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DC 1000 Review

By Justin Hopkins

Going to go ahead and warn you all that this is going to be a little more spoiler heavy then I tend to like to go. I’m going to try and keep it down the best I can but I’m probably going to go a little further. So if you haven’t read it yet or are planning on picking it up. Click back and come back after because this was such a good read and don’t want to blow anything for you.

With that out, wow was this good. Had a little reluctance with this book because how let down I was with Action Comics. The had an all star class of writers and artists to come in and worried about how much they would get to put together their vision, and they all really delived. Worst being just okay and going up to just emotional charged and just perfect and reason why they are amongst the best. Giving us stories worthy being in 1000.

Kicking us off with the talented Scott Snyder, in the Longest Case. Which was a fun little tale of Batman closing in on him solving a case that goes all the way back to the start. Going into every bit of a process and walks in and finds that it has all been a test, and that his reward is exactly what he longs for and that is more riddles. It was a good, fun way to kick things off and got the book going in the right direction.

The three stand outs were Warren Ellis, Brian Michael Bendis, and Kevin Smith. Geoff Johns was pretty close but these three were just so epic for only 8 to 10 pages a piece.

Warren Ellis was just haunting at showing how methodical he was at taking down this group of criminals. Positioning them exactly where he needed them to be and the final showdown between him and the suicide bomber and his speech over already being dead and haunting the living was awesome. Just adrenaline charged from start to finish.

Bendis was just fun all the way around. Showing and old man penguin squaring off with an old man in a wheelchair. Telling the story of how he discovered Bruce Wayane was Batman, and how he was so close to simply killing him but didn’t. Going back and forth between that and the old men. Turning out the wheelchair bound man is I’m fact Bruce. Penguin getting to the point where he was berating him about being smarter then him and gets zapped by a stun gun from his chair. Sitting forward and called him a coward and he always knew penguin knew and didn’t ever fear him trying to do anything. Which was just funny and great wit and good middle story.

But in my opinion, the best story was Kevin’s Smith. Not going what happened because you need to experience it yourself, but was not ready for a heartfelt story that really hit home. Really got to the heart of things and made you feel bad for Batman and really just hit hard. Classic example of what drives him, and Kevin Smith is just a genius for doing so much with a simple action. If you check this out for one reason; this is it.

The art work was beautiful and everyone really brought their best out. Each unique style blended together so well and as much as I liked the Bat family picture they took together I loved the photo made by Jason Fabox and Brad Anderson. Had the heroes on the left and the villains on the right with Catwoman smack in the middle with the pages having her split in two. Which is what sells this picture for me. Such a fun small detail which was smartly utilizes her walking the fine line between them.

My only real negative is Paul Dini and it hurts just writing that. I love Paul Dinis work so much but this was just bad. The twist was dumb and the jokes fell flat and the last panel was cringe worthy. Wasn’t a bad story the playful art style and did Ivy and Harley well but expected more.

All around I strongly suggest you go out and pick it up. For the historical value alone. It’s 80 years and 1000 issues and was such a gift to us all. Stories were great fun. Action packed and had plenty of heart felt moments we have come to expect from these masterful story tellers. Go out and pick it up and tell me what your favorite story is, or better yet, what cover did you get. I got the Frank Miller 80s Dark Knight and it looks sweet.

Thank you for reading.


Elimination Chamber results and reaction

By Justin Hopkins

I’m not going to lie. Wasn’t the most excited for this PPV as I was for the rumble. Until the week leading up to it there wasn’t much to be that excited for outside of the women’s tag team title match. Yeah the rivalaries were set and going, but didn’t have that much hype that the PPV deserved to have. In the last few minutes I decided to tune in and while everything went kind of as expected, what they got right, was not only special, but spectacular. Going to start things off with the regular matches and save the chamber matches for later.

Starting off with the second match of the evening with Shane McMahon and The Miz lose the Smackdown Tag Titles to The Usos, which was a pretty decent match in itself. All four getting a chance to shine at some interval of the match. Nothing really special about it, but kind of expected more of a clear turn from either Miz or Shane to set up the Mania match these two seemed destined for. All in all there isn’t much to say about it though, Negative or positive. A solid match following the first chamber.

While I’m glad to see them finally put a title on Finn Balor, the 2 on 1 handicap match was such a dud. They really would have been better off just keeping it a singles match between Balor and Lashley because the constant tag in and outs with Lio Rush got old fast and continuously slowed the flow of the match. While a single match would have told a better story and still could have lead to the same place of Lio costing him the title in an distraction gone wrong and Lashley crushing him afterward. Since I am excited to see the Incontinental Title going on Finn Balor, someone who can consistently put on top tier matches more frequently though, I am perfectly fine with the end results which is far more then I can say for the next two matches on this list.

Ruby Riott is the biggest loser in this whole fiasco of a segment. She is a good talent who could have put on a really good match with Rhonda. Sure no one believed she had a chance going in, but they could have had a real match. The second Charlotte came out though, this match became a joke. The crowd left the whole match and changed for Becky immediately, and Ruby was a distant after thought. Becky finally getting a one up on the two at the end didn’t make up for how frustrating it was to see Ruby Riott get forgotten in this whole mess. She deserved so much better then this and hope they make it up to her in the near future.

You know is they Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman down to three minutes, could have used the extra time for Ruby to have offense in her match since this ending did nothing and is going in an ugly direction. As much as I would love to saw this will come down to Drew McIntrye Vs Strowman at WrestleMania or Strowman vs Corbin rematch with a real ending. A three on one beat down to a Corbin win just seems like they are headed toward a six man tag match which is a wasted opportunity.

Alright, going to apologise for sounding like a crying fanboy now, and let’s delve into the good stuff, with the Women’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match and there was plenty of action to go along with this match up. The Icconics looked really good for the first time in a while and that roll-up combo they did to eliminate Naomi was so well orchestrated. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan had me really pulling for them for a while. Having the best showing of any of the teams in my opinion, and sad to see them eliminated. Delighted to see Nia and Tamina being knocked out fourth leaving it come down to Boss and Hug vs Fire and Desire. While it was kind of predictable that Baley and Sasha would pick up the win. Knowing the legacy and hard-working and times these two talented women have put on in their careers to get to this point, I am happy they are awarded the title First WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and sure they will put on tremendous matches going forward.

Now, the main event, which stole the show and then some. Everyone put on great moments and high spots and bravo to everyone but when Kofi knocked out Orton, and it was down to him vs Daniel Bryan, I truly believed in Kofi. I believed in him more then I have believed in anyone in a match, in a serious long while. Every pin fall he kicked out of had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath when he hit Bryan with an SOS and Trouble in paradise, hoping for the miracle of a lifetime. One that would not come but wow was it so thrilling. Right to the end these two wrestlers put on a masterpiece, in the form of Psychological story telling. Although Kofi came out on the losing end. For a time, he made believers out of us all and reminded us of how great these shows can be.

Thank you for reading.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

By Justin Hopkins

I remember playing this game way back on the PlayStation when I was a kid. One of the most challenging and frustratingly fun games I ever played. Only ever made it to the boss battle once and didn’t have enough ammo to leave a dent and was laughably beaten silly. So when I heard this was in the pipe line, was so excited for it’s release and Capcom delivered big time.

My excitement started with the main screen, due to the fact that this one has my two favorite Resident Evil Protagonists in Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Each may be dropped in the same place but storylines are drastically different.

Leon gives you more of an action flare. Working with Ada Wong to steal the G Virus from the Nest and bring the truth to light, or so he thinks. Claire gives you a bit more of an dramatic story with her desperately trying to rescue Sherry. Leading her through the depths of the sewer and down into the depths of the lab to cure Sherry of the G-Virus. Looking like the hoss she is when she stepped onto the platform with stage three G-Monster. Knowing who to pick first does matter in the aspect your personal gamer goals change with each play through. I choose the fiery redhead Claire and things got rolling quickly and things were quite different then what I remembered from back in the day.

That’s what makes Side A so special for me. They keep all monsters the same but shifted their appearance in the Police Station. Making the potential to use your memory and little more difficult and preserve the sense of terror as you wait for their pending arrival.

Once you knock off the first playthrough you are presented a few choices. When I beat Claire’s A story you can venture into Leon’s B story or do his A to unlock Claire’s B story ( what I did) and the B story is the game from my childhood and you see the changes they made in A. You encounter the Licker almost right off the bat and venturing down the second floor a bit to early could result in unleashing the Tyrant way earlier then you are going to want to happen.

This game is so much about strategy as it is the horror and terror. It forces you to have to think about everything you do at all times. Makes you think about where you are what you need to be carrying at that moment. Asking questions such as should you waste ammo to take out a few zombies or leave them to be a problem for later? Which hallways are the Lickers free roaming around? Where is the Tyrant? Mr. X is probably my favorite monster to absolutely hate in this game. He removes every bit of safety and forces you to move it along and I love it so much. Despite how many times he has either killed me or lead me to a pack of zombies or Lickers.

Even when you do beat Side A and B stories. This game provides so much more to keep you going. A slew of records and rewards to keep you going. Can you beat the game under 4 hours and less then 3 saves? Did you beat them on Hardcore? Do the electric panel in 7 moves with Claire? Don’t use your gun with Ada. Escape the bedroom in less then a minute with Sherry. Prizes can range from artwork, models, or unlimited pistol bullets and unbreakable knife, but even better, two extra game modes are unlocked.

Alright I was close to not being able to talk about this level due to me struggling bad, but beating 4th Survivor may have been as the full game. Playing as Umbrella Agent Hunk, all you have to do is escape. Go from the sewer to the front gate. Except you have limited supplies, no saving and you encounter every enemy in your made dash to the gate. It’s thrilling, exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time, and if that’s too easy. The next more Tofu Survivor is you playing the same scenario with even less and as a block of literally Tofu as the ultimate call back to the original game.

This game was simply spectacular and everything I was looking forward to in my return to Racoon City and Resident Evil 2. They took great care to not mess with the story in negative ways, and added parts in side A to added to the story. Such as giving Police Officer Marvin Branagh a minor talking role to give some heart and make his death matter. The character models were beautifully done and things were so realistic. Dark and gritty and not to over the top. The details on the Lickers were specifically well done and every small detail was immaculate. The sound effects were top notch and lighting added was breathtaking at times. Pick up this game and check it out for yourself, and if you already have, comment your times down at the bottom. Beat the game in 2 hours and 54 minutes and 4th Survivor in 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Thanks for reading

Punisher Season 2 review

By Justin Hopkins

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I wanted to see if it would survive Netflix cancelling spree on Marvel property. Now that it’s been a bit and it lives on. So, might as well proceed as if it goes on. Came in to season 2 with a bit more hope then I had for the first. Jon Bernthal proved to be an excellent choice for The Punisher from back in Daredevil and carried it over well to his own show. Can season 2 carry it over now that his vengeance is complete, and the answer is yes but comes with a huge wasted opportunity. Let’s get to it and I’ll explain my main issue in a bit.

The season picked up with Frank laying low and on the move in Michigan, under the name Pete Castiglione. Where he is seen with a potential to create a new life with a bartender Beth and her child, until he encounters a smart mouthed girl (Giorgia Whigham) with a group of people after her. After a blood filled brawl breaks out throughout the bar that saw Beth get shot. Refueling Frank’s desire for vengeance. More or less Kidnapping the girl after dropping Beth at the hospital. Trying to find out what is going on while The Pilgirm is hot on their heels at every turn.

Meanwhile back in New York, we see Madani has been visiting Russo in the hospital multiple times a day. As she struggled to overcome what he did to her. Wanting to see him in jail, but can’t due to him being unable to stand trial due to the brain damage left by the beating from Castle.

Russo was haunted by nightmares of the skull and had no idea of why. Memory being knocked back to where he never left the military. Krista Dumont was the Doctor try to help him regain his memory with mental problems of her own. Growing so obsessed by Russo that even after he escaped, continued to help till a relationship formed, and all of this was where my issue comes in.

Ben Barnes was tremendous at a damaged and remorseful Billy Russo. Even though we know his turn to Jigsaw is inevitable. Was so compelling as a sad and broken individual, but I didn’t care about this story in the slightest. The entire time him and Dumount just took much needed time away from the main story and just acted as devices to distract Frank from the main story villain and Barnes and Floriana Lima should have been held off for a later season, because they took time away from The Schultz’s and The Pilgrim and they are the ones that made this season special.

Josh Stewart’s portrayal of The Pilgrim was stunning and terrifying. He owned nearly every scene he was in. Soft spoken but every word carried a heavy menace behind it. A man saved by the word of God, but like Frank is an absolute tank. Takes a beating then gives it back ten fold. Feel he is being manipulated due to his faith and wanting to simply rid the world of filth, but as the story goes on, find out he is a lot deeper of a character and is being used by the Schultz’s Family and their hold over his boys. Seeing him and Frank trading blows at the end was the intense and brutal fight that was being worked up to and more. The two just battering each other and the shocking twist did not disappoint. Corbin Bernsen and Annette O’Toole didn’t get nearly as much screen time as they should have, they took advantage of it and created some real terrible people we were glad to seeeet the Swift punishment dealt by Frank. Had the moral issues and Madani and Curtis’s issues been moved from the Russo arch to this, would have had the exact same affect and got them more time for Schultz’s to be seen.

Despite my own issue, Season 2 was an absolute blast. Loved seeing Deborah Ann Will back as Karen Page and everyone had great chemistry. Hope this is not the last we’ve seen of this group and excited what season 3 will bring.

Thanks for reading.

Royal rumble reaction

By Justin Hopkins

I have said it before, but the Royal Rumble is my favorite wwe event of the year. It’s the kickoff to the road to WrestleMania. The matches are normally exciting and anything can happen in the Rumble itself. Surprise entrances, shocking moments, and standoffs that either build to rivalries or never seen before, and this year didn’t disappoint and was thrilling to me as ever. Before I jump into things I need to say, I didn’t watch the pre show matches that saw Shinsuke Nakamura regain his US Title, Murphy retain the Cruiserweight title, and Bobby Roode and Gable pick up the tag win. Sure they were good, just missed them. Without said, going to discuss my opinon on the regular matches and then the rumbles, so let’s get to it shall we.

Going to start with the women’s matches which really stole the show. Sasha Banks and Rhonda Rousey put on a surprisingly exciting match. That had such an old school back and forth match with alot of submission matches. That harkened back to the days of technical wrestling. Alot of moments where Sasha looked like she was primed to win with how she went from one hold to the next and Rousey getting the win with a pinfall. Rhonda showed that she can go with one of the best Raw has to offer while Sasha got a long awaited return to glory, with a little tease to a four horsewomen match. Meanwhile Becky Lynch and Asuka opened the event to a great performance that had everything a match needs. Pushing each other to the limit for nearly twenty minutes. Going from technical prowless to high impact moves and Becksploder off the top for a two count. Telling a hell of a story with Asuka getting the tap out victory with a crazy reverse Asuka Lock with a bridge. It made Asuka look dominating and not the last time we see The Man for the evening.

The men’s side of the card was a little lackluster, but still pretty decent. Shane McMahon and The Miz dethroning The Smackdown Champs The Bar was the men’s match of the evening. A good solid tag match that could have gone either way, with a fun moment that saw Caesaro catch Shane in mid air during Coast-to-Coast. Definitely interested in seeing what happens going forward. While The Brock vs Balor match may have ended as perdicted but glad to see a Brock match that used more then just three or four moves. The Daniel Bryan vs Aj match was a real let down though. They are both so talented but the match was so dull and seemed to lack any sort of energy, and the Rowan involvement was just weird.

Going from the match card to the Royal Rumble matches and will start with the men’s. I always love these matches and this one didn’t disappoint and was a little more special this time for the fact that we didn’t have any real Legends involved, with the exception of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle, neither of which lasted very long and in Jeff’s case, minutes. They utilized their regulars, Nxt, and Pete Dunne from The UK brand and they put on a show with the time they had. Nia coming into the mix and changing the usual big guy being swarmed to Mysterio, Ziggler, and Orton having to team up to have to deal with the threat she was imposing on everyone was a fun twist that really worked well. The fact she got time to show off her ability against the guys and did well was exciting to see and hope it carries on. Seth Rollins getting the win was kind of expected since it leaked out a few weeks ago. May have been hoping for Braun myself, but Rollins has been a machine in 2018 and one of the hardest workers on the raw brand. Will deserved win despite my lack of interest in seeing him take on Lesnar which is looking like will come to be.

The women on the other hand, was so good. Again, they didn’t have really legend involvement. Relying on their main roster and NXT for the most part. They were all just so terrific. Lacey Evans, Rhea Ripley, Xia Li, Kairi Sane all grabbed their moments and ran with it. While the main roster showed they are the best part of wrestling today and I am so freaking excited to see more of Nikki Cross. So much fun to watch her insanity flow in the ring, and of course The Man, Becky Lynch entered to a huge pop, myself included, and got the win.

And now we are on the Road to WrestleMania. Starting off with a massive bang and plenty of room to run going forward. Becky and Rollins cementing their place on the show of shows and the women’s tag team titles looking at Elimination Chamber. These next few months are looking to be a legitimate wild ride that has been missing for WWE for quite some time and I am excited to see where it leads. As always thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

Where to go from Super

By Justin Hopkins

With Dragon ball in the midst of its Dragon Ball Super Broly’s limited release here in the states. Having crossed the 67 million dollar marker. As well as the English dubbed version of the tournament of power getting started on Cartoon Network. Now is about the time to go in to discussion about where the series, most importantly where things can go after the tournament. I never really go about something like this, but I heard an idea, that triggered what this blog has become and here we are now. So cutting this ramble on, here are my three ideas for future arcs going from here.

Universe 6

The Tournament of Destroyers introduced us to a new universe of Saiyans in the form of Cabba. Then built off it with the introduction of Caulifla and Kale in Tournament of Power. The relationship built up between the three of them and Goku and Vegeta alone is enough to see more of it, and the perfect scenerio would be to have them need to come save them from a rampaging Champa. They kind of implied that he has been losing his temper over their failure to defeat universe 7 and loss in power would be the final straw and he begins to eliminate the fighters. Would create a peril of them needing to unite to defeat a Destroyer God and what happens could lead to a ripple effect between the Z fighters and Lord Beerus.


Have to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. Came up with this blog from watching Masako X talking about the old universe being brought back by 17 wish. If you haven’t seem his videos go check them out. His love of the show comes through and does great work.

With Broly showing how much success movie villains can have. It might be time to look back at another great in the form of Freiza’s Brother Cooler. Can set it up as him being the ruler of one of the universes that Zeno destroyed.. because of Cooler’s attitude in general. That would be a reason why King Cold knew of the Gods to have the hindsight to warn Frieza to steer clear of Lord Beerus. Cooler back and threatening to take control of the Frieza empire he has amast at the end of Super and put him in a spot where he needs to seek help from Goku, cause is his mind, they owe him for his performance in Tournament of Power. Goku would go just for a strong fight and Vegeta would go to keep a new evil from forming. Giving them a chance for flashbacks from Frieza’s past and his upringing.


It’s hard to talk about the future of Dragon Ball without talking GT. While I’m not going to say whether it’s good or not, but either retconning it or leaping even further may not be a bad idea, for at least a short little arc that occurred past GT. With Goku and Vegeta nearing the end of their life. Allowing more focus to be put on the adults, Pan, Bulla, Trunks, and Goten. Having their own adventures and finding their own way of fighting styles and transformations, since they are half-breeds. You can also loop in older versions of Caulifla and Kale to be instructors for Pan. Options are unlimited by turning the clock ahead.

It’s a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan right now. Broly is cleaning up in the box office, Tournament of power starting it’s English run, and proving to still be a beloved series around the world. Future is bright and I for one am excited for what comes next. Thanks for reading.

The Meg movie review

By : Justin Hopkins

For someone who came into this weekend excited to see The Meg. Have to admit, quite shocked but how well it actually did the the box office. Bringing in 45 million dollars at the box office, taking the top spot in the box office, and was thrilled to see it succeed. The Meg was better then expected and gave us a true rarity in the form of a good shark movie.

The movie takes place largely in an underwater research center called the Mana One. Hoping to discover if the bottom of the area was in fact a thermocline. Meaning it would be deeper then the Mariana Trench. Once the the person team made it through were attacked by something huge. Trapping them there. Much to the chagrin of Dr. Heller played by Robert Taylor. They bring in Jonas played by Jason Statham, to rescue them. Heller and Jonas having an issue from a rescue that went wrong five years earlier. During his rescue of the crew this time, is where they show the massive Megladon for the first time around, and although he gets 3 of the 4 safely back. They disrupt the thermocline enough to let the Megladon out and becomes a race against the clock to stop it before it does to much destruction.

What seperated The Meg from all the other shark movies that we have been bombarded with throughout the past few years, was that it wasn’t a senseless shark eat’em up movie. The shark while rampt up was just a large shark. Didn’t stalk them throughout the movie but sought after food. Even when attacking swimmers. Went after frantic ones first and when it saw bigger food options. Swam away. While the science was off more then once. It wasn’t too zany or cartoonish. They stayed close to the lines where if one didn’t know it, might be passable.

The cast brought this all together so well. Making the film funny with one liners and jokes during the period where the Megladon was not around. Jason Statham stepped out of his normal role and was fantastic. Playing off everyone so well that you wanted to see what happened. Li BingBing was tremendous as Suyin. Suyin didn’t want to sit by and watch, but was right in the line of fire and was quick witted to boot, and Shuya Sophia’s Merying stole allot of the scenes she was in. They were able to being out various emotions on top of the main threat and was never really a back stab set up nor a sabotage situation. You even end up like Rainn Wilson’s and Robert Taylor’s villain characters who are made to be eaten. Only small issue is they don’t really show enough of Ruby Roses Jaxx character. Who seemed like she had more to bring to the table.

Go see The Meg in theaters. Don’t go expecting a scientific accurate or academy award winner, but go see this fun shark movie, with a great ensemble of actors and actresses on the big screen, because it’s exactly that; a fun movie.

The unfortunate setback of The Crow

By: Justin Hopkins

Weeks away from escaping pre-production, after years of toiling and rumors. A release date of October 11, 2019, and just like that, the remake of the 1994 classic The Crow have lost their lead actor Jason Mamoa and director. Effectively, pushing it all the way back to the start, and as unpopular as this opinion is; it’s depressing to hear.

James O’Barr created something really special in 1989 with characters brought back from the dead in seek of justice. There are so many stories and scenarios to tell, from Iris Shaw or Mark Leung or many many others. All of which bring a different theme and uniqueness to the table. Have to look at the singular fact that Eric Draven though, which is understandable. His being the name associated with the franchise. Albeit he also causes the biggest debate amongst the fan base.

I take nothing away from how amazing Brandon Lee did. His performance was excellent and story has stood the test of time, but that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t do an equally good job or even a better one. Bill Skarsgard outshined Tim Curry in It. Heath Ledger was more memorable then Jack Nicholson’s Joker. At the same time though we still recognize and love what Tim and Jack gave us. Just because someone else plays the role, doesn’t take away from Brandon Lee’s performance but gives us a new take on the character Eric Draven.

Whatever may come from this setback. I do hope it’s not long before they can get traction and get The Crow back up and running again. There are so many different stories to tell and directions to take. The right people who care about the characters and their back stories. Can really put together a great movie.

Ready Player One review

By Justin Hopkins 

  I have been stoked for Ready Player One ever since I saw the trailer for it. Everything about it appealed to me right from the start. So much so that I went out of my way to avoid any sort of spoilers. With all the nostalgia and cultural icons shown in the trailers.  Wanted the surprise factor as high as it could be. Letting the hype fuel my excitement. Going in with high hopes and Ready Player One delivered on it and then some. Creating twists and turns and complex storytelling and excellent foreshadowing. As well as characters people could relate to.

 Starting off with the real world was the perfect way to go. Allowing them to both explain about the Oasis and how the creator put his whole inheritance to whoever found his hidden Easter Egg. You got to see some of how tough life was for some people were, and how the Oasis became as important to them as a chance to get away from the bad parts and be who they wanted to be, and how finding that Easter Egg would be the biggest moment in not just the game or whoever found it, but would effect everyone. 

  To wade it’s a way to make his life better and make Oasis the way he thought it should. To the Villain Sorrento, who employees gamers to play for him, you learn as the movie goes on. He doesn’t just look at it to squeeze as much cash out of the players it can, but would in turn control the world.  Then the rebels like Art3mis who does everything they can to stop him and what his company does to people in the real world. 

 That’s where this movie did so well. For someone such as myself who didn’t know much of the story going in. You really feel like you’re growing and learn the details along with Wade. That this may have been an escape from his reality. How much more was riding on the line in the real world. 

  As great as the storytelling was, big credit goes to the actors and actresses who made it all possible. Tye Sheridon was immediately likable as Wade/Parzival. As much as one wanted to pull for him at the start. Hard not to route for Olivia Cooke’s depiction of Art3mis. Wanted to see her get the win after all she had to fight through. Ben Mendelsohn was perfect as the diabolical corporate villain and Lena Waithe turning out to be Aech was a great twist. 

 The nostalgia and video game references were not only fun but added much more to the movie. Didn’t know what to expect next and used to get the best they could from them. The brawl pitting Gundam and Iron Giant against Mecha Godzilla was epic, Chucky as a weapon was hysterical, and The Shining level was thrilling.  There was so much in this film that you’ll find something new every time you watch it. 

  There was one flaw and it was a minor one. Was so much fun to see the chemistry between the characters and feel they could have gotten more had they gotten more time. Stretch it into two movies or even done a trilogy. That said this is a movie that got to be seen on the big screen and done sooner then later. 

Top five Comic characters in need of live action

By: Justin Hopkins
  2018 is well under way. Start of the new year is all about recollection. To look back and build off the great moment and leave behind the bad from the year prior. Just have to take a glance at the year to see there is still alot of big bucks around the Comic Book Genre. Marvel got better with each passing movie. Logan was tremendous. D.C finally had a hit with Wonder Woman and Justice League was pretty good. These six movie alone brought in over over five billion dollars worldwide. Not even counting the Arrowverse, Netflix, and various others. So, it’s still a ripe market place. While it’s always exciting to see Marvel about to set the stage for new Superheroes to come up in the next few years, and D.C is trying to bring up some fresher faces with Black Lightning and Cyborg, but there are so many in their library that deserve a push forward and of course, these are not the only two comic book companies out there. There is a wide world out there full of characters that come with depth and emotion. Worlds that scream out for live action treatment. So, I present to you, my top five list of comic that should be developed into live action, and the forum that I think will serve them and their fans the best.

  Honorable Mention- Spawn due to his show being in the works. Black Widow due to believing she will get her own movie one day, and Miles Morales, since he is getting the animated movie and pressure from fans will see him apart of the MCU before the end of this new run.  

  1. She-Hulk – Netflix

  Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce who became She-Hulk after a blood transfusion. While we may all still be longing for a solo Hulk Movie, there is no reason why they can’t pull the trigger on her being in the Netflix world. The differences between her and her cousin is what makes her realy special. Fact that she prefers to be She Hulk then Jennifer. Able to retain her intelligence in that form. The way she gets stronger is through training while being Jennifer. Works hard to be a lawyer, with a fun ensamble of support casts and has history with the Defenders. Netflix would be perfect home for the more adult themes of her character and She-Hulk show would be a breath of fresh air and can be unique on its own.

   2. Prometha- Trilogy

  Hollywood has not been neccessarily kind to Alan Moore’s work, but that should not sway anyone away from the mind blowing story of Promethea. Created by the great Alan Moore and Illustrated by the steller J.H Williams III. Telling the story of Sophia Bangs, looking up folklore on the fabled Promethea. To turn around and be possessed by the very same. Prometha being the embodiment of Imagination. J.H creating stunning immagery of Imaginative lands and different planes of existence. In the hands of Guillermo Del Toro or even The Wachowskis. Could present a great story and visual masterpiece that would be remembered for a lifetime.

  3. Saga – Trilogy

  The epic Fantasy Space Opera by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples has garnered praise and build a massive fan base since its debut. Telling the love story of Marko and Alana. Two different warring races long at love with each other. Story opening to the birth of their Child Hazel, and the run for their safety. Trying to escape capture from both sides of their lineage. Story and characters out of an adult only Star Wars universe. with multiple planets and vast Alien Races. Only reason it ranks where it does is due to Brian a movie is not a very high priority, but until it does. Saga fans will long to see it happen.

 2. Batwoman – Arrowverse

  Batman may be getting a little stale to see. Seeing a different actor stepping in and seeing almost the same story told. Katherine ‘Kate’ Kane though has been building herself as a pretty popular member of the fanbase. Forgetting about the controversial handling and dismal ending of the New 52 run. Hydrology series was a fantastic tale and her dealing  with the supernatural makes her a perfect fit within Arrowverse on The CW. With all the subtle hints at Wayne within Arrow. It would be a fantastic shock to reveal Katherine Kane’s Batwoman instead, and spin her off from there.
  1. The Darness – Theatrical

  Garth Enis’s creation has the making of a great film. Jackie Estacado being a tortured, ruthless sole, possesing an all-powerful being, The Darkness. That awakens in the Mafia Hitman on his 21st Birthday. The world is dark and dreary. Death and demises, with a softer side with the relationship he has with his lifelong friend Jenny. Watching him struggle to succumb to the Darknesses wimb or using his powers to try and do some good. Can either be one movie and done, or draw it out. Either way The Darkness’s long wait to the big screen deserves to be pushed forward and the sooner the better.
  As always, this list is my personal choices. Sure there are plenty of others who will disagree with the order or have one that should have made it. By all means, comment yours down below. That is one of the joys of dealing with Comics and top five lists. Thanks for reading.