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WrestleMania 36 Review!

By Paul Anthony

Well WWE’s biggest event is in the books and I have to say it was a great show regardless of the certain outcomes and finishes. You may have wanted a few outcomes to be different in which we will talk about those endings as well. We know there was 20 matches scattered over two days. Two of the bouts were on the pre show for day 1 and day 2. lets look at these matches in order!

First match of the weekend went just under four and a half minutes, Cesaro beat Drew Gulak in very good back and forth match the only problem with this match was that it was too short, these guys could put on a good show if they were given more time. Second match was Bliss and Cross beating The Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s tag titles. The match was a good back and forth match that went a good 15 minutes. I did like the idea of The Warriors not losing the titles but I guess it was time for a change. Third match of the night was Elias Vs King Corbin in a decent match that went 9 minutes only problem is, no one really gives a damn about those two right now because they aren’t being used the right way. Becky Lynch Vs Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s championship that went barely over 8 minutes, the problem that people didn’t like was the ending and in my eyes it was smart move on Becky’s part to outsmart the powerful rookie. Sami defeated Bryan to keep his title, this match was just annoying because Bryan deserved to win the title to give it some type of honor but this match just felt like a filler.

The real match of the night went to the triple threat ladder match for the Smackdown tag titles which went nearly 20 minutes and the ending was just fun and awesome, honestly this could have gone 30 minutes and I would have been happy! Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins also put on a nearly 20 minute match with some great spots, like seeing Kevin fly off the sign to give Seth a elbow drop was a great spot. Bill Goldberg vs Braun Strowman who was replacing Reigns for the Universal Title went like three minutes with Braun winning the title and I am happy for him, even though the match was just finishers which is a theme for these major titles. Now everyone is having fun with the Bone yard match that went 19 minutes and felt like a horror action type of film. This fit the Undertaker well and could have been his very last match?

Now we are entering day 2 and we will start with the pre show match Liv Morgan  defeated Natalya in a match that went just over 6 minute and it was just a normal pre show match nothing to brag about. Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley for the Women’s NXT Championship match that went 20 minutes and in the end the queen proved why she is called the queen. Such a great match and I am curious to see how Flair does in the new NXT. The next two matches were around 8 minutes each and even though it was the people who we thought would win with Aleister Black defeated Bobby Lashley and Otis defeated the Jobber Dolph and got to leave with Mandy Rose.  Edge proved he is back when he defeated Randy Orton in a 37 minute Last man Standing with a Spider-Man like elbow. Though some would say it went a little too long it was still a good match.

The Street Profits made easy work of the made up team of Angel Garza and Austin Theory in a 6 minute match to retain their tag titles. Bayley defeated Lacey Evans, Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Tamina in a good 20 minute match and we even got a little tease of the best friend duo splitting up but once again it was just a tease.  The Firefly Fun Match was a another weird movie like Match that went 13 minutes with Bray beating John Cena. Now it was fun but not like the Bone yard match.

Now we have the WWE Championship match which was the main event of the weekend and it went a whole 5 minutes with drew and brock exchanging finishers and Drew finally getting the title that he deserved and I wish the fans were there to see this touching moment. In the end I have give this show solid A even if the ending of a few matches were not what wee wanted, they did a great job!

WrestleMania 36 Predictions!

By Paul Anthony

Well if you are a wrestling fan than this is the weekend you have been waiting and well since we are stuck inside anyway. it makes it that much more interesting to watch. Now for the last for weeks we were all wondering if this event would take place and if so, how and where. We got our answer when they announced that it would held at the performance center without fans there and then they came up with the idea of having it two nights instead of one which they came up with the tagline Just Too Big For One Night and good thing they did this because having 8 plus hours of people just bouncing around would just be way too boring. Watching three hours of it was enough. But here we are. Now we don’t know which order these matches will air but I am assuming each night will have some of the bigger profile matches that way the audience will be engaged both nights. We know some people have pulled out dur to health concerns and that actually makes the matches interesting because it changes things to where the matches would have more easy to predict but not so much now and oh yeah for whatever reason the show is being hosted by  Rob Gronkowski, yay.. not really but here are my predictions. Mind you that these matches are not in any certain order!!

  1. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Women’s NXT championship. Well I want to go with Flair because I believe they want her on NXT and with the fresh talent there, it could help with the ratings
  2.  Brock Lesner vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Winner Brock Lesner and here is why as much as Drew is over, seeing Brock lose the title at WM has been getting old.
  3.  Goldberg vs Braun Stroman for the Universal Title. Winner Goldberg, no way does WWE want Stroman to have the title.
  4.  Becky Lynch VS. Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s Title. This is tricky because I do feel WWE is pushing Shayna but Becky is still over, I am going with Becky!
  5.  John Cena VS. Bray Wyatt, well this is another hard one because WWE had something good with Bray but buried him for Goldberg but Wyatt needs to be strong and Cena not here anymore so Wyatt will be the winner.
  6.  Bayley vs Lacey Evan vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks vs Tamina in a elimination match  for the Smackdown Women’s championship. Winner Bayley and why not set up a feud with Sasha!
  7.  The Undertaker vs A.J. Styles. Winner Undertaker, because he has been a mainstay in this event WWE wants him to look strong again and A.J. back in that midcard level right now.
  8. Kevin Owns Vs. Seth Rollins. Winner Seth, Kevin is showing some great Mic work but Seth is their guy.
  9.  Smackdown tag team championship match is very much up in the air, rumor is it could be a member from each though its not clear if the titles will be on the line due to Miz being sick in any case I would have a USO member winning a triple threat match.
  10.  The Street Profits vs Austin Theory and Angel Garza. Easy Winner The Street Profits, they are the hottest tag team right now it would be crazy to think they would lose!
  11.  Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley. Winner another easy answer Black is getting a push and beating a tough guy like bobby would have make his case.
  12.  Elias Vs King Corbin, This match has no interesting value in my eyes I’m giving it to Elias
  13.  Edge Vs Orton, Last Man Standing. Winner Edge, you just don’t mess with a Man’s wife.
  14.  Sami Zayn Vs Daniel Bryan. Winner Bryan, that title needs it’s value whose better than Bryan to give it value.
  15.  The Kabuki Warriors vs Bliss and Cross for the WWE Women’s tag team Championships. Winner Kabuki Warriors. As Much as I love Bliss and Cross, I am digging the bad warriors.
  16.  Otis Vs Dolph Ziggler . Winner Otis its a feel good story and Dolph is a high price jobber.

Saturday Sequel: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

By Paul Anthony

We are marching towards April and yes we are all locked up in our house and we totally forgot that it was Women’s Month and there are so many good movies that represent women in such a strong light and one of the roles that I grew up on was of course the Resident Evil franchise when it first came out way back in 2002. So I wanted to revisit that franchise for this blog. The first film was a big hit, the budget was 33 million and the movie ended up making nearly 103 million dollars and 70 million dollar profit. It is only natural that a franchise would soon start and just two years later we got a sequel. Like all the other films that are sequels, the budget became bigger increasing to 45 million but the good news is that fans wanted to see this film and the numbers increased to 130 million for a total gross and profit of 85 million which was a 15 million increase over the previous film but was it worth it?

Let’s talk about the plot, the film picks up directly where the first film left with Alice being caption and then tested on and when she wakes after amount of time that is wasn’t made clear Raccoon City had to deal with the outbreak and crazy enough, the city was locked up and quarantine from the rest of the country. Once Alice wakes up and escapes she learns what happens to the city. Along the way she meets and befriends other survivors who want to escape and expose the truth to the rest of the world. Well of course Umbrella doesn’t wan the truth to get out there, so they set out to kill all those who want to expose them. However a higher member of Umbrella lost his daughter and wants Alice and her friends to find his daughter and he will give them a way out. of course the fight begins but Alice manages to find the little girl. It is revealed that her father made the virus for her so she could be able to walk and grow like a normal child but the T Virus was taken from him and misused but at the same time he also created a anti-virus as well which his daughter has. When the final fight happens Alice has to go up against her old friend Matt who also bonded with the virus but mutated into some form of a monster though he and her are actually being controlled however they gave her free reigns so she doesn’t know and the fight is pretty much even until Alice gets the slight upper hand but she stops when she realizes who the monster is and Matt regains control and turns on Umbrella saving Alice but then the bomb drops and we learn once again Alice survives and is recused by her friends who also survived and the movie ends when the audience learns Umbrella wanted her to escape.

Well I have to say the movie was a slight improvement over the first film and did a good job at introducing more of the game characters like Jill. They gave us a story that we could get behind with learning what the outbreak was and so forth and they gave us that little thing with having Alice be some type of program and super human. I got to say I did enjoy the action mixed with Mike Epps comedy to switch it up. Certain things like that can go a long way. In the end I have to say I am giving this film a good 90 percent or a good A and I have to say it is one of my favorite sequels so far!

What Lies Beneath Movie Review

By Paul Anthony

Well we are stuck in side and the movie studios are closed and nothing coming out, and the virus is spreading, we forgot about the fact that March was  and is Woman’s month and before all of this I was planning to do some profile blogs on some big time actresses but as we all know our lives were put on hold for a few weeks but nevertheless one of, who I believe to be a top actresses and that is Michelle Pfeiffer. Just look at her body of work to see what I even mean. I was going down her list of films and I stumbled across this film which I remember seeing when I was younger but until now I haven’t watched it recently so I figured it was better than ever to watch it and review it. Now this movie came in July of 2000 and had a budget of 100 million and made 291 million so not a bad profit for a super natural thriller.

The plot revolves around Claire and Norman Spencer. Randomly Claire hears her new neighbors fighting and the wife goes missing which then super natural things start to happen which begin to drive Claire insane and it is becoming a bother to Norman but then as Claire begins to piece things together. Norman Shows her that the neighbors are perfectly fine, Things begin to return to normal for the Spencers but the hauntings start back up and Claire investigates and learns that she is being haunted by a college female who went missing over a year ago. this point she learns that this girl was a student of Norman but there is more to the story that he doesn’t tell her. First he tells her she was a student of his but one night when she is possessed by the girl she flirts with Norman and it helps a suppress memory and she remembers one night when she came home Norman was cheating on her with the girl which Claire left but had an accident and couldn’t remember the events until now. Norman admits to the affair but denies murdering her and called her crazy and claimed she was suicidal after he ended the affair. Claire knew he was lying at this point when he called 9-1-1 and fake a phone call to the police instead he just dialed 4-1-1 then he attacks Claire with halothane, which stops her in her tracks he attempts to drown her in the tub but with the help of Madison scaring Norman. Claire escapes but is attacked by Norman and their truck crashes into the lake where Madison’s corpse which holds Norman in the water to drown him. Some time later Claire leaves a red rose on Madison’s grave.

The Movie was much longer then it needed to be. Which means they added stuff that just dragged out the plot. I did enjoy Harrison Ford’s performance as well as Michelle Pfeiffer. The jump scares were far in between and didn’t work because it was clear that you saw it coming. Other than that I did enjoy the film in the end I am giving a good B plus and hey it was good to pass the time!


Box Office Rundown: Update

By Paul Anthony

Hello to all of our fans out there and across the globe. I want to say from the bottom of my heart I hope all is well. I know Each week I would run down the numbers from the box office and give my predictions about the upcoming week but here is the problem the government have now started to close places like the theaters and the numbers just won’t be there, so until things pick back up at the box office this series will be on pause but no worries this series will return. Also we haven’t stop writing we will continue on with everything as the best we can do and we hope you enjoy our podcast as well during this rough time! Thank you and remain safe and healthy!

Saturday Sequel Presents: Friday the 13th part 4

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sequel Saturday, this doesn’t happen to often, well maybe once or twice a year but we all know what this weekend is! yesterday was Friday the 13th and that means this is Jason’s weekend! Yesterday we read in Classic 13 Justin’s review of Friday the 13th part 3 so today I had to review part 4 which when it first came out and well to this day is called The Final Chapter. Now of course we know that there was plenty of Jason films after this one but much like part 3 where the series was suppose to end this film as well was suppose to end the series. Part 3 did leave a cliffhanger to where had the movie made money, they could do a fourth film. Sure enough they gave us a story that could follow part 3 and that was Jason killing random teenagers near or at the lake in which he was suppose to drown at. The movie was a hit of course, it opened in 1600 screens and made 33 million dollars off of a budget that was only 2.3 million so you knew a fifth film would come even though it was called the Final Chapter.

Let’s start with plot, here we have the film pick up directly where the third film left off. The police show up at the Higgins Haven to clean up the mess that Jason has caused and they find Jason’s body which he appears dead to them, so they send him to the morgue but at that point he wakes up and kills the nurse and coroner and he makes his way back to the area he knows oh so well. With a new film comes new teens who Jason kills off one by one to the point that they are just here to waste time. The main characters really are Trish Jarvis and her brother Tommy, we also meet a guy named Rob who seems random at first but learn Jason killed his sister in the second film and he is bent on killing Jason for good.

However Jason in the end gets the upper hand on Rob and kills him leaving only Trish and Tommy. Tommy comes up with a plan to make himself look like a younger Jason to buy his sister time to kill Jason which it worked to a degree but Tommy then notices that Jason is still moving and that is when he flips and begins to hack at Jason killing him for good. Trish wakes up in the hospital and right away wants to know if Tommy is okay and they reassure her that he is and she even gets to hug him that’s where the movie ends with Tommy having a death look in his eyes. We know this would begin a three movie arc with Tommy going up against Jason.

I believe this was one of a few Jason films that had a story to it that was somewhat decent. Jason character was never suppose to go this long and of course it showed with each film. he is a killing machine but these first four films all made sense in a way, Adding Rob to the mix was a good callback. It gave this film some purpose. The acting was what is was and you couldn’t expect more from a low budget film. Most people would give this film a bad review but I want give a good review based on other slasher genre films so in the end I am giving it a C or a good 70 percent!

Friday Roundabout 3/13/2020

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another edition of Roundabout and sorry for the delay, as we all know this has been a tough week for all of us. We know what has been going with the virus and how everything is shutting down for the next two weeks or so, and hopefully that will work.

Let’s get into some wrestling news because I touched upon this with my blog earlier regarding WWE biggest event WrestleMania but that is still a few weeks away but they do have shows to do. For a couple of days we knew Smackdown was going to be switched from Detroit to the Performance Center in Tampa without an audience. other sports leagues were thinking about doing this but instead just paused their seasons all together. Now we know Monday Night Raw which was suppose to take place here in Pittsburgh will now also be at the Performance Center. it’s sad for us here because we were all excited to see Stone Cold Steve Austin for the first time in 17 years and on 3 16 but now that will have to wait until next time. However we can expect that WWE will do their shows without the crowds for the next few weeks until things become safe again.

AMC which is one of the bigger movie theater chains will remain open even though most state governments have order that there should be no mass gathers. now I don’t know what AMC plans to do because movies are getting delayed left and right. I guess some companies want try to remain normal through this period of time.

As we know a lot of studios are pretty much shutting down production on all of their shows and movies. Netflix and Disney and AMC all pretty much came out and said their shows will not finish production at this moment.

T.V shows aren’t the only thing being pushed back. Some big time movies have pushed their release dates way back, here are some as of right now F9, No Time to Die, Lovebirds, Mulan, The New Mutants, A Quiet Place Part II, and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway and My Spy. It’s unclear if more movies that are done will follow. We know Vin Diesel new film Bloodshot is expected to take the number 1 spot.

Now the next big film to be released is Black Widow which is set to come out in the first week of May and many are wondering if this film should get pushed back as well and I have my answer and as of right now it should be no. May is still over a month away and already because we are following in China’s foot steps we should be able to contain this outbreak, there are cases now where people already recovered from it. At the very least we should wait another three weeks or so and see if it got worse before we  start to cancel the summer.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they tested positive for Covid-19 in Australia where Hanks was filming a new movie. he updated us with him saying they are taking things day by day. This is our first true case where we can see as a public of how bad it is or how bad we think it is. Here at Smash we want to say we hope Tom and Rita make a full recovery.

What should WWE do?

By Paul Anthony

With this worldwide outbreak everyone is facing difficult decisions. People are wondering if they should go to work or enjoy vacation plans. Governments around the world want to basically shut the world down for the next 14 days to try stop the outbreak from getting worse. We have seen now all the leagues and we are talking about the big leagues. NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB and NCAA all shut down operations for a small or long period of time depending on this outbreak and even smaller soccer leagues and XFL stopped operation and the last one is very interesting and I am talking about the XFL.

We all know Vince McMahon owns the XFL and they decided to postpone the league but we all know what McMahon is really famous for and that is owner the biggest Wrestling promotion and that is WWE and people who are WWE fans know that their biggest event which like their Super Bowl so now the question becomes do they cancel or postpone it? Now the event is taking place in Tampa, where there have been cases of the virus and that is confirmed.  We all never thought it would come to this but look at what has happened so far. Now the governments have urge no mass gathers which a sporting event is a mass gather. At first WWE like others issued a no touch policy but now the government might be urging them to postpone the event.

So what should they do then? WrestleMania  could see a crowd of 80,000 plus to see the matches but yet here we are with WM still going as plan. Let’s say this does go on and nothing happens no one get’s sick or anything. Then they will have showed everyone pretty much that there is nothing to worry about. The flip side is because fans come from all over the world and they could cause the outbreak to speed up and they will have look like the biggest jerks of all time. The government has basically sent the signs to them to cancel on that day but once again its still going on. Is it greed or is it sign that they think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion, You can be the judge.

If it is greed which most will say it easy because this event draws in the most money for the promotion. people spend thousands of dollars for just one ticket at times and that is another thing will people want their money back because we will have no idea when our lives can return to normal day to day. The event is still three weeks away and we know right now that things can get even worse or things might start to look better. We won’t know until we get closer to April 5th but ask yourself in the end What should WWE do?

Saturday Sequel Presents Candyman 2 Farewell To The Flesh

By Paul Anthony

Sorry for the delay for this week edition but this week we are reviewing Candyman 2: Farewell To The Flesh which stars Tony Todd as Candyman! Now Let’s talk about how we got to this film before I talk about the film. As a kid I use to be so afraid of the first one and that says a lot because I love horror films but it was something about Candyman that just truly scared me. Now here we are the film came out in 1992 and had a small budget so really not matter what it could make a profit and it sure did because it made 25 million which as famous as the movie is now you would think it made so much more money but it became a cult classic after its run. Now we all knew a sequel would come and so we did three years later and honestly what were they thinking?

Let’s talk about this film because they decided to change certain things about the Candyman. This felt like a reboot and I have no clue why they did that. Here the story takes place in New Orleans which involves the family members of Candyman, which are his great-great-great grandchildren, who are white try to solve the family history that they never knew they were connected to, after their father was killed which we assumed was by Candyman, after they learn that they are he’s family Annie sets out to stop him for good but learning that a source of his power which she learns that it is vanity mirror that is lodge in the wall of the slave house that is on their property. Needless to say Candyman shows up to stop her but in the end she breaks the mirror killing Candyman for good.

The story was good but the problem is they decided to alter the story of Candyman. In The first film he was always a free man and a painter but his interracial relationship with his wealthy lover caused him to get his hand cut off and stung to death in the Chicago area and his body was burned and his ashes were spread through that part of the town. This film however made it clear it he was born a slave  in New Orleans and he was buried in New Orleans instead of being burned in Chicago. Sure the first film did leave gaps to the story but he haunts Chicago because that is where he was killed at.

If the film would have stayed with the first film it would have been better. The film could use the gaps from the first film to tell the whole story and not change the key elements would have help its caused. Now in the end I would give this film a passing grade I would say C for a grade. The film was average at best that they hope the things that they changed they would have gotten away with but the problem is the fans of the franchise caught these changes.

Box office Rundown 3/2/2020

By Paul Anthony

Here we are beginning the slow period of the movie season. Movies in March are hardly promoted and half time we don’t know even know what is coming out. This good news for a studio like BlumHouse that took a beating the last few months with some of their releases to redeem themselves. This past weekend we saw the release of the reboot of The Invisible Man which added a twist to the franchise. Good news is that it came in as number 1 with 29 million just from the domestic box office and looking at next week there should be no real reason why this film doesn’t come in at number 1 or 2. This week’s winners have to be The Invisible Man, My Hero Academia: Hero Rising and Impractical Joker: The movie both were wide releases but just at 1300 theaters and they were able to remain in the top ten. We don’t have winners without losers and we have two losers for this week both fell 4 spots each and by next week they should be out of the top ten all together and those losers are Brahms: The Boy 2 and Fantasy Island.

  1. The Invisible Man, 29 million
  2.  Sonic The Hedgehog, 16 million
  3.  The Call of the Wild, 13.205 million
  4. My Hero Academia: Hero Rising, 5.109 million
  5.  Bad Boys for life, 4.3 million
  6.  Birds of Prey, 4.100 million
  7.  Impractical Jokers: The Movie, 3.545 million
  8.  1917, 2.670 million
  9.  Brahms: The Boy 2, 2.622 million
  10.  Fantasy Island, 2.330 million

Now Here are the predictions for the following week!

  1. The Invisible Man
  2. Onward
  3.  Sonic The Hedgehog
  4.  Emma
  5.  The Call of the Wild
  6.  Impractical Jokers: The Movie
  7.  Birds of Prey
  8.  Bad Boys for Life
  9. 1917
  10.  The Way Back