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The Cosby Saga

By Paul Anthony

As fast as the charges came about, the trial was just as fast, we witness a once beloved figure in the entertainment world fall from the graces. If you don’t know who we are talking about, I will tell you who, that person is none other than Bill Cosby himself. He was once beloved by us until the women have come forward and accuse him of Rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and sexual abuse. More than sixty women have accused him of these crimes, which have dated back to the 1960s, however sadly most of these cases were passed the statute of limitations and the state can’t charge him on those but the ones that they could they brought him to trial on the ones that they could.

The trial started on the June 5th and just ended on the 17th in a mistrial, the jurors were in a deadlock for days and couldn’t come to terms with each forcing the judge to make this a mistrial. The prosecution has already stated that they do plan to take him back to court and seeking justice. Now here is where we run into issues, for starters because these cases happen years ago, it stands at he said, she said, with very little evidence. I am not saying he is innocent or guilty but the taxpayers will have to get stuck with the bill if the state doesn’t win the case, I must assume the state has something up their sleeve to prove he did these crimes besides straight testimony which I am guessing all they had or else the jurors would have found him guilty.

The trial might be over but the battle is far from over because even if they go through with a second trial and the loss, there are ongoing lawsuits, his victims will be seeking money for the damage they are accusing him of doing.

If he comes out a winner in any of this, there a good chance his life will never be the same, his public image has already changed, he isn’t loved as he once was. Sure, he has his supporters behind him but as many supporters he has, he has just as many people that no longer like him and studios won’t hire him for any projects because of the bad press that goes with it.

He’s career is now over regardless, I don’t think there is anything he can do to repair the damage that he did. In time, we will see how this story plays out



The Big 4 will return!

By Paul Anthony

Today’s blog will make all the X-men fans happy, news broke today that the entire cast of the X-men first class trilogy would be returning to do a forth film. This to me was somewhat shocking that the entire cast would be returning and I am going to explain why in just a second.

First, we knew that the core group of stars which consist of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult had a three-film deal which was X-Men: First Class, X-men Days of Future Past and finally X-Men: Apocalypse. Now each film had made a profit however Apocalypse didn’t receive the best reviews.

When I heard about the entire cast returning I was stunned when I saw Jennifer Lawrence returning. Lawrence has been in the spotlight for some time now and her stock keeps getting higher and higher. She has done many things since signing her three-picture deal and has been on record with stating how much of a pain it has been to wear the make-up to play Mystique, she did so much complaining that she did more scenes out of make-up then in make-up. Mind you during the original trilogy Rebecca Romijn was hardly seen without the make-up on. With all I didn’t expect her to sign on and do another comic book film. Though I am glad she is sticking around because casting another person would suck especially casting two people to do 3 films each in 14 years, which is the same time Hugh Jackman played Wolverine.

Fassbender and McAvoy returning doesn’t shock me at all. Both have stated they would be willing to extend their contracts to keep playing their characters and seem to be enjoying it as much as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen did.

I don’t want to leave Nicholas Hoult out of this conversation but the truth be told. His career has been up and down, not saying I would like to see someone cast as Beast, I am just saying this could have gone either way.

The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time because if they want to stick with their goal date of being released which is November 2018, they needed to get everyone together and figure out what they were going to do because if they couldn’t get the four of them back then that could have posed a big problem with their plans going forward.

The fourth film will now take place in 1991, takes place 8 years after the previous film and will once again focus on Jean’s Grey alter ego the Dark Phoenix. So Now I ask you how do you feel about the big four returning to do a fourth film?

The Legend of Adam West

By Paul Anthony

Recently we lost another legend in the entertainment world, the beloved Adam West, a name that several generations have come to know. Today’s generation may know him from family guy where he played a fictional version of himself, playing Mayor Adam West, older generations and even Batman fans know him from the hit show Batman from the 1960s, either way you know Adam West even if you never realized it. Sadly, we lost him on June 9th, he lost his battle with leukemia, he was 88 years young, when he passed away, he was survived by his wife and four children and two step-children. In this blog, we will look at his career that started back in the 1950’s.

Many of us may know him from Batman that started in 1966 and ended in 1968 but the truth is he had established career before batman, He’s first role was back in 1957 on a kid’s show, which by 1959 he became the lead star in. In 1957, he was in his first feature film in an uncredited role in Voodoo Island. From that point, he would in feature films consistently from that point on. In 1966, he landed the gig that would change his career. He got cast as Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the Batman Tv series, it ran for only two years but in that two years it had more episodes then shows that run for ten years. He became as big as the role which after the show ended, he tries to put it behind, which he never could, after years of trying to shake it off and avoid it, he just couldn’t and finally he accepted the fact the biggest role he had was being Batman.

After the show ended he continued to work year after year and year and in the 90’s, he began to do more vocals and even returned to doing Batman roles though he never actually voiced Batman only the side characters. He became a pop icon which led him to doing appearances for other TV shows then in 1999 he got a recurring role on the hit show Family Guy, which he continued to do until he’s death.

After years of hard work in 2012 he was finally awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame as the 2,468th star. He will be missed from family and friends and fans also. People will miss him Family Guy and even his cameos appearances on The Big Bang Theory. These shows that he has recurring roles in will never be the same with him passing away and nod towards the talent that he was and forever will be, to his family, our prayers are you and know your husband and father will be missed by many.

The Mummy Review w

By Paul Anthony

Did you see the new Mummy film? If you haven’t and don’t want to see any spoilers please look away but if you want to see it but need an idea then you came to right place. First let’s talk about the numbers, The Mummy will be advertised as the number one America movie in the world and that won’t be a lie, however in the domestic box office it will be a much different story, currently coming in second place by a long shot. Wonder Woman made 57 million, while the mummy came in second with 32 million, which is what many predicted, however 32 million on your opening weekend isn’t something a blockbuster film should brag about. The total worldwide gross sits at 174 million, a 141 million coming at the foreign box office which is 81 percent of its profit. Tom Cruise has always been a big draw at the foreign box office which I am sure Universal studios knew that and they needed to rely on that, especially with a 125-million-dollar budget, now why weren’t the numbers all that good, let’s review the film.

If you were to place this film with the 1999 hit The Mummy you will see some similarities, Brendan Frasier like Tom Cruise played the same character almost, they provided the action and had that same selfish smartass personality which brings the comedy. The sidekicks had the same personality and the love interest were the same. That’s where the similarities end. For starters, the CGI wasn’t that impressive and at times seem so cheesy for the budget it was given. Next The mummy wasn’t a part of the movie as it was in the previous film which made no sense, the focus seemed to be more on building Tom Cruise’ s character to be the face of the franchise which is their Dark Universe.

The film had some bright spots, the action was there and Russel Crowe no don’t, shine in his scenes and will be a bright spot in future films. In the end, I believe the CGI and the Mummy be such a small part in the film hurt the film overall. It lacked the Magic the previous Mummy had, I will say the foreign box office saved the film and the Dark universe.

In the end, I give it three stars out of five, Universal will need to figure out how to make their Dark films better to up their box office draw at the domestic box office because I doubt Tome Cruise will be in every film. If I would be asked if I would see it as just a fan the answer would be yes, it had it’s moments but understand it is what it is.

The Failure of Baywatch and Chips


Sometimes a hit T.V show many years ago doesn’t mean it going to be a box office hit. Sadly, some studios thought otherwise and this year they learned the hard way. We recently saw two films in a span of three months that were based on a show, back in March, Chips were released and just recently Baywatch was released. As a fan, I didn’t have high hopes for neither of them but thought Baywatch would have done better than it did. CHiPs on the other hand I gave no chance to even succeed and sure enough it didn’t, so let’s see what happen to both and figure out what happen, starting with Chips.

When a film has a fan base attach to it, even before the film is released that should be a good thing, but when fans realize the film is more of a spoof then actually being based on the show, the fans begin to leave, Chips did exactly that. Many who watched the show which ran from 1977-1983 saw nothing from the show in the film. The film took the rated R approach which mean Storyline was thin in exchange for crude, sexual jokes for a quick laugh and sadly it did not work out. The film had bad reviews which also hurt its cause and the timing was bad, March is usually a dead period, however we had two big releases with Beauty and the Beast which went on to be the highest grossing film of 2017 and Power Rangers which brought a good bit of cash to. Chips had a budget of 25 million and it has grossed worldwide the total of 25 million just covering the budget.

Baywatch did slightly better with what it was trying to do but still didn’t live up the show. It too took the R rated approach and failed. Sure, The Rock and Zac Efron carried the film and did what they could, they took the source material and brought it to new levels however it lacked the charm that show had which ran from 1990 to 2001 and had a total of 242 episodes. Like Chips it ran into tough competition with Guardians of the Galaxy and Pirates 5, and with the big films coming out soon enough, it will soon enough fall out of the top 10. They had a budget of 69 million and as of right now has made only 69 million. There is chance in time it will go over its budget but only time will tell if it does.

Hollywood did get it right with a few films based off the passed with T.V shows, we did have Starsky and Hutch and 21 Jump Street film series to prove you can take show from the past and make it a hit. It’s just in this case they got it wrong. Before Baywatch was released, the producers said that they would do a sequel but at this point, they might have spoken too soon but we just got to wait see.



Wonder Woman Review

By Paul Anthony

It has been documented now that the DCEU hasn’t been doing all that well, films seem to do just enough to stick around but to this date there haven’t been any sequels yet, sure it’s still small compared to the MCU, but the light seemed to be fading for them, we had the Man of Steel, then Batman V Super-Man then lastly Suicide Squad, which was good but the damage from Batman V Super-Man but still that film alone set them back and forced to rethink their plan. They needed a good film to be Great if they truly wanted this to stick around. It’s safe to say they got their savior in Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman may not go down in the history books as the greatest Comic book film of all time but it leaves a great impact to give DC hope, they so desperately needed. Let’s start the storyline, it’s an Origin for starters we see a young Diana getting the urge to train and finally gets her wish to train, we learn she is Zeus’s daughter and half-sister to film’s villain who is Aries God of War, the film explains that Aries is the Master Mind behind the great war or commonly known as World War One. She meets her love interest played by Chris Pine’s character. Together they fight Aries and win but sadly Chris Pine charter dies in the end.

The action was good, the fights not bad and honestly, I believe has more action scenes then Batman V Superman. Which tells you had truly bad that film was. The combination of using slow motion and Fast motion was done well, sure it could have been better but was still very good, however the CGI effects for the film wasn’t that impressive, the goal to make it seem real however you can clearly tell the CGI was being used but for as film with a 169-million-dollar budget, you expected better from that budget.

Gal Gabot wasn’t very popular among fans when she was cast as Wonder Woman but she portrayed the character beautifully, she added that the character was beautiful but wasn’t just pretty face, if that was her mission than consider her mission was successful. She didn’t need a body to be perfect. The emotions were great not too many comic book films can give you tear jerker scenes and sure enough they did it well enough to be consider that.

Wonder Woman doing well also, it manage to bring in 11 Million on Thursday night, and give or take should pass the 100 million mark for the film, we also have to see what it does during it’s second weekend when comic book films has the worse luck with drawing more people in .I would recommend this film going to see this film and let you decide  if this good film was truly that good.

Dc finally has winner but they need to keep this up and sure enough Justice League is next. Overall I give this film a four out five Stars.

They Are Gone!

By Paul Anthony

Recently it was announced that the big channels were cutting some fat, little did we know there was a lot of fat that the channels had. Though some of these shows caught us off guard, here we will give you the list of shows that ended or got canceled and we shall see which ones truly caught us off guard.

Let’s start With NBC which seems to always fall in the ratings overall


The Blacklist: Redemption

Emerald City



Chicago Justice

The shocker here is truly Chicago Justice. NBC giving this show the axe so soon came as a somewhat of a shocker. Dick Wolf has created an awesome rating universe with all the Chicago shows, it was only natural we get to see what goes on in the court room however audiences didn’t agree. It’s funny Dick Work made another court room show Law and Order: Trial by jury which only lasted a one season, Advice to Dick Wolf…. Stay out of the court room.

Next, we have CBS who has a good track record with producing hits.

2 Broke Girls

American Gothic

Brain Dead

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


The Great Indoors

The Odd Couple

Pure Genius

Rush Hour

Training Day


The real shocker here is 2 Broke Girls, life was coming together for the two girls however with storylines coming to an end and ratings falling it was clear this show was going to get the axe but so soon did catch people off guard.

Next, we have is Fox, which I believe is always a wild card because truly you jus never know what you are truly going to get.



Making History



Scream Queens

Sleepy Hollow

Son of Zorn

The real shocker here was Pitch, The show was a hit with critics and the story was very good one with having a female be a star in a male league, the ratings were average and sadly Fox needed more, which the show could have given more if they had more time to continue the story.

Now we have ABC


American Crime

The Catch


Dr. Ken

Imaginary Mary

Last Man Standing


The Real O’Neals

Secrets and Lies

Time After Time

Real Shocker here is the canceling of Last Man Standing, Tim Allen has proven he’s money in the bank, Home Improvement still a hit, years later he returned with this show, Show was still going strong. However due to nonreal reasons they gave this show the axe, however with the outcry of fan support the show isn’t exactly dead, there still hope.

The list could get bigger or smaller depending on true fan support, so it’s hard to say if this list was truly final. If any of these shows were one of your favorites please let us know what you will watch next?


She is Back! Roseanne coming

By Paul Anthony


There is a new trend that’s been happening regardless if you like it or not, honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it myself. This trend is reviving past shows and giving them updated stories. It was recently announced that one of my favorite shows would be coming back and this one that I am not sure about. In today’s blog, I am going to explain why this is, since after all this was the show I grew up honestly and loved more than any other show.

First let’s talk about where the Connor family have been and what have they been doing. When we last saw them, they just won 108 million dollars and was touring the world and going on crazy adventures, Darlene’s baby nearly died and Dan put his mother in a hospital in California, which then he begun to have affair with her nurse. Then we learn Becky to will be a mom. However, during the two-part series finale it was revealed the events of season 9 never happen and that Dan died from his heart attack in season 8 and the whole series was told from Roseanne view from a book she was writing about her life and how David and Darlene wasn’t together, Mark was with Darlene and David was with Becky. Jackie was the one who was gay and not her mom.

Confusing, right? I know however the early rumor is that the new season will ignore events at the end, so I am guessing what we saw from season 1 to 8 is what we will keep in canon for season 10. I could be wrong but this would make the most sense since those are the seasons that we loved the most. Those seasons are the ones I love the most because the show was one of a few that were truly a blue collar, they went through struggles that the common family went through. Will they do this in season 10? Keep the family as blue collar? Dan last job was building the prison which seemed to be a good source if income.

I now have to ask myself can this show survive in today’s time sure it did well in the 90’s but times have change and there more comedies out there that are big time draws. The recent trend hasn’t been pretty. Look at Girl Meets World canceled after one season and Fuller House had a lot of hype and now its fading after two seasons and rumor is That’s so Raven coming back also but I doubt that will survive since it’s Disney show.

I would love for the show to do well and carry on the legacy however I don’t think this will last long and if it doesn’t then it may taint the legacy that the 9 seasons before left. The new season starts in 2018 and I am sure we will have updates as time goes on.

King Arthur the first big flop

By Paul Anthony

Every year there are movie flops, which is when a movie fails to make a large profit or even gross enough to cover the budget. Having a movie flop is nothing new, but I must wonder do studios ever do research before they jump on an idea that has been used before? It’s no secret Hollywood uses recycled ideas either calling it a reboot or giving it whole new fresh start. Recently A movie was released titled King Arthur, as we all know the story of King Arthur, so with this wasn’t a new idea but Hollywood didn’t care they decided to make another movie.

Back in 2004 A King Arthur film was released now it’s budget was 120 million and it grossed 203 million. This would be on the borderline of a flop since it did make back its budget and a small profit however when a film has high budget over the 100 million mark the goal to make closer to 400 to 500 million. I’m telling you this so you can keep this in mind as we discuss the 2017 King Arthur film which has a much bigger budget. Judging by the numbers it’s clear Hollywood didn’t do their research.

The 2017 King Arthur film has a budget of 175 million not counting Marketing cost which something we don’t factor into the budget. Now a 175-million-dollar budget is no joke, don’t get me wrong there are tons of films that have a higher budget but still it’s a pretty high budget. Many insiders believed that Warner Brothers spent too much money and there no need to for that high of a budget. 60 to 80 million might have been a better budget even so it would still have been a flop. The reviews didn’t help giving it a 28 percent rating and many gave it under 5 stars out of 10. One critic said its modern-day action that took away from the classic story of King Arthur.

Currently the film has made around 95 million dollars worldwide and film has been out for weeks but as we get deeper in the summer more blockbuster films are being released which will hurt King Arthur from making any more money. During it’s opening weekend it only grossed 15 million which was on track with the 2004 film and has grossed 28 million so far in two weeks at the domestic box office and the foreign box office has grossed around 77 million. Even more it had a 52 percent drop from week one to week two at the box office. There a good chance because of this big drop that the film may just barely make it over the 100-million-dollar mark.

Some properties Hollywood thinks are profitable and for the most part they are right but the film has to be done right in order for the film to do good or even great. Studios should take notes when there are previous films of the property, so they can get it right but sadly in this case this case they did not.

Rise and Fall of Abby Lee Miller

By Paul Anthony

It’s not hard in this world to make a mistake these days, we see stories all the time, people rising to fame and then making mistakes and risking everything which in the end cost them to fall. Recently a Pittsburgh native, who rose to fame is now going to jail for a year and a day. That person would be no other than Abby lee Miller.

I must admit I didn’t know much about her, if it wasn’t for my best friend I would have never even started to watch the show that Miller was involved in, which was Dance Moms. The show was like any other reality show with plenty of drama, which in return made the show become a hit and put dancing back in the spot light and made stars out of everyone, even the dancers most who have started other careers in music and acting. When the show is a hit, the ratings are up and that means people paychecks go up. Now one of those paychecks would be Abby lee Miller herself.

Let’s start from the beginning if you don’t know much about her. Abby lee Miller born in Pittsburgh Pa. She was raised in Penn Hills, a suburb just outside of the city. From that point, she became a dance instructor and in 1986 she became a member of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania and was even certified by Dance Masters of America. She followed in her mother path at the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio in 1995 and renamed Reign Dance Productions which would be named later the Abby Lee Dance company. By 2011 she had her own show Titled Dance Moms which became a hit and from that point she opened a second studio in Los Angles which most of the filming of the show now takes place. However, after season 7 aired some behind the scene drama made her leave the show and she is going to prison.

Abby lee has faced a lawsuit from a former dance mom and now she lied about her income and creating a bank and there is she put certain earnings and not informing the IRS of the income. So, in the end she finally got in trouble. Now Let’s not get carried away she may be sentenced to over a year but most likely she will get an early release in roughly 9 months.

When she gets released we must wonder what she will do next. Now she can return to being a dance instructor at both her studios which when she posted about leaving the show, she did state that she would continue to teach dancers just not do the show, but with her going away it makes me wonder if parents would still send their children to her studios. If parents remain loyal to her I am sure she will be all right when she comes out and return to her roots in teaching students. However, I do think she will return to television, her drama too good not to get another TV deal.