersey from that era is rare since in that time frame many people didn’t care about the jerseys and I can Imagine no body thought someone’s jersey would be worth that much money, so I’m guessing they didn’t want to take good care of them. Just think Babe Ruth played for 21 seasons and we are only hearing about two jerseys. When or if more jerseys of his pop up in auctions I am sure they will sell for even more. Just think if someone had his rookie jersey and they wanted to sell it. I would think that jersey would be over ten million but who knows we will just have to wait and see!

Craig is recovering!

By Paul Anthony

Are you a Bond fan? Of course you are who isn’t? When News broke that Daniel Craig would be returning as James Bond after years of rumors that he was done with Bond and rumors of people set to replace him. That all went away when filming began and he showed up to play James Bond. I admit I was excited to hear the good news since I believe him to be the best Bond in recent history and verdict is still out if he is the best Bond ever, though I know some fans will disagree with me but just look at the body of work he has done with the character.

It’s sad that we went through the drama of film rights and what not which put this movie on ice until everything was settled. Just as filming begun something and that was a big something, and that was Craig was injured during a running scene and first it just seemed like it was no big deal but that was until reports came out and said that he was flown back to the states. At this point the fan base was on pins and needles. Sadly we learned that he would have ankle surgery. Yikes not the type of news we wanted to hear. But we also know Craig does his own stunts and when you do your own stunts this is part of the job, which he understands.

Well there is good news and that news is recently Daniel himself posted a picture that he was back at the gym and working out, but there was bad news as well. If look at the rest of photo you will see he is in a big boot and you can guess that when someone wearing a boot normally is down and out for 6 to 8 weeks which means the release date for Bond 25 is put on hold.

As of right now Bond 25 which has yet to be given an title was set to come out in April of 2020, with this set back I would almost assume that the film will be pushed back until the fall of 2020 at the earliest. This will be bittersweet in some ways because Craig did say this would be his last Bond film. And now with the wait even longer. I can hope that this film will be worth it. I am digging the plot with him being out of active service, we can only hope the final film will be a good one!

WWE Fantasy Booking Part 2: Booking a star and Bayley’s heel turn

By : Justin Hopkins

This will be a little harder. There is a lot of moving parts and hoping a hole lot of things change along the way, but I am going to go big and try to bring it all home at the end. End goal, not just make a moment, but make a Mania Level Moment. So, no pressure. I am still playing under the same rules as I made before, but unlike the last one, that was already going, this one appears to be just starting, and this is how I would really like it to go, or something similar, and I am doing this one, more on the fear they are going to screw the pooch hard on this one, and that is Sonya Deville. Sonya is a tremendously good worker and is capable of putting on great matches and has deserved a push for a long while now. So, lets give her a push of a lifetime.

I like the idea of her and Mandy Rose having the on screen relationship, I want to get the most out of this, in the best way possible, and not drop down to HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) for the love of everything, don’t drop it down to HLA. It’ll ruin everything. Instead, let their relationship grow and blossom slowly though. All the while, she is picking up wins left and right. It’ll be easier, if they were clean wins, but momentum going into the Smackdown after Summerslam is key. Her and Mandy is on the way to the ring, and are attacked from behind by Bayley. This is Bayley’s heel turn. Bayley, has been running as a good character for so long, and has been running out of steam with it and it shows. This opens up a wide range of places for her to go. Anyways she comes out and goes way overboard. Attacking them with a chair, and leaves them in a heap. Her reason, is our fear. That this is going to go way wrong, and the women in the back have worked to hard to look like legit wrestlers in the back. This leads to a Championship match at Clash Of Champions. Bayley wins, by cheating. In October, there is an open slot for a PPV, which I think Evolution will land. Rematch is set and will close the show. Lean heavy on Promos between Sonya and Mandy. Sonya is doubting herself, and Mandy is there to hold her up. Reminding her that she is a bad ass and at Evolution, she will be Smackdown’s Women’s Champion, and yes, she does walk away victorious at Evolution. (If Evolution doesn’t happen. Then Survivor Series.)

Once again, Sonya goes on a tear. Beating everyone in her path, and the title never looked better. At the Rumble, Kairi Sane walks away victorious, because of her manager Paige. She begins to light into Sonya. Blaming her for the reason Paige walked away from the group. Don’t know if they should use her being gay as an insult. Think the way this works the best, would be to play this like a normal relationship (because it is) but the option is there, and would definitely fuel the rivalry leading to Mania. Where Sonya successfully defends her title. Building her stardom within the company, and further making herself a hero for girls around the world. Especially, those who are gay and have someone to look up to, and the camera is on her and Mandy during the celebration. Maybe the camera pans away for a moment so she can have a moment with her real life partner, but everything works out, and you get the most out if it.

Now, a slight down. She should drop the strap on Smackdown to debuting Shayna Blazer. This isn’t a downgrade for Sonya. Just frees up Fire and Desire to enter a fued with Twisted Warriors for the Tag Team belts.

And that is all I got. I hope you enjoyed this. May just be Fantasy booking, but we created a powerhouse team of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss and showed off the Star Power of one Sonya Deville based off a tease on Smackdown. One can hope WWE does it better and this is all crazy ramblings of a fan who wants nothing but the best for everyone involved.

Thanks for reading