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Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

  **Spoiler Alert**

  Continuing on our B-Movie journey, and this time into the zombie plagued world of Dead Rising. Kind of gets the double whammy of being a B-Movie and a video game. A game that is actually a real blast to those who have never played. Played through the second game more times then one should, both with Frank and Chuck. So, I was kind of excited to see this one pop up on the suggestion list. Lets jump in and see if it was worth while or another failed game-to-movie release.

The movie starts out, with the zombie infestation already in progress. Getting the zombie herd, boss clown with an ax, and a zombie cop with a gun. With your main character trying to use whatever is laying in the alley to try and fight them off, and when things look there bleakest; you jump back to the start to see how he got to to the alley. Opens up with Chase Carter and his camera woman Jordan. Cutting a story at a site of a suspected zombie outbreak and talking to those who had been infected in previous outbreaks and getting their Zombrex shots. Which fail and kick start the outbreak. An interesting way to get this going. Fans of the game know the importance know the importance of Zombrex, and seeing it fail kind of throws you off guard. Something that was always reliable and now bites matter again. Leaving Chase and Crystal and later, Maggie on the run from zombies and a crazy biker gang. Weaving together compelling stories with plenty of twists and turns and of course, crazy weapon creations. A must for Dead Rising. Great example of foreshadowing and a shock ending to boot. All of which was well done and huge positives.

You can tell the writers and Directors were fans of the Dead Rising Games. A lot of things that occur throughout are shout outs to the games. Such as Lucky Loans, some of the weapons, zombie wearing Chuck Green’s coat and all the conspiracies. The long shot they had of Chase trying to cross the street, and how quickly he is swarmed by zombies shows exactly how it is in the game every time you dare step outside.  They make you believe that FEZA is behind this, but rip the rug out from under you and turn things on its head. A big reason this worked, was the magnificent work of one Dennis Haysbert. He is such a good villain. Voice of his just lulls you into a false sense of comfort till the trap is sprung. Couldn’t have gotten a better cast for the role of General Lyons.

Sticking in the vein of casting. I really enjoyed most of them. Meghan Ory blew the part of Crystal away. Victim of the Fortune City outbreak, who grew a thick shell since all of her friends, families and co-workers abandoned her in fear of her turning. Playing both sympathetic and a force to be taken serious due to how resourceful she is. Kicking Chase into gear and kind of leading the way in the early-to-mid parts of the movie. Then you get Alek Paunovic’s Logan. Playing the crazy who is right at home in the zombie filled town. Being the only real crazy boss, he had am important role and he delivered nicely.  Keegan Connor Tracy played played a very key role as Jordan. Reporter on the outside. Trying her best to make people listen and send in help. Unaware of the fact she was being played and did enough to where when you get to the end. Are outraged and need to see more.

Before we get to the negatives, lets go over the ending, because it was so good. You are following these characters and they set the stage almost just right for the happy ending, but slowly things start to occur, and Chase finds Jordan’s camera and phone. Truth dawning on him that the military was behind it all along and it ends with the firebombing, and you don’t know what is about to happen now that Watchtower is in affect and what happened to Jordan and it ends without telling you anything! Was so upset till  I saw they did make a sequel. I haven’t watched, but am excited to see it. Which kind of tells you how good of a job they did on the ending alone.

Now on to the negatives, which are kind of big, like almost damning big. First, I did enjoy Chase, who was played by Jesse Metcalfe. He was enjoyable. He played a rather modest reporter. He was all for ratings, but he wanted both ratings and desire to do good by the people. Sought out truth and was likable because of that, but feel they messed up by casting a Frank West on top of it. Now, they have had a wide variety of main characters in the game, but the fact is, Frank West is the best of the bunch. They even remade part two to have Frank in it, because of the love the fans have for him. He even came back in part four. The fact they cast him perfectly with Robert Riggle and still just used him as a guy behind a news desk. Breaking up the action with stupid comments. Just feels like a slap in the face to the fans. If they weren’t going to use him as the main. Shouldn’t have had him at all.

Next was the run time. This movie clocked in at a whopping, hour and fifty eight minutes. Which may not sound like much, but for this movie it’s nearly thirty minutes too long.  There is quite a bit of filler to pad out the time which ends up just dragging it out. More then a fair bit should have been cut to allow for a faster pace. Whis would have made it so much better.

In the end, despite it’s long run time and misuse of Frank, I am going to suggest watching it. Especially, if you are a fan of the game. Carnage candy that was fun and creative. Villains and heroes that had depth and a wild story with excellent ending save it. Along with a group of people who clearly have played and enjoyed the games. Wanting to craft their own tale, while keeping the spirit of the game alive. They did that quite well.


Friday the 13th part 2 (1981) Review

By Paul Anthony

In this blog, we are starting something new for Saturdays. This blog series is called Sequel Saturday, where we review a sequel that we haven’t reviewed yet, but the catch is the movie can only be a sequel. In other words no remakes or reboots, so without waiting any longer let’s get started.

In our other series Classic 13 Justin started the series off with none other then Friday the 13th which came out on May 9th 1980, kind of funny they didn’t find an actually Friday the 13th to release the film now obviously the movie was a hit, even more  to think the movie was made from a half  of million and grossed nearly 60 million dollars, so it was only normal to expect a sequel.

Part 2 came out only 11 months later on April 30th 1981 and on a budget of 1.2 million and grossed 21.7 million dollars.  Though it made money it made far less then the previous film. One of the reasons behind this could be Slasher fatigue, better films around the release date and let’s not mention the previous film was only 11 months ago, in such a short time can hurt the film’s gross.

Part two was on par with the first film in my eyes at least, the only difference was the killer, in the first film it was his mother, however in this film it was in fact Jason who we were to believe to be dead in 1958 in which case we learn that wasn’t true. Changing the back story wasn’t a good idea this early in the series, it was clear that they did this as they went, it would be a trend that they would continue to do throughout the series. The film begins with a recap and we learn it was only two months ago and Alice the survivor was trying to recover mentally from the events, she becomes Jason first kill ever, ending her story and pretty much the only female character to go from one film to the next. The film then skips 5 years and and we meet Ginny who the film focuses on. Paul who is her apparent boyfriend is a lead counselor and training a group of older teens. There the killings begin one by one until it becomes just Ginny and Paul where they fight off Jason for good at least that we are left to believe until Jason grabs Ginny through the window, Though she wakes up and is being put in an ambulance.

Now two things that stood out to me from this film, one Ginny explain the loop hole with Jason being alive and growing up and it actually made sense and the second thing was Killing of Alice, I felt like there could have been more of a story there but to end it right there just ruined a story. In the end I do have to give this film a B minus, it wasn’t the best slasher sequel but it wasn’t the worse either.


Friday The 13th Movie review

By: Justin Hopkins

Welcome to Classic 13! A little monthly blog where we take a look back on a classic. Whether or be a Cult Classic or regular one. Where we take a moment and reflect on some great films. To be honest, when we decided to run with this. My mind made the immediate jump to a more personal favorites, Ginger Snaps. So much so, I nearly forgot that the next 13th, was in fact Friday The 13th and well, Ginger Snaps will just have to wait, because we can’t just ignore the obvious. Especially, when we owe so much to the success of a small film from 1980. So, lets take a camping trip to Camp Crystal Lake, and see how well Friday The 13th still holds up today.

The story was a very simple tale, but crafted and framed very well. You open up with counselors at a summer camp, and two of them are killed. A fast start, which is always a good way to get the ball rolling, and since you don’t see the killer. Mind begins to run on who could it be as a new wave of counselors are introduced a little less then thirty years after the first killings. Starting with Annie. This is where they do something really smart. They give you the quick rundown of Camp “Blood’s” history. A scene that could have been boring, but weaved expertly in building Annie’s character that it becomes a fun back and forth with her and Enos. So much so, on first viewing. Kind of think she could be your main character and feel bad when she dies rather quickly after. You are then trying to find which one of the counselors will be left standing, as they each fall from there. All leading to a frantic cat and mouse chase through the camp, between Pamela and Alice, and the only slow motion moment that I will probably ever give a thumbs up to.

Casting was pretty much spot on for this. Like I mentioned above. Robbi Morgan did so well, in such a little time with the character of Alice that on first viewing, believe she is the main. From her chatting up a dog, back and forth with Enos, and opening up about wanting to help kids. She made every moment of screen time count. A trait shared by everyone really. Had a young Kevin Bacon, Jeannine Taylor, Harry Crosby, Laurie Bartram, and Mark Nelson all delivered fantastically. They were not trying to play stereotypical, cliched characters and that made them special. They all felt like older teens to young adults who are trying to fix up a summer camp. They are doing the usual stuff you’d see in a movie like this, like pot and sex, but it wasn’t overdone or beating you over the head with it. Had they opened the camp, bet they would have been awesome counselors. The two big roles though, were brought to use by Adrienne King playing Alice, and Betsy Palmer, playing Pamela Voorhees.

Feel like Alice doesn’t quite get the love she deserves at times, due to how many strong female leads there have been in the Friday The 13th series alone, but Alice should definitely be high up there. She does a lot of hitting and running, but character wise, kind of makes sense, as she is not a killer. Even with her life on the line, still can’t bring herself to kill Pamela until she is pushed beyond the limit, and it has a visible effect on her.  While Betsy Palmer was perfectly cast. Her mannerism and ticks are spot on for a mother who has snapped. Losing her son created such a hatred that it has become her duty to make sure the camp is never opened again. In her mind, every counselor who steps foot inside, are responsible for Jason’s death and must be punished. Together, these two were such good foils and had strong chemistry together.

Friday the 13th also gave us early looks at what the genius that is Tom Savini. A name that is synonymous with horror. Giving us some great kill shots, the one delivered to Kevin Bacon’s character still ranking among the best on the series or when Pamela gets her head lobbed off and they stay on it just long enough to get the gory aftermath of neck bones and blood spurting off the top.  They all feel so fresh and unique, because it’s the first ones in the franchise and helped all with the characters all being so likable. Even if you don’t see the blow. The aftermath is so telling that it’s great.

To end the pros. Have to talk about the score. You hear all about Freddy’s lullaby or Michael Myers music, but Friday’s might just be a little bit better. The orchestra is flows between low and soothing to loud and in your face. With the iconic Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma added in. Great way to kick the movie off. When they finally do make a new one, hope they bring it back.

Being the first, it was actually fun to see where cliches got started. Such as the super serious cop, deranged old man trying to warn them away, and them trying to get the last jump scare. Tempted to throw blame at them for the nightmare these would later become, but they do these things so well I can understand why they keep going back to the well, and I can’t bring myself to make Ralph a negative. That would be sacrilegious.

Now on to some negatives and this does have several. They go out of their way to kind of play Steve Christy as a red herring. Creating a little bit of tension between him and Alice. He’s very hectic at the start and drives a similar jeeps to the killers. Wanting to create a who done it, but they failed, because they never introduced Pamela till the unveiling. It was like giving us puzzle pieces to put together, but only giving us a border. Which does give us the feeling of success from piecing it together before the end. Second is you have always of these young people, and besides Alice none fight back. Sure most are stealth kills, but a few have ample opportunity to resist. I get that it is minor. She is suppose to be unassuming and I am being a little to critical, but to have none even try bothered me throughout.

Friday the 13th has earned it’s place as an all-time classic. Halloween, Black Christmas, and Phantasm may be considered the first slashers, but Friday the 13th is what jump started the franchise. Showing that there is a massive audience for this genre and the 80’s are stuffed full, with movies chasing it’s success. It may not be considered the best the franchise has to offer, but the horror genre would be vastly different without it. Final Grade – A minus

Thank you for reading


By Paul Anthony

With it being football season, I can’t find a better story to give you a quick run down on this week, other than good old Mr. Big Chest or Antonio Brown if you don’t want to call him by that stupid nickname. Now Just last Saturday Brown was released by the Raiders after they had enough of his games and guess who signed him shortly after that, The defending Champs The New England Patriots, who were very happy to signed and a story came out that they were always interested in him but Pittsburgh would never want to give Brown to the Pats, Makes you wonder if Brown played a scary game to get to the Pats, but just when you thought it was over now a former trainer is accusing Brown of rapping her three times from 2017 to 2018 with the investigation started I am sure there will be even more details on Brown in the near future.

Seems like only yesterday we got the news that Kevin Hart was in a bad accident and then more details came out regarding how bad the situation was, we know Hart had back Surgery, often when we hear that term we think the worse like will he walk again or is his action comedy career is over. However there is some good news and that is just ten days after his accident he is out of the hospital and now in a rehab center where his long road to recovery begins as of right now he looks like he will make a full recovery in time but now his career is put on hold until then.

Now many of you guys don’t know this but I love game shows and of course one of my favorites is Jeopardy and given that it has been on the air for so long I am guessing you like is as well. Early in the air we learned that Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, he joked that he had to beat it because he is still under contract for Jeopardy. Back in May he gave an update and said he was doing very well and now he just finished his chemo treatment just in time for new episodes. Now Trebek hopes to beat the odd of only three percent living beyond five years of being Diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, good luck Alex Trebek!

In our last big story of the week comes just last night, and that is a deal that locks J.J Abrams company Bad Robot in a 500 million dollar contract that starts now and ends in 2024. That’s right WarnerMedia locked up Bad Robot. In which Bad Robot will create content like T.V. shows and movies and games, the genres will range from dramas to comedies and some will even be on HBO Max.

There you have some stories for the week!

Just Stop it!

By Paul Anthony

Okay let’s just stop the rumors right now, should there be a It chapter three and that answer should be be a no, makes no sense right now because there is no material for prequel or sequel. Pennywise the dancing clown was clearly defeated and died. Please explain to me why there needs to be a third film? If you want to explore the orgins of Pennywise would be the best idea but Stephen King doesn’t think because if he did he would have written it by now since after all the book came out in 1986, he would have had time by now to do so.

Now we know from this film it is clear that Pennywise is an ancient Cosmic force that awakens every 27 years and basically eat children. now I don’t get point of explaining anymore about where he came from? You want to know more well here he came from a planet outside of our solar system, boom there you go the prequel is made. Now there are something that could have been explain in the film like, was Pennywise ever was a real human like we saw in those pictures of him or was that just mind control, who knows but do I really want to know?

Truth is I don’t want to know anymore about Pennywise because here is the thing with King’s novels the mystery is part of the magic for his story. Keeping this movie as a horror film with talking about aliens basically would kill the whole vibe of the film. I love King’s novels I really do, he is master of horror for the pages. He uses very little sci-Fi to give the story a little kick. Why would we want to ruin that?

Okay so I broke down the pointless prequel but what a about a sequel. I say no to that as well because we know the loser club found the ritual to kill him for good not just stab him, which he really only went away to rest, they got lucky. Basically anything after this would just be a repeat of the story which would just kill the story and film after that. Sure it would make a little money and probably keep the studio happy  for awhile but it would kill the legacy of this small franchise.

Rumors do often start when the film does well at the box office, because it most cases it does make sense to do another film but once the story is over do we really need another film and the answer is no. It Chapter 2 is killing the box office, it has already made nearly 200 million before its second weekend. There is where the rumors start, a franchise can be a strong one for years to come with only two films if it is done right and trust me this film was done right. In the end a third film would ruin what these two films did. I say hey let it rest for another twenty years and just reboot it and that is the only way I would be okay with a third film until then don’t worry about it just enjoy it!

Remake Vs Original – The Blob

By: Justin Hopkins

Spent a lot of time thinking about what to go with for this round. There is plenty to pick from. If you listen, all Hollywood can do anymore is remakes. Having nothing original to come up with. Surely though, the remake trend couldn’t have been a 1988’s cult classic, The Blob. A personal favorite of mine, staring young up-comer Shawnee Smith with some of the best and goriest deaths that put some of this decade’s horror to shame and, surprise, surprise; it is a remake of an other cult classic from 1958, also known as The Blob. A movie staring a young Steve McQueen, about an all devouring mass from Outer Space. So, we have our contestants, now which Blob will eat the other and slither away to take over the world as the one true alien substance. Lets delve in and find out shall we. As always, we start with the original.


The Blob Directed by Irvin Yeaworth and Russell Doughten opens up at a regular night in a small town. With a guy, Steve (Steve McQueen), out on a date with Jane (Aneta Corseaut). After a little bit of a misunderstanding on why they were parked. A shooting star got their attention and raced off to find where it landed. While an old man beat them to it though. Getting his hand covered in the mysterious goo that came out of the rock. In his panicked flee, runs into Steve and Jane. Who proceed to rush him to the town Doctor. After a little bit of a distraction, Steve and Jane, along with his friends, return to where they found the old man. Attempting to find something that will explain what the growth on his hand is. finding the shooting star and the old man’s puppy, but nothing else. Deciding to return to the doctors. Unaware that The Blob has been busy. Devouring the old man entirely and Nurse Kate, and then the Doctor. Steve made it in time to see it happen, and race to the police for help. When they come back though, they don’t find any signs of the monster, or the Doctor, and an old lady there to give the Doctor a reasonable excuse for not being there, and the mess must have been an act of vandalism and here is where things begin to roll. Steve and Jane start out on a mad adventure through town trying to find and make people believe them and then try to find a way to stop it before there is no town left to save.

I thought this would be hard movie to review. Being one of the oldest movies I have seen ( Fifty one years old, in two days) I tried to take myself back toward that time. Where things I would think are cliche are not so much and back to that style of filming, but fortunately this movie has really stood up against the test of time. The acting, could be a bit cheesy at times, but pretty solid. They had a pretty solid line-up held up by a good performance from Steve McQueen. He was twenty seven, and may not have been the most believable of teens, but definitely played up the heroic type well. Carried the audience along with the ride, of fear, doubt, and heroism a long the way. Aneta Corsaut made for the perfect supporting character as Jane. She may not have had much to do, but was endearing enough to make her likable. Bert, Richie and Dave made up the police force. Pretty much good cop and bad cop, in Dave and Bert, Bert being bad, but by the end, he stopped dragging his feet and got fully invested. Tony, Mooch, and Al ( I believe was the third) were solid as Steve’s friend’s who I will talk more about during the end scene.

I was actually dreading what the special effects may have been for this film, but wow was that the shocking surprise. It wasn’t the best, but it was really good.  They did the best they could with what they had and the final product was both fun and worked for what they were going for. Now, lets talk a bit about the ending. I loved this ending. Where all of the characters you have meet and volunteers throughout the town come together to try and stop the blob. Tony, Mooch, and Al showing their best work here, and wish we would come back to this style a little bit more. You get one or two at the most fighting off an impossibly strong entity, and seeing a town unite to do it in this, just gave me a good feeling inside, and kind of wish we had one end like that today. Big points to them.

This movie was not without it’s flaws however. Not a lot of it is their fault but still works against them. A lot of the kills were not shown. Dave makes a comment that it must have taken out 40 to 50, but doesn’t feel like it could have been nearly as much. Wished we could have seen more of The Blob. I get that it was probably difficult to do, but a little more would have gone a long way. Could only take them reacting to something off screen so much.  In the same radio conversation Dave had. He is talking to the military about it being to big, meanwhile, they are in the process of shrinking it to get it off the diner and free those trapped inside and this goes to the time a little, but had Aneta had more to do. Would have added a lot more to her character.  Final Grade – B


This movie had a lot of similarities to its predecessor. Directed by Chuck Russel. From the movie theater scene, freezer and diner, but walked it’s own path as well. Starting from the beginning. We have scenes blending where we see Paul playing football and Meg is a cheerleader. While Flagg is a troubled outcast. Attempting to jump his bike over a broken bridge and homeless old man clapping his wreck, but in a joking way. We meet the mechanic and Sheriff Herb and the owner of the Diner. We get to know them so their pending deaths will matter and that is important. The Blob still comes from space, but this time, is a government creation and it is so much more viscous then ’58. Changing from them trying to warn people to survival and danger around every corner, pipe, and everywhere else it could squeeze into. Ramping up on the suspense. Enjoyed the foreshadowing they did at the start. With the Snowmaker and her brother’s jacket.  Giving us a redemption story on top, as Flagg has to do a bit of soul searching and step up to the plate and be a hero, and the condom joke is still hilarious.

Casting wise was again, spot on. Shawnee Smith was stellar in her rule her. Being more then a damsel in distress. She really takes the reign her and was involved heavily throughout. Her trying to save her brother and brother’s friend in the sewer and right in the middle of the finale, perked on a truck and firing at the blob to get its attention. Sight that should be a GIF immediately. Kevin Dillion as Brian Flagg was memorable. He was coy and cocky, but blended him with a heart of gold expertly. Wondering how much of his real self was on display. Could just go down the list on everyone. They all shone, and made themselves standout in some way. Will add one more though, and that being Joe Seneca’s Dr. Meadows. Hard to play a villain opposite of The Blob, but he was such a heinous, evil man. Look on his face as he is trying to get the town to kill Flagg was more then enough to cheer on his demise.

Carnage Candy fans can rejoice, cause this movie had your fill. Right away you get the have mutilated corpse of the homeless man that is immediately trumped by The Blob devouring poor Paul right down in a bloody over the top way sets the tone for things to come and doesn’t ever let up. Everyone who worked in props and special effects deserves the highest of praise because they knocked it right out of the park on this movie. It was amazing, just simply amazing the work and effort and looked outstanding. The eighties did gory the best and this should always be a top contender for the best.

The ending is kind of the same. Where you get the town together still kind of happened, but not quite the same effect. As they were trying to barricade City Hall, leaving Meg and Flagg to fight it with their new found knowledge of using cold. It’s going to get docked slightly, but not much because Shawnee shined so brightly in this part that she saved it.

Now for the negatives, and I only got one. Was not a fan of the government stuff. Only because I really liked the unknown factor. That it came from somewhere in space and who knows what else could be out there. Giving it a background story just seemed bland. Especially, a government weapon. Would have been better had they been tracking it via satellite and that is how they reacted so quickly. Small nitpick that didn’t effect my immersion. Final Grade – A

WINNER – The remake

This came down to a few variables. One their abilities with special effects were so much better in 1988. They were able to do so much more and go so much more gory then they were back then and it helped tremendously. Another was judging between actors. Steve McQueen is a legend, but the tandem of Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillion was better. They had great onscreen chemistry. Both shined throughout and felt like they were in this situation together. By no means does this make the original inferior. If you haven’t seen it give it a watch. You’ll have a good time, but between the actors and the special effects, winner had to go to the remake.

Thank you for reading

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Warning**

  The big movie release this weekend is obviously, It Chapter Two, which was excellent go and watch it, which got the wheels rolling a bit. What B-Movie could be paired with the frightening Pennywise. Okay, so it didn’t take much time to think about the 1988 classic, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I was a little hesitant, because I have been trying to stick to movies that never went to theaters, but surprisingly, I have not found any evidence that it had a theater stint, if it did, tell me about it in the comments, but for now. I am celebrating their mistake, and running with it, so here is my review on the Classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

In one night, a shooting star touchdown in the woods, just outside of a small town, Crescent Cove. However, this was no normal shooting star, but a Carnival Tent Spaceship, full of Aliens in the forms of the creepiest clowns. Set out to kidnap and use the citizens of the town for snacks on their trip. Discovered first by a farmer, then our two of our main characters, Debbie and boyfriend Mike. Who stumble up their cotton candy cocoons full of their human victims. Just managing to make it out, and race to town, with the Klowns in pursuit. Seeking the help of her old boyfriend, Officer Dave. Kick starting a wild adventure as Dave and Mike tried to find out what was happening and how to stop them. While the Klowns laid waste to the town in insane high jinks. From puppet kills, shadow attacks and many, many more. Leading up to fast paced finale.

This movie was so good, on a lot of levels. If you have a fear of clowns, they will definitely add to it. The designs of their prosthetic were creepy and haunting. Side-to-side movements were unnerving, particularly when they ran. The jokes on this hit the mark almost every time. From the clown car to the guard who was pied to death. Short Klown with boxing gloves. My favorite was the shadow dinosaur, but so many good, creative kills. The characters were endearing. I liked the fact they kept the love triangle between Mike, Danny, and Debbie to a minimum. Their focus was on survival and didn’t stop to argue over who was better for Debbie. Which allowed them to focus on the plot. Time well spent. Had a solid secondary villain, as well, in the character of Mooney, who refused to believe in any of this, to a frustrating degree. Then the Terenzi Brothers, who drove around in an Ice Cream Truck, believing that it would help them get laid. I wasn’t a fan of the brothers, to be honest, but they were alright in their rules. Fact they were used seldom was a big perk. Wished they had died at the end. Would have added a little bit of emotional weight to Mike a little, but small nitpick. This isn’t that kind of movie.

Really liked the actors they got. None of them stood out to much, but the chemistry between everyone was firing on all cylinders, especially with your main crop, Grant Cramer, Suzanne, Snyder, and Josh Allen Nelson. Played off each other and made them all look good in the process. Hats off to all of those who played Klowns, cause they are the reason we watched for, and they all delivered. Like I said earlier, they were creepy and funny at the same time, and must have been difficult to work in the costumes, but they made this so much more enjoyable. Bravo to them all.

Another big round of applause to those who worked behind the scenes. They did not have a huge budget, but every penny was spent so well, and made it all work for them. Cotton Candy Cocoons were creative. There weapons were thought out. Utilizing what clowns would use to their advantage. Background settings and stages were a interesting mix of fun house and space ship. Showed good use of what little they had.

Since I don’t have any negatives worth mentioning, will just go right into the finale, this movie gets high praise, that it definitely deserves. If you haven’t this gem, shake yourself, and go buy it. Replay value through the roof, and needs to be apart of everyone’s library.

Blogger Note, If you have a B-Movie that you hold near and dear to your heart. Drop it in the comments below, and I will give it a watch, and review. 

Thanks for reading.

Dave Chapelle: Sticks and Stones Review

By Paul Anthony

I have to admit one of my favorite comedians of all time is Dave Chapelle, so this is almost not even like work for me to review one of his stand up shows. Dave’s most recent one on Netflix was called Stick and Stones. Before this show I did watch the previous stand up shows on Netflix and I loved them, so I was expecting this one to live up to the other ones and I sadly have to say I don’t think it did. Now when I watch his materials I legit can’t stop laughing. Sadly This was not the case.

When I say it didn’t live up to his previous material, I am not saying it in a bad way. The problem is when you are so good, you set the bar so high and some times it is so hard to live up to that. I don’t think he lost a step no nothing like that I just think he didn’t have his best material. His stories were funny but he is a mastermind at the punch lines, which I can compare them to the finishing of a fireworks show. You wait for the ending and it makes it all worth it, problem is his final parts of his jokes just fell flat. I caught myself laughing at the story more then the punchline. So when the punchlines came that’s when I stopped laughing and started to get bored by it.

I know this was only an hour five minute show which isn’t much but seems to be the average length of time. Now I am not a comedian so I don’t know how hard it is to write material for an hour and it honestly seems like he just didn’t have enough material and pausing longer then normal. The jokes were even interrupted by someone getting a phone call which was funny and Dave was quick to make a joke about it. Which was funny.

Now I have to rate this show right around 2.5 stars which I think is low for him. Now I know this was his third show and I get that it is tough but he is better then this. I don’t know how many Netflix shows he has left to do but I have to assume he will rebound from this and have better material for the next show.

A small gripe with movie villains

By Justin Hopkins

When you start looking into villains, you start to realize how deep the pool is for different styles of villains there are. From cartoonish to silly. Bullies and Supernatural and cliched. Can go on and on, but prefer to keep things simple whenever possible and only one has kind of irked me and that is the sympathetic villain. Know you are thinking I am crazy for having an issue with what is considered the most popular kind, but give me a few minutes to explain.

Firstly, I don’t hate sympathetic villains. When done right, it’s a beautiful thing, and goes back a long way. From Frankenstein, to Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, and The Huntress from Dead By Daylight. All suffered in there lives that turned them into a villain. These are just four that I have grabbed off the top of my head. There is so many, many more. Many, many more, and the list is ever growing. Think through all of the villains in Marvel Movies. Killmonger, Thanos, Zemo, Loki to name a few. Sarah Bellows in Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark. Chucky in Child’s Play. They all work really well. Each put on great performances, but after awhile it begins to get old always feeling bad for the character I am suppose to hate. Just becomes redundant and loses what makes a Sympathetic Villain special.

When a true diabolical character puts in a truly evil performance whose only motivation is to achieve their goal at all costs; their is nothing like it, and it raises the movie exponentially.  William Atherton was was heinous as Walter Peck in Ghostbusters that he was heckled in real life, and the movie was better for it. Giving them a human foil out to shut them down and proved a hurdle to the group. The Matrix movies may have dropped in quality as they went, but Mr. Smith was always a joy to watch, because of the calm, collected and disturbing performance played by Hugo Weaving. Any time he was on screen, we were in suspense knowing at any moment, he had the power and will, to wipe out everyone. Freiza still holds firm to Dragon Balls most terrifying, big bad due to how just evil he is. Seeks out power and domination at no cost, and his name alone brings the Z fighters to a stop, and John McClane is a beloved hero, because of how great of a villain Hans Gruber was.

Now these are top notch villains for me to choose from, but there is more to this. As great as it is, to feel bad for a misunderstood villain. An evil villain does raise more then just the stakes for our hero, but can even make a less popular movie better. Dark Tower didn’t quite live up to expectations, but would watch it again due to how well Mathew McConaughey  played the Man in Black and if they ever do a Constantine 2, can’t tell me you don’t want Peter Stormare to have a bigger role as Satan.

I know I didn’t count Vader. Technically, he is a Sympathetic Villain, but pretty sure I can say we all got psyched to see him wiping out rebels in Rogue One, and when we see a movie about him. We want full blown, villain Vader and not sympathetic one. So, that is why I didn’t bring him up before.

There is still a bit to go in 2019, but three movies jump to mind as the big movies on everyone’s list. Star Wars, Joker, and It Chapter 2. While I hope they all do well and be several people’s favorites for one reason or another. I am a little sad that Pennywise seems to be the only one who is an evil villain, and the only one I am excited for. That’s just me though. Feel free to drop a comment below and tell me who some of your favorite villains are and why. Tell me if you think I am wrong about Sympathetic Villains. Always open to other’s opinions on the topic. In the mean time…

Thank you for reading

Ghost Shark Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Alert**

 Last Monday, I was clicking through the guide for SYFY. Not expecting to find anything. Just curious as to what was coming up. When I stumbled across the movie called; Ghost Shark, and how on earth could I even think to do anything else after that. Having so many thoughts of how terrible this must be, and all of the cheesy CGI and bad acting. Surely had to be so bad it’s good, and you know what.. It surpassed all expectations, by not needing to go that route and proved to be a pretty good movie…. Before you think I am crazy, let me explain.

The story opened up, with three people out on a boat. A couple and the captain. Participating in some sort of fishing contest. Just before they could win though, a Great White Shark ate his fish. Enraged the couple attacks the shark. Opening fire with a revolver, crossbow, and even a grenade. Before the shark could die, swims into a cave, and dies before some vigils. That brings his spirit from beyond and he kills the three and sets his sights on Smallport. Able to travel through any kind of running water.

One of the things this movie does well, is keep you guessing. My first assumption was that he would be targeting those who killed him, but that theory died in  the opening act. The crazy guy who everyone thinks killed his wife, who in any other movie, would have just been a sad loner struggling to get over his loss; really did kill his wife here. Would think he would sacrifice to make up for his sins, but nope. Killed by the shark in the rain. Any time you think you know where this movie is going, you are entirely wrong, and I love that. To often it’s just a cliched story that doesn’t bother. The people here all really tried hard to give us something unique and different with Ghost Shark, and it’s greatly appreciated. Makes it feel like a found gem.

The actors and actresses all did a decent job. Richard Moll was probably the most standout as Lighthouse Keeper; Finch. Did a good job keeping an air of danger and mystique about the angry, drunken man. He was entertaining to boot. Jaren Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman, and Shawn C. Phillips to name a few. They did fine. Nothing mind blowing, but enough to get you to care for them and that was good enough.

My final pros, was special effects were pretty solid. They weren’t the greatest, but A plus standards for a B movie. All but a few scenes were kept lightning fast. Would get a good look at the shark, then he attacked from all sorts of crazy angles. From pools, hot tubs, car wash, the rain, a slip ‘n slide. The attacks were creative, good use of CGI and prosthetic. The carnage candy was front in center and one kill in particular is nearly a must see. You’ll either think it’s the dumbest thing, or the greatest; I am on the greatest side. They really went big on this stuff… which brings me to one of its biggest problems.

I don’t know what the budget was, but some of these scenes were in desperate need of being re-shot. Between shots that aren’t quite centered and audio quality is bad at some points, especially with Mayor Stahl. He is clearly being dubbed and it is very off putting. He plays a pretty important role of a red herring of sorts, but the dubbing is so bad, that you don’t want him on the screen. Don’t know why they couldn’t re-shot a few of those scenes, but perhaps they should have.

On a minor note, this movie has some logic issues. You get that even in A-movies, but Ghost Shark does it to much. There was a fight between two of the characters, started because Cameron started a fire, but there was no way that they could have known he was behind the fire. They just assumed and it was important scene, cause it lead to a death. They should have just killed him and not had the fight. One of the characters survived a vicious attack from the Ghost shark, but is ready to go a moment later. No, she needs to go to the hospital. She was attacked big time. Just having her walk it off did nothing, but prove to just be a waste of time. Like I said, it was minor, but happens to many times to simply ignore.

Ghost Shark gets a huge round of applause from me. Didn’t expect to find this movie to be nearly as enjoyable and good as it was. Even if you are not a fan of B Movies, would still suggest it and if you are a fan of B Movies, then there is no excuse. Get your friends and drinks of choice and check it out.

Thank you for reading