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Friday the 13th part 2 (1981) Review

By Paul Anthony

In this blog, we are starting something new for Saturdays. This blog series is called Sequel Saturday, where we review a sequel that we haven’t reviewed yet, but the catch is the movie can only be a sequel. In other words no remakes or reboots, so without waiting any longer let’s get started.

In our other series Classic 13 Justin started the series off with none other then Friday the 13th which came out on May 9th 1980, kind of funny they didn’t find an actually Friday the 13th to release the film now obviously the movie was a hit, even more  to think the movie was made from a half  of million and grossed nearly 60 million dollars, so it was only normal to expect a sequel.

Part 2 came out only 11 months later on April 30th 1981 and on a budget of 1.2 million and grossed 21.7 million dollars.  Though it made money it made far less then the previous film. One of the reasons behind this could be Slasher fatigue, better films around the release date and let’s not mention the previous film was only 11 months ago, in such a short time can hurt the film’s gross.

Part two was on par with the first film in my eyes at least, the only difference was the killer, in the first film it was his mother, however in this film it was in fact Jason who we were to believe to be dead in 1958 in which case we learn that wasn’t true. Changing the back story wasn’t a good idea this early in the series, it was clear that they did this as they went, it would be a trend that they would continue to do throughout the series. The film begins with a recap and we learn it was only two months ago and Alice the survivor was trying to recover mentally from the events, she becomes Jason first kill ever, ending her story and pretty much the only female character to go from one film to the next. The film then skips 5 years and and we meet Ginny who the film focuses on. Paul who is her apparent boyfriend is a lead counselor and training a group of older teens. There the killings begin one by one until it becomes just Ginny and Paul where they fight off Jason for good at least that we are left to believe until Jason grabs Ginny through the window, Though she wakes up and is being put in an ambulance.

Now two things that stood out to me from this film, one Ginny explain the loop hole with Jason being alive and growing up and it actually made sense and the second thing was Killing of Alice, I felt like there could have been more of a story there but to end it right there just ruined a story. In the end I do have to give this film a B minus, it wasn’t the best slasher sequel but it wasn’t the worse either.




By Paul Anthony

With it being football season, I can’t find a better story to give you a quick run down on this week, other than good old Mr. Big Chest or Antonio Brown if you don’t want to call him by that stupid nickname. Now Just last Saturday Brown was released by the Raiders after they had enough of his games and guess who signed him shortly after that, The defending Champs The New England Patriots, who were very happy to signed and a story came out that they were always interested in him but Pittsburgh would never want to give Brown to the Pats, Makes you wonder if Brown played a scary game to get to the Pats, but just when you thought it was over now a former trainer is accusing Brown of rapping her three times from 2017 to 2018 with the investigation started I am sure there will be even more details on Brown in the near future.

Seems like only yesterday we got the news that Kevin Hart was in a bad accident and then more details came out regarding how bad the situation was, we know Hart had back Surgery, often when we hear that term we think the worse like will he walk again or is his action comedy career is over. However there is some good news and that is just ten days after his accident he is out of the hospital and now in a rehab center where his long road to recovery begins as of right now he looks like he will make a full recovery in time but now his career is put on hold until then.

Now many of you guys don’t know this but I love game shows and of course one of my favorites is Jeopardy and given that it has been on the air for so long I am guessing you like is as well. Early in the air we learned that Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, he joked that he had to beat it because he is still under contract for Jeopardy. Back in May he gave an update and said he was doing very well and now he just finished his chemo treatment just in time for new episodes. Now Trebek hopes to beat the odd of only three percent living beyond five years of being Diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, good luck Alex Trebek!

In our last big story of the week comes just last night, and that is a deal that locks J.J Abrams company Bad Robot in a 500 million dollar contract that starts now and ends in 2024. That’s right WarnerMedia locked up Bad Robot. In which Bad Robot will create content like T.V. shows and movies and games, the genres will range from dramas to comedies and some will even be on HBO Max.

There you have some stories for the week!

Just Stop it!

By Paul Anthony

Okay let’s just stop the rumors right now, should there be a It chapter three and that answer should be be a no, makes no sense right now because there is no material for prequel or sequel. Pennywise the dancing clown was clearly defeated and died. Please explain to me why there needs to be a third film? If you want to explore the orgins of Pennywise would be the best idea but Stephen King doesn’t think because if he did he would have written it by now since after all the book came out in 1986, he would have had time by now to do so.

Now we know from this film it is clear that Pennywise is an ancient Cosmic force that awakens every 27 years and basically eat children. now I don’t get point of explaining anymore about where he came from? You want to know more well here he came from a planet outside of our solar system, boom there you go the prequel is made. Now there are something that could have been explain in the film like, was Pennywise ever was a real human like we saw in those pictures of him or was that just mind control, who knows but do I really want to know?

Truth is I don’t want to know anymore about Pennywise because here is the thing with King’s novels the mystery is part of the magic for his story. Keeping this movie as a horror film with talking about aliens basically would kill the whole vibe of the film. I love King’s novels I really do, he is master of horror for the pages. He uses very little sci-Fi to give the story a little kick. Why would we want to ruin that?

Okay so I broke down the pointless prequel but what a about a sequel. I say no to that as well because we know the loser club found the ritual to kill him for good not just stab him, which he really only went away to rest, they got lucky. Basically anything after this would just be a repeat of the story which would just kill the story and film after that. Sure it would make a little money and probably keep the studio happy  for awhile but it would kill the legacy of this small franchise.

Rumors do often start when the film does well at the box office, because it most cases it does make sense to do another film but once the story is over do we really need another film and the answer is no. It Chapter 2 is killing the box office, it has already made nearly 200 million before its second weekend. There is where the rumors start, a franchise can be a strong one for years to come with only two films if it is done right and trust me this film was done right. In the end a third film would ruin what these two films did. I say hey let it rest for another twenty years and just reboot it and that is the only way I would be okay with a third film until then don’t worry about it just enjoy it!

Dave Chapelle: Sticks and Stones Review

By Paul Anthony

I have to admit one of my favorite comedians of all time is Dave Chapelle, so this is almost not even like work for me to review one of his stand up shows. Dave’s most recent one on Netflix was called Stick and Stones. Before this show I did watch the previous stand up shows on Netflix and I loved them, so I was expecting this one to live up to the other ones and I sadly have to say I don’t think it did. Now when I watch his materials I legit can’t stop laughing. Sadly This was not the case.

When I say it didn’t live up to his previous material, I am not saying it in a bad way. The problem is when you are so good, you set the bar so high and some times it is so hard to live up to that. I don’t think he lost a step no nothing like that I just think he didn’t have his best material. His stories were funny but he is a mastermind at the punch lines, which I can compare them to the finishing of a fireworks show. You wait for the ending and it makes it all worth it, problem is his final parts of his jokes just fell flat. I caught myself laughing at the story more then the punchline. So when the punchlines came that’s when I stopped laughing and started to get bored by it.

I know this was only an hour five minute show which isn’t much but seems to be the average length of time. Now I am not a comedian so I don’t know how hard it is to write material for an hour and it honestly seems like he just didn’t have enough material and pausing longer then normal. The jokes were even interrupted by someone getting a phone call which was funny and Dave was quick to make a joke about it. Which was funny.

Now I have to rate this show right around 2.5 stars which I think is low for him. Now I know this was his third show and I get that it is tough but he is better then this. I don’t know how many Netflix shows he has left to do but I have to assume he will rebound from this and have better material for the next show.

The Colts ran out of Luck

By Paul Anthony

Can you imagine being 29 years old and saying you know what I should retire? Heck here I am at that age working two jobs. Here we are just under a week when the Colts star Quarterback decided it was time to hang up his helmet up for good and walk away from playing football in the NFL. He played only 6 seasons and walking away from I don’t know hundreds of millions of dollars. Now don’t get it twisted he still made a lot of money, even hit the area of 126 plus million dollars in his brief career, clearly its enough money to sit back and take an early retirement.

Andrew Luck was a super star before he was even a pro and many teams wanted him and it was clear that he was going to be drafted number 1. Many of the fans of the NFL teams wanted their teams to lose as many games to get that number 1 slot to get Luck, it was dubbed Suck for Luck. The Colts became the winners after they finished a 2-14 record and the rest was history. Early in his career he showed why he went number 1 and he racked up the stat and help the Colts back into the playoffs. Not only did he do that but he did that for the first 3 years of his career and then again in 2018. Basically out of the 6 years he played, he took the Colts to the playoffs 4 out 6 seasons.

Here we are he has the wins, the Pro bowls which he is a 4x Pro Bowler, Comeback player of the year for 2018. Led the League in touchdowns in 2014. Yet no Super Bowl for all of this. No doubt he would have become a champion sooner or later, so why retire? Well that is easy enough to answer.

Truth is Andrew Luck because of his style and his offensive line suffered a lot of injuries, including a shoulder injury that had kept him out for the entire 2017 season but that wasn’t the only injury, he had many more a sprained shoulder, lacerated kidney, partially torn abdominal muscle, torn cartilage in his ribs, a concussion. All in his first six playing years. It made sense for him to retire from the game, he has the money and the stats, maybe not the championships but he gets to walk away from the game before it is too late because in the end he is a human who will be a father soon enough.

When the news leaked the fans at the game started to boo which I assumed was at him and if it was then they are truly sick. The Man owned the fans nothing since this just a game in which he shined for them. Still I wonder if they were booing at the idea of him retiring rather then at him, It’s still very hard to tell at this point. In the aftermath fans pretty much were begging for a refund for their season tickets, which to me if you pay to see one player with their being no guarantees that they will play regardless then that is your own fault. Luck now can  walk off into the sunset with his family, something that we all deserve to do in the end of careers. Good luck to you Andrew Luck.

Why Cancel The Hunt?

By Paul Anthony

When did we grow into a society that will blame stories for other people’s action? We recently found out the movie which is called The Hunt was not going to be released at least at the moment because of the recent mass shootings we had. Now I get it people can be sick and get ideas from movies. Now Some may never had heard of the movie before so the best description of the movie is this. Following a group of Elites who hunt the deplorable. Now I get we can have people so called hunting people without guns.

We are also stuck in the great gun debate and I am not here to get into that type of stuff. But why should a movie be canceled because of the shootings? There have been shootings before and there will be shootings after as well. There has also been debates about video games as well. Stop pointing the finger at fictional work because the people who commit these horrible acts are just that horrible people who just want to cause problems in the word. Seriously what is canceling the movie going to do? Okay you want to say it causes the victims trauma and what not, okay that is fine but guess what those people don’t have to go see it and it’s that simple.

If we cancel one movie then I guess we have to cancel every movie out there. Oh no here comes a romantic movie so now all the depress women out there who don’t get that fairly tale love story and will throw a fit? Or how about this a comedy comes out and the jokes offend someone let’s cancel the comedies as well. Look I am not making a joke about this situation but movies are apart of our normal lives and canceling them is just a sign of weakness. I could be going on and on about canceling a movie that may not be even good  but that’s not the point.

Now if this movie truly stays canceled then so be it because to make this movie the budget was very small which was only around 15 million. Universal won’t take a big lost.

In the end what do we do from this point? I may not have an answer to that question well it’s an answer that I am sure people won’t like it. The mass shootings are and will always be horrible and it’s something we never forget but canceling stuff that has nothing to do with the shootings are just not the answer in my eyes, I am sure people will disagree and that’s their right to do so. There are rumors this film could still be released but in a limited factor rather then a wide one, so maybe one day we can see what all the commotion was.

Brown Drama again

By Paul Anthony

Okay okay you want to talk about being a broken record, looks like we are going to talk about Antonio Brown yet again. It is sad we have cover this jerk again because I’ll be honest when the Steelers traded Brown away I thought that would help everyone and we could all move on but moving on is just too hard for some people and Brown happens to be one of them. Usually when people get traded, they realize it would be a fresh start and will correct the past by doing right, something they couldn’t do with their previous team but once again we are talking about Brown here who is now the biggest Diva in all of football.

Let’s start when him showing up to camp in a hot air balloon, which was pretty cool I have to give him that, it was different. Here in Pittsburgh it is a tradition to arrive in training camp in besides something like a boring car, so this was alright in my eyes, but the next few things is just a total joke to me. Let’s start with the first thing and that was Brown sitting out of camp with a foot injury. Now a football player’s feet are no doubt important but then we learn he gotten a bad frost bite because of how stupid he is and yes it was his own mistake. Don’t get me wrong when he posted pictures, I have to admit it was pretty nasty. Okay moving on to the season right? No Brown can’t fade from the drama just yet. The NFL gotten new helmets for their players and Brown doesn’t like his and felt that he can’t play football in the new helmets.

So in Brown fashion he has to boo woo and make a scene regarding the situation. He went as far as saying he won’t play another game in the NFL and will retire from football. Mind You the Oakland Raiders just spent a lot of money on him to play for them. For a moment the NFL stood up to Brown and said he has to wear the helmet but then that quickly changed and said he could wear an old helmet but it has to be made after 2010. Once again I lost respect for the NFL for catering to Brown but then Jon Gruden had to speak up and lie about how the team is supporting Brown and making up some crap on how Brown is passionate about this. Now I get it Jon is just a puppet but he truly looks like a big baby with supporting Brown. In the end I believe we will have more blogs on Brown, the Raiders aren’t a good team and Brown only wants his stats to look good so this will be fun to see, well it will also being annoying though because sooner or later he needs to be stopped but I fear it won’t stop until this guy retires oh the joy!

The Rock and DeadPool?

By Paul Anthony

The Rock has become a staple in the action world and comedy world of acting, and let’s be honest he has become very good at it. That is even more clear in the last few years but we have to ask ourselves when will the Rock join the MCU and who could he play? This topic hit the fan when Ryan Reynolds made a cameo in the Hobbs and Shaw movie. Which to be honest will spawned another film which Reynolds could have an extended role and that got the co creator of Deadpool wanting the Rock as a hero in the next Deadpool film.

Now we know there will be a Deadpool three, what we don’t know is when that film is coming but having the Rock in it would no doubt send the possible series final into new heights with showing the bad ass in THE Rock, we would no doubt laugh our ass off with this film. But who would the Rock play? What about Garrison Kane. Now Kane was suppose to be in the first but due to budget concerns with the CGI that is required, they cut him from the script. We know now that Deadpool has grew in budget and if Disney see’s the value in adding The Rock plus the money for the CGI, they will make it happen.

I for one would love to see the Rock in an MCU movie, I know he is suppose to be playing Black Adam in the DCEU but we don’t know when that will happen. Not to mention he can handle the work load of doing two movies if the filming schedule were at the same time. Will this actually happen though? I don’t know to be honest adding the Rock would no doubt be one of the biggest moves to the MCU since well adding Robert Downey Jr though that came in time.

Still this could be years away with the fact that an X-Force movie is being planned first at least that was before Disney bought fox century. Fox’s planned was to do a X-Force movie then Ryan would take a break from being Deadpool before he jumped back into the role for the third solo film. So in theory Kane could show up in the X-force movie since he was apart of the group at one point.

I know this could never happen but it is something to get excited for well we wait. Because as I stated there is nothing actually planned right now for DeadPool. I have ask you would you be excited for the Rock to show up In Deadpool?

Mock Review: Hobbs and Shaw

This is the first time I am doing this, so this is going to be fun. In this blog I am going to give a mock review of the movie Fast and Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw. Now before I get started I have to explain why I am not seeing this film. For starters this film and the entire series is getting played out to me with over the top action and same old story with humor. If you were a fan of the first three films and even the fourth you saw how the franchise wanted to get bigger, which I get but I mean you had The Rock stopping a torpedo for crying out loud. Pretty much when Paul Walker died and they did that fair well scene in the end of Fast 7 I thought it should have ended instead greed took over and here we are.

I saw all of the trailers for this film and as I stated I had no interest in seeing this film. Now I can name a pro or two with this film. The Rock has been on fire on the action front and comedy front, he has proven to be a double threat in the acting front. This film is no different The Rock has proven he can make the most of any movie. Another pro with this film is Jason Statham also leads the way with action, Now I have yet to see a film in which has a good script so he can act but maybe one day. Let’s not for this film does have Idris Elba as the villain who wants to take over the world because he is Black SuperMan, there I wanted to stay away from the one line that was so stupid but it was hard. As I stated before, this franchise is known for its over the top action and this film continues that trend which does give it a slight pro.

Let’s talk about the cons with this film. One is that the fact it is a spin off in a franchise where the good guys goes up against someone whose taking over the world, Now we have a guy who is as powerful Superman trying to take over the world, it makes you think with a spin off the story should have been much smaller then taking over the world. That’s another con, taking over the world, this plot is something they are using just way too much, you have to move on and with that being said you can almost guess that the story going to be a weak one. Next having the Rock’s real life cousin in this film playing a family member. I just the Rock pulling more strings and the film catering to The Rock’s fans, though not many people like Roman Reigns.

Now That we know this film is basically a recycle plot from the previous films with few slight changes. Now I know this film is going to make a lot of money even though it is a horrible one. With the star power it has and the name, it only makes sense that it will do good, the PG 13 rating will help with movies from July being the only real competition it has in August. Overall I’ll give this movie a D rating, I don’t see it being any higher.

Please Stop With Saw!

By Paul Anthony

Back in 2004 Saw came out and it was something new in an area of film that was just going down hill in that period, Horror films were becoming horrible even for a hardcore fan, so this was so new and here was a shocker it was good. Let’s be honest the music was awesome and so was the ending, in fact that song in the end is still in my head. The next two films wasn’t the same but wasn’t bad either and it finished up Jigsaw story and we learned what happened and why he did what he did. However things in Hollywood don’t end when the story ends but when the money stops. The films were often made on a small budget so the films always made money. After three the films just became trash and dragging any loose ends out. Then we had the 2017 Jigsaw which is the 8th film in the series and was suppose to be the end and when I saw it I truly felt like this was a waste but glade the series was over, then we got a shocker.

First was Chris Rock was going to reboot the film series just a few years after the last one. When this happen first thing I thought was really Chris Rock of all people he was going to reboot Saw. The News didn’t stop there, it then came out that he was going write and direct the film but then also star in the film along side Samuel L. Jackson. Was this a Joke? I said that out loud but it wasn’t a joke, it was real. As much as I want to say that is it the truth is there was more news regarding this film. One this film won’t be a reboot and will happen in the same canon as the previous eight films, it won’t be a direct sequel to Jigsaw which won’t be a bad thing. Second the current title for the film is The Organ Donor which does sound like a creepy title.

The film was going to be released in October 2020 which is the normal time for a saw movie but now they changed it to the point where the film is coming out in May of 2020. The changed was being reported that they didn’t want to go up against Halloween Kills. Putting it in May doesn’t help either because you got Black Widow, SpongeBob, Fast and Furious 9 in May as well, not to mention June films as well which includes CandyMan.

I’m not saying this is going to be a bad film, I just don’t see the point in a 9th film, when we were already sick of it. I guess this is how people of 80’s felt with Jason and Freddy. Now if this movie fails I do believe there won’t be a tenth film because the budget alone will go to the roof to pay Jackson and Rock. They will see they will take a lose with this film and put this series to sleep. Then again I could be wrong, we will see in 10 months.