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Bye Netflix

By Paul Anthony

Who doesn’t have Netflix these days, right? I know I love Netflix, their online content may be small compared to their DVD collection, now many have noticed that there are more Disney owned films showed up on Netflix. I remember when I saw Captain America: Civil War on there, little did I know, 2016 was the first year Disney and Netflix began an awesome partnership. However, we all know that all good things must end and sure enough this partnership might be ending as fast as it begun because last week Disney dropped a Bombshell and they announced they are pulling their films at the end of 2019.

When they announced that which was only the beginning, they announced from that point on that they would have their own streaming service, of course it comes with a monthly fee just like Netflix has. Now at this point we are to believe it’s just their movies but then it was reported that Netflix was trying to keep the Disney owned shows, now at this point we don’t know what will happen to the marvel Netflix shows, I assume those are safe since Netflix help co-produce them and has been a big hit for both parties.

If the shows go to this will be a big blow to Netflix, if you just think about all that Disney owns, the classic movies, the new movies, the hits from Pixar and Marvel and even Star Wars are just few things Disney owns and makes billions from. This could be the start of more film studios doing the same and that would pretty doom Netflix the same way they doomed video stores.

If Netflix manages to keeps Disney owned shows, the hit wouldn’t be such a death blow, for now that is. This partnership was short lived one, total of three years to be an exact.

I doubt there is anything Netflix can say or to do to bargain with Disney because they hold all the chips, they know that with starting their streaming service people will buy into and that is a fact, Netflix has nothing to change Disney’s mind about doing this.

We still have a few more years left to see all our favorite movies and T.V shows. Pricing has yet to be determined but my best guess is it will be around 9.99 for the basic package and more for the better plans, so for now enjoy your Disney stuff that is on Netflix.


Star Wars Movie Debate

By Paul Anthony

Last week Disney announced a new Star Wars film and much to my disappointment it wasn’t the film I was expecting. They announced Obi-Wan Kenobi story, yes let’s watch a movie about a jedi whose greatest battle and victory came when he defeated a young Darth Vader and basically put him in his black suit that he is now famous for.

Now it may seem like I am hating on this famous character but the truth is I am not, I adore the character but the truth is the character’s story ends basically after his battle with Darth Vader and he basically does nothing until the events of New Hope takes place, so why give him a full movie? I was asking myself that question and sure he’s a popular character but there are more popular characters that have better stories to tell, just look no further then Darth Vader himself.

Vader, not Anakin story begins with the lost to Obi-Wan, a good movie would be seeing how he had to learn to rebuild himself and he’s fighting and lightsaber styles and his missions that he was sent on. I do believe we will get this film or films one day, but instead they announced this film.

I can deal with a Han Solo film because we know there are stories to and adventures to go on, we know Han wasn’t a kid in New Hope. Obi-Wan a different case though, he’s adventures basically end once Luke is born.

I am sure they will give him something to do before the film comes out, to justify this film. If the story makes sense, no doubt I will support it, after all I am a big fan of Star Wars, I Just believe a Darth Vader film should come first.

The best part of Rogue One was the scenes where Darth Vader was in them. From him in his healing tank which is where he was at his weakest to him killing those rebels and showing us why people feared him.

We know the rumors are there about there being a Boba Fett film and even a Yoda film. I am okay with a Yoda movie but not a Boba fett film, he had what like twenty minutes of total screen time in all the films. I get it we all want spin-offs but the truth is not every character needs or deserves one, this does go for Obi-Wan.

I know this won’t change Disney’s mind, they are going to keep making films with all the properties they own. At this point we really don’t know much about this film except that it is coming, this film could be years away, we will just have to wait and see.

Hayes gets the ax!

By Paul Anthony

CBS seems to have hit after hit when it comes to their T.V. shows and this past year they once again had a hit show in Kevin Can Wait which stars Kevin James as Kevin Gable, who after twenty years on the police force retires to see his family more. Now his wife which Erinn Hayes plays as Donna Gable, the show a hit but as crazy as it sounds Hayes will no longer be a part of the show when it returns in the fall for their second full season, and it has nothing to do with Hayes wanting to leave but more with Kevin former T.V. wife from King of Queens Leah Remini who played Carrie.

During the two-part season finale, Remini guest starred as Kevin former partner of sorts the audience loved the magic that they brought, revealing after so many years, they still had chemistry on screen. Sure, we loved the reunion and so did the studio executives, in fact they loved it so much that they decided for season two, that she would become a full-time cast member, sweet, right? Sure, but it came with a cost, a cost that doesn’t make sense. For Remini to become full-time, Erinn Hayes must go.

Hayes character will be killed off, which will happen off screen during the season breaks, which means she doesn’t even get a farewell episode, nope she is gone. Now we don’t know if Kevin falls in love with Remini character or anything like that. At this point, all we really know is that she is a full-time cast member. When I heard the news, I had to wonder how much screen time is Remini really getting to the point where someone else had to leave? Not to mention this a big Gamble on CBS part to jump the gun so fast.

They did this without thinking about a few things, for starters, how will the audience react? Sure, they loved it but they also waited many years to see this happen and it finally did, but what worked many years ago may not work again. I am curious to see the ratings after many of realize we are just now watching The King of Queens all over again.

As I mention before, this makes no sense, great you have her but did you really need to cut ties with Erinn Hayes to do so? The show returns in late September, from that point we will see what they plan on doing with these characters.


Bartman, gets his ring!

By Paul Anthony

On October 14th,2003 an event occurred that changed the lives of so many people, sure this wasn’t a world changing event but it was an event nonetheless, I am talking about the Steve Bartman foul ball incident. Now in case you don’t know the story or even forgot I’ll remind you. The Chicago Cubs were playing against the Florida Marlins in game six of the National League championship series, the Cubs had a 3-2 series advantage and were leading in the game 3-0, Luis Castillo of the Marlins hit a foul ball which appeared to be a catch able ball for Moises Alou who was running towards it on the third base side of the field, the ball from replay appeared to be slightly in crowd, some fans moved realizing this ball could be caught, others though still went for it and of those fans the made contact with one hand, the hand of Steve Bartman, whose hand slightly disrupted the ball path and ruining Alou chance at catching it, Bartman did what any fan would do in that moment, no doubt it was a simply mistake. Bartman was a lifelong Cub fan and to this day he still is.

The Cubs would have had a second out in that inning but after that, the floodgates open and would give up 8 runs and lose the game 8-3. The loss forced a game seven which they lost also and Marlins would end up heading to the World Series and winning it.

Bartman, was safe for a short time since there were no jumbotrons at Wrigley field at the time no one knew what exactly happen, but Fox couldn’t let it go, which many people at home saw and began calling their friends and family at the game, the word spread quickly and people began to point at him and throwing stuff at him and chanting at him forcing security to get him out of there for his own safety, at one point the threats were so bad many thought he would go into witness protection because of this.

Bartman will disappear from the public turning down endorsements and everything that would have made him a very rich guy, but his love and loyalty and heart break for what happen, he didn’t take a single dime. The funny thing is Alou would later come out and say he didn’t thing he could catch that ball though he would later say he doesn’t remember saying that.

As we know the Cubs would win it all in 2016, with fans even trying to get Bartman to throw the first pitch in one of those games. But in good spirit the Cubs did something special, they gave him his own championship ring to show good faith and settle this for good. Though Bartman didn’t he was worthy of it he felt honored to receive it and it will be something he will cherish forever. Maybe one day Bartman will return to Wrigley but we will just have to wait and see.

I am glad this is over to be honest, I thought the fans blew this out of the water, to want to cause harm to someone because of a game is just down right sad, but I am glad they are over it.


Juice is Loose

By Paul Anthony

Juice is on the loose! Well at least come October, the man we all know by his initials, one of the greatest running backs ever to play in the NFL a Hall of famer however his life outside of football is so far from different from his football life. Many may know him has Orenthal James Simpson, the man that ran or in this case drove to get away from police and got away with a possible double Murder and never served a day in prison for those crimes, O.J. however couldn’t stay clean and nine years ago in 2008 he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping, he was sentenced to do 30 years with a 9 year minimum without Parole, well those 9 years has passed and he was granted an early release, he is scheduled to get out at some point in October.

During his football career, he seemed to be the prefect citizen who went about his business but something just happened to change with his life when he stepped away from football, pretty much since his 1994 murder case where many people were shocked that he wasn’t convicted, he been committing crimes at an alarming rate for someone who has no record. We can debate if he did or didn’t murder those people however in 1999 the state of California claimed he owes them 1.44 million in back taxes. In 2001, he was arrested for simple Battery and burglary, if he was convicted he could have faced 16 years in prison however once again he was acquitted.

Just a few months later after he was acquitted, the F.B.I searched his house on the suspicion of ecstasy and money laundering, they received a tip that Simpson was involved in some major Drug Trafficking. However, they found nothing that could prove that. In 2002, he was arrested for water speeding when he was going through a manatee protected zone. Then we get to the Vegas Robbery that finally made Simpson serve prison time.

It was reported that while in prison Simpson was a good prisoner which why they granted him an early release. Is he truly reformed or is it because he’s just too old now at 70 years old of course, there is no age range on committing anytime of crime, but could he have been reformed? Many will probably say no considering he should have been in prison years ago and never should have seen freedom again. So here we are, the juice is free but the better question is can Juice stay out of trouble? Please tell me what you think!

The Dangers of a Stuntman

By Paul Anthony

When you watch a movie, I am sure you enjoy scenes of action, but we all know for the most part the actors and actresses don’t do scenes that will cause harm so they have stuntmen and women do the scenes for them. Sadly, this is a dangerous job and many don’t realize that but sadly what happen last week proves how dangerous this job can be.

Last week a Walking Dead Stuntman died from his injuries when he fell thirty feet onto concrete when he was rehearsing fight scene, he was pronounced brain dead at the hospital and later in the week he was taken off life support and from there the rest is history.

John Bernecker has more than ninety stunts credited to him since 2009 and some of his stunts have come from hit movies like Logan and The Fate of the Furious and upcoming The Black Panther.

This is first death since 2000 in that field, even though its first death since then, that doesn’t change how dangerous the job really is. Many have said it is a lot safer now then it was twenty years ago nonetheless the goal should be zero deaths. The previous death came in 2000 when stuntman Brady Michaels was killed when he was doing a stunt for I Dare You, he fell and hit his head on a rock. Four years before that Paul Dallas also died from a head injury when he fell 57 feet and landed on an airbag that was supposed to catch his fall and it did not. Three years before that Sonja Davis was killed in a high fall during the film Vampire in Brooklyn. These were just a few deaths in the past thirty years. There were three deaths in a 15-year span from 1975 to 1990.

It’s a tough job no matter how safe they can make it. Head Injuries seem to be the main cause of the death in these stunts gone wrong, it’s just a sad reality. Sure, this was a first in 17 years but there always risk for something like these to happen. Equipment that they depend on can and will malfunction, they may not get a lot of recognition for the stunts they do until it’s too late. I don’t see much changing after this, I can’t blame them either because no many how safe you think it is, it only takes one mistake for a death to happen.

To the Family of John Bernecker our prayers go out to you and we are sorry for your loss.

Did you know: Bollywood edition

By Paul Anthony

I always thought about Bollywood, I have heard things about it but knew very little about. In fact, the only thing I knew about it was basically it was the Hollywood of India. Now I must admit I don’t know much about the culture of India but outright saying Bollywood doesn’t sound like it fits in, doesn’t it? So, I decided to take the time to look in to Bollywood. Now this blog might sound different than our previous blogs but either way I hope you enjoy learning something new. Or who knows you may know more about Bollywood than I do.

First let’s start with the name Bollywood, did you know that it’s not actually called that. In fact, Bollywood is nothing more than a Nickname that mostly used outside of India. When we say it, we believe it to be all of India cinema but the truth is that it is only a part of much larger cinema they have. So, what is it called then? Well the real name is Hindi Cinema and it is in the city Mumbai which was formally known as Bombay. Bollywood counts as 43 percent of the box office revenue in Indian Cinema beating the film producers by 7 percent. Bollywood also sold 3.5 billion tickets worldwide in 2011 beating Hollywood by 900,000 tickets. When it comes to the number of films in Indian Cinema Bollywood produced 252 films out of 1969 films. Bollywood got its name in the 1970s when it over took America as being the world largest film producer. Not everyone enjoys the name Bollywood many believe it makes Hindi Cinema a poor cousin to Hollywood.

Did you know that most of Bollywood films are musicals with different plots. However, most plots are Melodrama, which typically sensational and designed to appeal strongly to emotions. The earliest known films that happen in India dates back all the way to 1913 with silent films.

Bollywood has had its influence even on us, if you haven’t notice in the past decade there have been a resurgence in the musical genre and those films have been successful, these ideas all came from Bollywood. Like we have here there are families of actors and actresses that considered to be legends and carrying the load so Bollywood can shine as bright as it. They have some actors and actresses that are considered some of the best worldwide!

How cool is this information? To know there are tons of other great films out there that need to be watched, sure they may need subtitles but who cares a little reading won’t hurt. Heck I wouldn’t mind getting chance to watch a few films myself. I would encourage you to find a few films from Bollywood and let us know what you think of them.

A Great Loss

By Paul Anthony

Last week Joan Boocock passed away from a stroke. Now many of us probably never heard of her in our lives and that doesn’t mean anything, so don’t feel bad but the truth is you probably saw her at many red-carpet premieres when Marvel releases a film. If you’re wondering why then wonder no longer because she was Stan Lee wife of get this 70 years. That’s something to be proud of, many of us would love for our marriages to last that long. Now she may never have been as famous as her husband but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a strong impact on the stuff we love and enjoy.

Stan Lee basically the godfather of comics and Marvel true hero, had it not been for him, Marvel may not have survived at all and grow into an empire. There was a moment where This nightmare could have happened. At one point Lee fell into a depression and was deciding to leave the business but Joan stepped in and gave him great advice. “Why don’t you write one comic you’d be proud of” The quote would sink in and sure enough it worked. Lee wrote a comic he would be proud of. That comic book would be called The Fantastic Four and the rest they say is history.

I always believed that behind every great man is a great woman, Lee a legend but it was thanks to his wife. Boocock had a career of her own, during her prime she was hat model, when she married Lee she went on to have two kids with Lee however one passed away few days after birth, I can’t imagine the pain that they had to go through but the good news was that they went through it together and not alone.

Boocock did more, she ended up getting her book published and her daughter revealed that she had a few novels unpublished but they are completed, she also did some voice acting for a few marvel cartoons, which was fitting since she was basically a queen in Marvel. Now sadly she passed away from a stroke on July, 6th.

Now I wanted to this blog after I saw how both Marvel and DC came together and mourn the loss of Joan Boocock and hoped Stan Lee the best. Which shows you how respected Stan Lee in the comic book world. I know he might be feeling lost after all he lost one of the most important people in life. Here at Smash Writing we wish your family nothing but the best and we are sorry for your loss.

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

By Paul Anthony

When Sony and Marvel worked out a deal to have Spider-Man in the MCU, we all knew we would get a Spider-Man that we wanted, sure enough Marvel came through. Which means Marvel and Sony going to make a large profit with this deal they made, first let’s start with the story overall.

We finally get see spider-man learning on the job of sorts, being a kid and trying to save the day, Sony try this in the past, with Andrew Garfield, but they decided to cast an older man to play a boy role and that isn’t a knock towards Andrew but more towards Sony, so they couldn’t really keep peter in high school for long. But to have a teen playing the role is brilliant.

Peter is now his right age meaning he’s going to save the day but only as a kid would, we can see peter start to grow but at the end he is still a kid and mistakes happen. Iron Man in as we all know but he doesn’t steal show but serves as mentor, Downey shines as Tony in the scenes that he is in but let’s Tom Holland steals the entire show. Finally seeing a new villain in the vulture with a back story, which we saw in Civil War, they were good guys but the Avenger’s actions made them turn to the other side.

Overall casting gets great reviews also, some names were changed but honestly its nothing major to make you hate that they changed it. In Marvel, we trust so no worries there. The comedy wasn’t force the kid humor there but since they are truly kids it felt natural not like in the Amazing Spider-Man.

The writing, the action and comedy are all there, not bad at all and the best part is even though it’s a first film in the series it wasn’t an origin story, we know Uncle Ben dies and Peter could have saved him, in one way or another, Marvel doesn’t speak of Uncle Ben this around or even how he died, Peter does mention that Aunt May has been through a lot, which is their way of acknowledging he’s passing.

I mention villains early on with the vulture but he wasn’t the only villain, Marvel did a great job with putting in more villains without stuffing them in like Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did, we meet two versions of the Shocker and see the Scorpion make a few appearances, the plot doesn’t have anything to do with them so it makes sense that they around much, it seems like Marvel saw Sony’s mistakes and taught them how to correct them.

At the end of the day, this is the Spider-Man film we needed. Marvel needed to make sure this film would click because the pressure was on them since Sony without saying it, had no idea how to reboot the series again.

This was a must-see film and fun for all ages to see it. In the end, I am giving it 4.7 stars out of five. If you need a movie to see, then see this one!

When it’s truly time

By Paul Anthony

When does one retire from a film role? This year we had Hugh Jackman star in the last film as Wolverine when Logan was released back in March. He made the role iconic and play that character for 17 years and several films, but as one actor retired from a Marvel character we must wonder when will the next one retire from his role. That actor is none other than Robert Downey Jr. Who was cast as Iron Man back into 2008 and quickly became the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but we all know the time is coming to hang up the suit.

Downey was recently asked this question and he’s answered was a cryptic, his responds was when it becomes embarrassing. Now this answer doesn’t say much but it does say that he wants to go out on top. Something Jackman also did. However, we do know things will be different after the fourth avengers because Marvel will be starting with a clean slate for their next phase, so this should give us an idea that Tony Stark won’t be around after that. In so many words it looks like 2020 is when Downey going to retired from playing the character.

Iron Man 4 won’t be his swan song. I know many fans keep wanting a fourth film, but Marvel has yet to do a part four in a solo film series meaning don’t hold your breath waiting, he’s swan song will most likely will be Avengers 4. Now if 2020 is the year he retires from Iron Man than he will have played the character for 12 years which would put in second to only Jackman with playing one character.

Can it be sooner? Honestly no and here is why, they are already filming their scenes for Avengers 3 and that film isn’t set to be released 2018. I doubt they will kill the face of the franchise early in what will be an epic war, so yes, I see him in the fourth film with a big role.

I know the MCU will look different without him in it. NO doubt he truly became the face of the franchise and carried it on his back, they gave him a chance to redeem his career and he kept loyal to them and agreed to extend his contract film after film. Disney loved this loyalty and they rewarded him big time. He currently makes around 75 million for each film he is in and that’s no cameos.