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Crawl Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

Going into Crawl, didn’t have much expectations. I love Animal style creature films. From the good ones, like Jaws, Lake Placid and…. Piranha. To the dumb such as Sharktapus, Python, and Piranha. So, went in pretty open minded. Expecting a good, fun movie, but not in the league of Jaws, but wow. This was so much better then anything I expected, and carving itself out as one of the best I have seen.

Starting with the story. Yes, it has one and is pretty solid and grounded one at that. Staring with Haley, a college swimmer, who is seen losing a swim race, by a fraction of a second, and seems to be held back by some emotional issue going on in her personal life. After a phone call from her older sister, she sets off to make sure her Dad, who was in the wake of a Category 5 Hurricane. Journey takes her through a police barricade, and down to her childhood home. Finding her Dad unconscious, with a broken leg, and slashed up torso. Before she can get him out, is chased back by our first Alligator, and the movie never really lets down from there.

Kaya Scodelario (Haley) and Barry Pepper (Dave) were your two main characters and the only ones you really deal with throughout. The rest were pretty much there to be eaten, and they were both so perfect for their roles. Haley was just the perfect survivor. So many times you are holding your breath. Worried over how she was going to get out of their grasp each time they get a hold of her. Cause each time is worse then the last. Building in suspense and rooting on her ultimate triumph when the Gator gets her in the Death Roll. Then you got Father of the Century, who at first you are just waiting for him to die, but through his relationship with Haley and just the upmost love and belief he has in her, you begin to pull for just as hard as Haley, and he takes a beating. By the end you are wondering how he isn’t dead, but are glad he is not because his presences adds to how much of a champ Haley looks in the final shot.  An ending I didn’t see coming for the genre we are in, but enjoyed it tremendously for being different and choosing to end the story instead of something more ridiculous that we normally get.

The atmosphere, pacing, sound, and settings were perfect. Being in the North, never had to deal with a Hurricane, but the rain and wind sounds all seemed point on. The dark, dank and slow closing claustrophobia from the flooding crawl space. That follows them up through the house to the top of the roof. They never feel safe and always wondering when the next attack will come, because they pace out the attacks so well. Withholding the first attack for a good while. Setting up the trap, before getting the ball rolling and even when you are well into the story. They pull back, pull back, and then get you with a shock attack. Gives Kaya and Barry time to build their characters and build the tension to a boiling point and then give you another alligator attack.

Even the alligators were pretty spot on. The were CGI and used to build their bulk and shimmering eyes, but their movements were kind of true to how they are in the wild. How they grab and pull their victims off, or they grab and start to roll and rip off shred of their prey. Using their hunting techniques to add and work the story around, which was a nice touch. Exaggerated at times, but nice all the same.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this movie. Would be reaching if I did, and not prevalent enough to even take me out of my immersion. This was a fun, creature blood bath, grounded with a heart and relatable story between a young woman trying to wrap her mind about what is happening in her own life and gain a little confidence in herself along the way. Please go and see this, it’s truly a must watch. Giving it a high A-Rating and may end up going to see it again myself. True hidden gem in a year that has given us quite a few excellent movies.

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Return to Silent Hill. Quick look back on the movie.

By: Justin Hopkins

I know what you may be thinking. Why are you talking about a movie that came out in 2006. Movie is 13 years old and you are choosing to talk now. Well, the Shout Factory has released the Collectors Edition Blu Ray today, and with this being a horror movie that I hold in rather high regard. Think it is overlooked when good horror movies are discussed and most importantly, one of the rare, brightest gems in the video game adaption of a movie. With that said, lets once again delve into another much more intense, disturbing fog, of Silent Hill.

I’ll be the first one to admit, while I know a lot of the lore and backstory around the games. I am not the most experienced at playing them. Have started playing a bit of 2 when I heard that this was coming, and the first one, beat me down hard, but with that said, Director Christophe Gans and his team really got the details down. From camera angles when Rose first arrives and is racing through town, and the changing camera angles were straight out of the first game. Even getting the exact scene of her chasing who she believes is Sharon to the unveil of the Gray Children. The atmosphere and mood was perfect. It wasn’t gross, but disturbing and unnerving. Which is what Silent Hill is all about.  It isn’t about going, oh that is so sick or gross, but What the, and that movie gets that. From Pyramid Head ripping the woman’s skin off Anna and then throwing it at our protagonists to the guy with his feet barbed wired to his head and the frosting on the top; the nurses. Was 16 when I came out, and the way those Nurses moved, blindly slashing each other’s throats has stayed with me to this day. Bravo to some unsung heroes, Roberto Campanello, Micheal Coto, Yvonne NG, and the dancers behind the Nurses, for bringing these monsters to life in terrifying form.

Can go on for a long, long time, but I want to talk about one more thing, and that is the psychology behind this and the questions left behind. There is an actual psychological element to this movie. May not be as strong as the games, but with Silent Hill being different for everyone, kind of makes sense that it’s not the same. By going the route of this being Alessa’s Silent Hill. It opened the door to bring any monster they wanted, because they were the worst torture to use against those who hurt her, with the two mothers. Dahila Gillespese ( Deborah Kara Unger) lament over her failure to save her daughter and Rose Da Silva ( Radha Mitchell) sheer willpower to overcome the horror and the cult to save hers. Both being the same of Sharon and Alessa, and Jordelle Ferland is still one of the creepiest entities in a movie or game as Dark Alessa. Would put her performance against almost anyone.

I love the Collector’s Edition of Silent Hill. It’s a lot of a cut. Can really make out the details on the make-up and special effects. Laurie Holden looking hardcore Cybil Bennett. So, get out there and pick up your copy. Give it a fresh look or first look. Take in the relationships between everyone and how they contrast each other, and let your mind wonder on the question; Is that Sharon at the end or Alessa?

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Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

For any one who follows us on our Podcast, knows that Spider-man Homecoming was my favorite MCU film, barring Infinity wars and Endgame. Loved everything they did and Tom Holland has continued to be amazing as Spider-man, and I had real high hopes going in, despite it having to follow the tremendous emotional weight of Endgame, and arguably… may have passed Homecoming. Lets dive, with a bit of spoilers ahead, in and discuss cause I am still on the fence.

Starting with the most High School news thing, I have ever seen, with the kids news program talking about Thanos event called The Blip. Which sounds dumb, but for people who were gone for five years and not present for the snap. They had to just describe it and seemed like someone said off the cuff and it stuck. After the news, you jump to Peter and Ned who are planning their trip to Italy and how he is going to tell M.J how he feels and Ned is having none of it, wanting to be bachelors in Europe ( a crazy, fun side story that takes a hilarious turn) and when M.J interrupts, you can see the tension between M.J and Peter early on that kick starts a fascinating story for Peter.

Tom Holland brings out the best of Spider-man and Peter Parker at the same time. Every loss and death carries so much weight. Drags you on his emotional roller coaster and route so hard for him to get up and wow with just thrilling fights and celebrate his victories. His fifth time playing the web-swinger and is just getting better. From start to finish, he doesn’t have any flaws. Strong chemistry with every actor on set and makes good scenes great just by being there.

While we all came to Spider-Man in action and how the battle that would ensue between him and Mysterio. All hats off to Zendaya for her performance as M.J. Having much more time to flesh out and add to her role, and she ran with it full steam. Bringing M.J’s bravery and cunningness her chemistry, along with her own fresh and new idea to the mix. Throw in her strong chemistry with Tom Holland and was show stealing at times. As exciting as the action and Mysterio was, and the mini arcs, but Zendaya stood out and her scenes were as good as the rest.

Villain wise. Jake Gyllenhaal could make a claim for top tier among the best. Just oozed confidence and showmanship that Mysterio is all about. Taking full advantage of Peter’s Naivety and being mentally drained by Fury tearing into him at every possible moment, a high school rival for M.J’s attention, not being able to spend time with her, and the massive hole left in his heart by losing Tony Stark, and if he can fill Iron Man’s spot. Using all of that and gets Peter to just hand over one of the strongest weapons in the world willingly.  It was deep and emotional and spoiler in three, two, one… and even though he dies. Quentin Black gets his revenge in a doctored video, that not only paints Spider-man as a murderer, and then outs him as Spider-Man in a thrilling cliff hanger of a Mid-Credit scene.

Before I finish, want to spotlight the fights between Spider-man and Mysterio cause they were so good. With Mysterio’s projections and special effects, it had to be top of the line and that superseded it by leaps and bounds. It was gorgeous and the blows were brutal. Peter took a beating and just got you behind him more every time he got up, and no I don’t care they called his Spider-sense, Peter Tingle, since it was his Aunt that gave it to him, and was rather sweet moment.

Can’t suggest going to see this movie in theaters more. The actors were all on top of their game, the effects were stellar. Was a great way to end Phase three and built toward the future, and on top of all of that; the return of J.K Simmons J.Jonah Jameson and all is right with the world.

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WWE Fantasy Booking Part 2: Booking a star and Bayley’s heel turn

By : Justin Hopkins

This will be a little harder. There is a lot of moving parts and hoping a hole lot of things change along the way, but I am going to go big and try to bring it all home at the end. End goal, not just make a moment, but make a Mania Level Moment. So, no pressure. I am still playing under the same rules as I made before, but unlike the last one, that was already going, this one appears to be just starting, and this is how I would really like it to go, or something similar, and I am doing this one, more on the fear they are going to screw the pooch hard on this one, and that is Sonya Deville. Sonya is a tremendously good worker and is capable of putting on great matches and has deserved a push for a long while now. So, lets give her a push of a lifetime.

I like the idea of her and Mandy Rose having the on screen relationship, I want to get the most out of this, in the best way possible, and not drop down to HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) for the love of everything, don’t drop it down to HLA. It’ll ruin everything. Instead, let their relationship grow and blossom slowly though. All the while, she is picking up wins left and right. It’ll be easier, if they were clean wins, but momentum going into the Smackdown after Summerslam is key. Her and Mandy is on the way to the ring, and are attacked from behind by Bayley. This is Bayley’s heel turn. Bayley, has been running as a good character for so long, and has been running out of steam with it and it shows. This opens up a wide range of places for her to go. Anyways she comes out and goes way overboard. Attacking them with a chair, and leaves them in a heap. Her reason, is our fear. That this is going to go way wrong, and the women in the back have worked to hard to look like legit wrestlers in the back. This leads to a Championship match at Clash Of Champions. Bayley wins, by cheating. In October, there is an open slot for a PPV, which I think Evolution will land. Rematch is set and will close the show. Lean heavy on Promos between Sonya and Mandy. Sonya is doubting herself, and Mandy is there to hold her up. Reminding her that she is a bad ass and at Evolution, she will be Smackdown’s Women’s Champion, and yes, she does walk away victorious at Evolution. (If Evolution doesn’t happen. Then Survivor Series.)

Once again, Sonya goes on a tear. Beating everyone in her path, and the title never looked better. At the Rumble, Kairi Sane walks away victorious, because of her manager Paige. She begins to light into Sonya. Blaming her for the reason Paige walked away from the group. Don’t know if they should use her being gay as an insult. Think the way this works the best, would be to play this like a normal relationship (because it is) but the option is there, and would definitely fuel the rivalry leading to Mania. Where Sonya successfully defends her title. Building her stardom within the company, and further making herself a hero for girls around the world. Especially, those who are gay and have someone to look up to, and the camera is on her and Mandy during the celebration. Maybe the camera pans away for a moment so she can have a moment with her real life partner, but everything works out, and you get the most out if it.

Now, a slight down. She should drop the strap on Smackdown to debuting Shayna Blazer. This isn’t a downgrade for Sonya. Just frees up Fire and Desire to enter a fued with Twisted Warriors for the Tag Team belts.

And that is all I got. I hope you enjoyed this. May just be Fantasy booking, but we created a powerhouse team of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss and showed off the Star Power of one Sonya Deville based off a tease on Smackdown. One can hope WWE does it better and this is all crazy ramblings of a fan who wants nothing but the best for everyone involved.

Thanks for reading

WWE Fantasy Booking Part 1: Cross and Bliss


By: Justin Hopkins

Alright, to tell the truth, I don’t really like this kind of stuff. Would much rather let the stories play out through the show. Honestly though, there is so few good reasons to tune in to either Raw and Smackdown anymore, and if I can’t pretend that they’ll take the good ones they got to better places then I got no hope going forward, and decided to share this little bit for the readers. Before I get started, I’ll go over my guidelines real fast and jump right into it. First, none of these are way out of reality. Can all be easily achieved. Two, a little harder, but let the wrestlers make up their own promos. Especially, in part 2, It’ll mean more, if she truly believes her words. Three, this all picks up now, going into extreme rules. So, I’ll be going off how things lay. Alright, lets get this going cause it might be a little long. Starting with Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss and Smackdown Champion Bayley.

Keep everything going the way it has been going. Alexa manipulating Nikki Cross into helping her get into Bayley’s head leading up to Extreme Rules. Everyone seeing what is going on, except Nikki to the point she lashes out to those trying to talk sense into her. She is just not listening and doesn’t want to here it, until she catches Alexa trying to manipulate her, at Extreme Rules. This sends her into a rage like no other. Laying out both of them. Screaming, I JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH! After this Bayley manages to get her bearings together long enough to pick up the win.

The next night, Nikki has fallen back into her frantic, crazed state. Challenging and destroying a random opponent. After you get a promo in the back, where two of the other women wrestlers, are scolding Alexa for creating this monster. That they finally got her calmed down, and now shes off her rocker again. While she puts on the heel front, she is sort of shaken. Realizing Nikki really was her friend and is missing having her around. This is all leading up to a triple threat at Summerslam, between Cross, Bliss, and Bayley. I know, it doesn’t make much sense, I don’t like champions playing second fiddle in their own match, but they won’t have time to build another rivalry for Bayley, and she’s already involved. During said match, Bliss will have a chance to hit the DDT on Cross, but is going to hesitate. Not wanting to do this to her friend, and Bayley will take advantage. Landing a Belly-to-Bayley on Bliss for the win. Afterwards. Cross and Bliss will be staring at one another. Cross knowing Bliss should have beat her, and her friend may still be there, but the true reunion happens tomorrow.

On Raw, we see Nikki in the back. Rocking a bit. Thinking about the night before when Bliss comes up to her. Apologizing again and saying if she could forgive her, she got them a match against the IIconics and hopes to see her out there. Which, she will be. Nikki starts to set up for the neck breaker. Before she hits it, she looks to Bliss, and hold out her hand. Giving her a nod, and tags in Bliss. Who climbs the ropes, Cross hits the neck breaker, then Twisted Bliss, Ala Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb. Creating a new powerful team, capable of winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship at Clash of Champions. There names being Twisted Warriors, cause it’s WWE and I can’t change everything about it.

I know it may sound weird trying to turn Alexa Bliss. She’s a very accomplished heel and has done a great job, but this could breath some fresh air into her character, and allow her to try her hand at something new, while using her reputation to help build an ailing Women’s Tag Team Division. Don’t worry, in Part 2, I’ll be turning Bayley, and trying to create a new star in the process.

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Child’s Play review and discussion

By Justin Hopkins

Spoiler warning ahead

Figured I should lead with that. I try not to talk to in depth about third act but I’ll probably go into some with this because wow, was this not only a great addition to the Child’s Play library, but almost the perfect example to what a remake should strive to be; a new spin on an old idea. Took Chucky back to its core and created something new and unique and a true joy ride. Started out slow and by the time the climax began, kept you enthralled to the end. Lets jump right in and talk a little more, about how this became one of my favorites in the series.

It starts off with the Kaslan company commercial, for the Buddi dolls, explaining everything these dolls are capable of doing, and then you are taken to Vietnam sweet shop where you see them being made, and a disgruntled worker being yelled at and being told once he was done with the doll he was working on, would be fired. To exact revenge, he removed all of the dolls safety features. Giving it a sense of freedom and able to do whatever it chose to. Very quick, and getting the exposition out of the way, and allowed them to get to the story moving and while it may not be the most spectacular origin, but gave the movie the ability to continue at a steady pace, and didn’t have to stop and explain along the way. From there you meet Karen, played by Aubrey Plaza, and Andy, played by Gabriel Bateman. While the character development could have been better. Not enough time was spent building up Andy and his friends, and animosity between Andy, his Mom and Shane, but at the same time, the chemistry between Andy and Karen was perfect. She was a single mom, who was struggling to understand and make her introvert son happy and go out and have friends and Andy going through so much and struggling to keep up with his changing life. the relationship was only out shadowed by him and Chucky.

The inevitable conclusion that you are tempted to do, is compare this Chucky to the one we have come to love, and you can’t do that because, this is his own entity, and this Chucky is awesome in his own right. He is not the soul of a serial killer. He is simply just a doll trying his best, to make Andy happy. You get to see a friendship happen between him Andy. They created an emotional story, that makes you sad for Chucky himself at times. After Andy scolds him, and he is sitting alone. Shoulders sunken and staring downward. He doesn’t understand how bad his actions were, because he thought he would make them laugh, and Mark Hamill brought it so well. Voice carried a friendly tone and while it didn’t sound outright threatening, the tone and atmosphere around him, made him chilling. He went from a friend to full blown killing doll and the tone stayed the same creepy, friendly tone. None of which would have been possible with Chucky we knew. His appearance has caught a lot of hell and a ton of jokes, but I really liked it. The loose bits of plastic and slowed, sharp movements gave him a disturbing look even when he is still or being nice. Perfect for what they were going for. Lastly, he was allowed to show off his power, and damn was he able to be devastating in the climax. Taking control and just dropping people left and right and was so glorious.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. hoping this is not a one off, because this movie has plenty of legs to grow from here. Would love to see most of the cast return for the sequel. Especially Falyn ( Beatrice Kitos) and Detective Mike ( Brian Tyree Henry) Both characters still have a lot more to add if given the time, and Mark Hamill’s Chucky could carry this story for quite some time. Ignore the internet hatred over remakes, because this one bucks the trend in all the right ways, go out, and enjoy this new retelling of Child’s Play. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading




Discussion on Goldberg and Undertaker

By Justin Hopkins

I am going to try to not be too hard on what occurred during Super Showdown. What was amusing and funny when first announced became real sad, real fast. Watching two hall of famers, two legends of the business. Succumb to surreal heat of the stadium and age. Putting on a match that was rather scary at times and nerve racking in all the wrong ways. Especially when you hear stories of how bad Goldberg was after this match. I almost believe they took the jokes to heart a bit, going in. How their entrance would be longer then the match and how bad it could have been. Mixing with their work ethic of wanting to put on the best for the crowd, and they paid for it in a bad way. It took me a few days to gather my thoughts on what I wanted to say about this and have come up with three ways three can remedy this situation.

One, they can have a rematch. Not any time soon. In fact at the very latest, survivor series. Wrestlemania would make sense, but one of the issues during this match was the extreme heat at ring side, and while Florida is no Saudi Arabia. This should be kept in the confines of an arena. Smaller scale to take off some of the pressure and give it a more intimate feeling a smaller venue would give. They learned a little about what the other can do, and what to avoid doing. While this is not what I would like to see happen, may be the most likely outcome is for them to try again.

Second, they simply don’t have another match. Undertaker’s last few matches have all been sliding in quality each time he gets into the ring, and as much hate as people have been throwing on Goldberg in the comments. Taker nearly killed him with that Tombstone. As bad as the attempted jackhammer looked, I flinched out of my chair on that drop to Goldberg’s head. Legitimately surprised that he kicked out, because I thought he was dead. Then there was Goldberg’s botch of the jackhammer, hitting the post and inability to jump for the choke slam due to being injured and battered and more or less, blown up. While, this was a bad way to leave off two legendary careers who have crafted some of our, my, childhood memories. Maybe it would be simply best, if they walk off into the sunset and call it a career.

Third, and the one I feel they should do, is Tag team match. I know, its a little silly to think, but maybe putting them in a tag team match may be for the best. Now, I think they should be together just because it would be easier to find wither two individuals to go against them then each finding one to partner with. Can just have a heel team or two separate heels (Villains) talking down on  their match. Use it to build heat from the crowd and let them go on a win streak. Keep it up for a few months and finally have them face the music in a tag match against The Deadman and Goldberg. They can take rests when they need to, younger guys can carry the match and make them look dominate and the finale could look great. Undertaker setting up for the Tombstone on one, the other tries to interrupt into a spear and Taker and Goldberg can end the match on a high note and give us one last final memory.

These two have given us more then enough to be able to drift away into retirement. Knowing they have given us their very best. It was a shame to see how badly they failed, knowing they had tried hard to rebuke the jokes being made about it, especially at a Saudi show of all places. If they can’t go any more, thank you for the great times and memories, and they don’t have anything to gain by coming back again. Some times, it’s best to walk away, but if they feel inclined to do better. Be safe about it, and give us those memories in a tag match. We will be happy just seeing two dominate figures in the business, whopping ass together.

Thank you for reading.

Movie Review Dragon Ball Super BROLY

By Justin Hopkins :

I made a horrible mistake.

I was completely excited to kick my year off the right way and rush out to the theater to see Dragon Ball Super BROLY in theaters… Unfortunately, I was unable to do go. The limited release, theater being a good trip away from me, kind of robbed me of the chance to go. Forcing me to set my sights on the Blu Ray release. As it turns out, should have really made it work and saw it in theaters, because this was so beyond my expectations with a stellar storytelling and amazing animation made for the big screen. Without further ado, lets skip over my sadness and jump right into the review.

Starting off with the Story, as we know, at least hopefully reading this you do, Broly was attempted in Japan in 1993 and 2003 for North America, with some mixed reviews. People liked it, but the problems kind of out weighed the good. This one, took him back to the drawling bored and started anew. Starting the movie off with Planet Vegeta getting a new ruler in Frieza, and King Vegeta believing his son would one day liberate them, only to be immediately threatened by the presence of a low ranker’s baby sharing the royal chamber. One with a significantly higher power level then the Prince; little baby Broly. Feeling threatened and a little worried that so much power would end in catastrophe. Had him sent off to a nightmarish planet, to more or less, die. Leaving his Father Paragus to chase after and the two gets stranded on the desolate planet. Following a quick time jump to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, with awesome cameos from Bardock, Gine, Raditz, and Nappa. All of which were great to see. We jump to future day. Making this quick, we pick up with Vegeta and Goku training, but for very different reasons. Goku set to go out and seek fights with those he encountered during the Tournament of Power, and Vegeta wanting nothing more then to be ready for Frieza. When they learn that none other then Frieza has sent some of his men collecting the dragon balls. While two of his forces, Cheelai and Lemo are trying to recruit new members for the Frieza Force. Finding Paragus and Broly in the process. Frieza very excited by this find, takes them immediately to Earth, and the fight begins, with Broly’s sight set squarely on Prince Vegeta. which is one of the best things this movie did, story wise.

In the previous one, they failed by forcing Broly to rival Goku for the dumbest of reasons. When he should have gone against Vegeta. The King is the one Paragus has the grudge against after all. Would make all the sense in the world to start there. While still having Goku get involved more organically. Vegeta getting a fair amount of offense in, including showing off a Super Saiyan God form. Then Goku gets involved and their fight was even more incredible then the latter. Showing off a whole slew of powers and techniques from Goku and I loved Broly’s fighting style. They knew what they had to work with. He was very much untrained. Just what he learned from Paragus who was not a very powerful fighter. Would just keep coming like a runaway freight train. He was a guy who was going to just beat on you and unleash his energy wildly. Punches and kicks, grab and fling them around like rag dolls, and he did it perfectly. Meanwhile Vegeta and Goku had to dig down deep in their bag of tricks to take down one of the biggest threats they ever encountered.

Moving from story to what is my absolute favorite part of this movie, and that is the animation. Oh my god, the animation was spectacular. By far the greatest animation anything I have ever seen in my life. Vegeta’s transformation to God, Goku’s power up to Blue, and Broly’s final transformation was beautifully rendered. There were moments during the fight scenes that left me just in awe. Couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Between the Ki blast and the ever changing environments. If you watch this movie for nothing else, do it to experience the animation alone.

The mark of a great new character is when they want you leaving more. Want to see what happens next, and this movie gave us a few of them. Starting with Broly himself. They made him a rather complex character, who is sweet and caring. In such a short time, he makes you care so much about him. He had a sad upbringing and doesn’t want to be a fighter, but is being manipulated by his Father and Frieza. By the end of the movie you want to know what will come of him, now that he has a positive influence on Cheelai in his life. Another character that walked away with a lot of interest. Starting out a bit selfish, but shows great heart when it came to Broly. Risking her life even more, by double crossing Frieza at the end, and running off to live her life with Broly, along with Lemo. Looking forward to seeing their next chapter in either the next movie or intro to the regular show if it comes back.

Closing this out, with a little bit of insanity, and it’s alright to think i’m crazy, but kind of own Kale a bit of thanks. Her character arc kind of showed them how to approach a return to Broly. Showing all they had to do was add a little heart to the character and they would have something great on their hands and this was great. It had a few flaws but they are extremely nit picky and not even worth mentioning, because this movie was that great. If you haven’t bought it let, go out, order online, or rent it from a library and watch on the biggest screen you can, and enjoy this excellent entry into the Dragon Ball library.

Thank you for reading

Batwoman trailer to the Batman casting, DC for the win

By Justin Hopkins


I have often been critical of DC in the past. Some of the movies in recent years have been among the worst  I have ever seen. They have been making some good strides, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman ( Haven’t seen Shazam, I know, horror junkie in me demanded I go see Pet Sematary) but when I think of the future for the movies I still have a bit of pause because I don’t want them to slide down hill. Casting is so vital and can derail a movies momentum. Now, we have all heard the news on Robert Pattinson being brought in to play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming reboot, and I can’t believe that I am about to do this. Can’t believe I am the one who has to come to Pattinson’s defense. Lets get this over with.

First off, lets get this one over with quick. Yes, he was Edward from Twilight, a movie for teen girls that have been blasted endlessly for the damaging vampires as a whole ( could be a whole other blog) He is far from the only strange casting decision in the Batman movies. You know that guy from Beetlejuice, of course it was great, but there was not a whole lot of fate in Keaton pulling it off. That rom-com guy didn’t have much either. Yet those two are pretty close to being top favorites amongst the fans. Keaton has a bit of competition in that other guy people weren’t to high on Christian Bale. I am not even going to humor the fact that he will be the worst either. Not with Val Kilmer and George Clooney in play.

He is 33 years old. Young enough to get into great shape to perform as Batman and brooding enough to play Bruce. Along with proving he has the range to bring the two worlds together. So lets all take a deep breath and wait to see what happen with this signing. Matt Reevees has had a lot of time to perfect his script and still another 2 years before it’s in theaters. This movie can set the bar for Batman movies. Lets just see what happens. Alright, lets get on to what I want to talk about, but have very little to say, The DC Universe, I love so much, The Arrowverse.

As much as I loved Batwoman’s cameo in Elseworld’s crossover event. Showing her as the ass-kicker that she is, but was unbelievably frustrating how little they shown. Leaving me wanting more, and finally got the trailer, and am stoked so much more for this show to happen. Ruby Rose did a phenomenal job bringing Kate Kane to life and looks to flesh Kate out just as much as Batwoman. Villain line-up is impressive. Drawling a fair amount from the comics, which is always a plus. I am just excited to see more. All the new things that can come from this. Going against the likes of Black Mask and Scarecrow. Along with team-ups with Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Maybe even the likes of Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake. Fully expect this show to blow away expectations and it’s great times ahead for Batwoman and The Arrowverse.

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Money in the bank 2019 predictions

By Justin Hopkins

The time is upon us, for one of WWE’S most innovating and rather interesting PPVs in Money In The Bank. Mad that way, by the Money in the bank ladder match itself. The winner hasn’t always had the smashing success such as Edge, RVD, or CM Punk found, but always creates a stir and conversation of when and where will they cash in the briefcase. To go along with that, we have a pretty stacked line-up so lets go ahead and take a quick run through and what I predict will happen at tonight show.


Kick-off show – The Usos vs Rowan and Daniel Bryan

A potential great match, with so many questions. Why is this, possible match of the night, stuck in the kickoff show? Why are the titles not on the line? Why are The Usos not going against the Revival? Perfect example of their sloppy booking, but should be enjoyable, till The Revival gets involved and costs Usos the win.

Winners- Rowan and Daniel Bryan

Cruiserweight Championship match- Ariya Daivri vs champion Tony Nese

I don’t really follow 205 Live so I’ll make this quick. Know Tony Nese just won it at Mania and looked impressive doing so. It’ll be a good, fast paced match that I am looking forward to. Don’t see a title change happening so soon, so going with a successful title defense.

Winner- Tony Nese

United States Champion match- Rey Mysterio vs champion Samoa Joe

This is another good match with strange booking. Have been vocal against the reasoning behind Dominic being apart of this. Tired of seeing family drama being apart of story lines, and we already have it in The Miz and Shane. Granted Joe has made it work and both of these two are extremely talented and can put on a good show. Hoping that Joe continues his dominance and brings prestige to the much needed U.S Title

Winner- Samoa Joe

Roman Reigns vs Elias

In a perfect world, this would have been on the Kickoff show. Calm down Reigns fans and look at this subjectively. Elias always loses and is more attraction for others to beat on. Posses no threat to “The big dog.”  Can’t even say it will be good, like the tag match can be. It’s boring and vanilla and roman will win because I got no faith that Elias can win, without some outside interference, that’ll drag this down that much more.

Winner- Roman Reigns.

Steel Cage Match- Shane McMahon vs The Miz

I feel that this is a must win for Miz as a good guy. Coming off the fluke loss at Mania he needs to get his revenge within the cage to be able to leave with any resemblance of momentum to carry him to the next rivalry. Another loss and his face turn might not survive much long after. I do think he’ll win, but something fluky will occur. Interference gone wrong or he gets launched off the top. Something to keep Shane’s villainous side going and Miz gets the W.

Winner- The Miz

WWE Championship Match – Kevin Owens vs Champion Kofi Kingston

This match is pretty difficult to predict. I love Kofi as champion. His victory was a highlight of Wrestlemania, and is hugely entertaining. At the same time though, Kevin Owens is an amazing bad guy who always puts on top tier matches and.. I think he would be a better champion at the current time. Plus, with them hurting for Tag Teams right now. The New Day is needed back in the ranks. So, I am going with K.O for the win.

Winner- New Champion Kevin Owens

WWE Universal Match – AJ Styles vs Champion Seth Rollins

Please let this match end clean. I fully believe one of these two are going to turn into a villain. My money is on Styles. Perhaps bringing back The Club, with The Good Brothers. I don’t see him leaiving with the strap though, especially if certain rumors are true. Going to be a great match though. Fully believe it can be somewhere between a four to five star match. Just let the turn happen after the bell and match end clean.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Men’s Money in the bank –  I.C Champion Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet vs Baron Corbin vs Ali vs Andrade

This could be a stellar classic or a complete dud, with a lot of potential depending on who walks away. Corbin, just to give meaning to his victory over Kurt Angle at Mania, otherwise you had the Hall of Famer lose for nothing. Andrade since they are big on him at the moment. Sami being a top heel could use it to get more under the fan’s skin, but I feel only one of these combatants, needs this win, and that is the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. Between losing constantly and being booked to thrown together tags and trios. He really needs something to build his monstrous side back up. Especially, if they keep Seth as a good guy.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match – Bayley vs Naomi vs Carmella vs Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross

Again another, toss-up in the prediction with none of them really having much in the way of momentum going in. Going to go about this that Sasha will not be making a surprise entrance. Might happen, but don’t want to make a prediction around a maybe. So, I am going to go with Bayley for a little bit of a security blanket. If Sasha does leave for greener pastures, they might worry that her friend Bayley may soon follow. As much as it pains me not to go with Nikki Cross, love her craziness and a program with an irate Alexa Bliss, when she is cleared, would be great for both of them, but going to go with Bayley, and we have not seen the last of her tonight.

Winner – Bayley

Raw Women’s Championship – Lacey Evan vs Becky Lynch

This is the women’s match I am looking forward to, because it’s actually something new and their back and forth have been entertaining. Really like how dominate they have made Lacey and think these two can put on a solid showing. If it went on second may actually be tempted to give it to Lacey, but believe it will be first and Becky will successfully defend.

Winner – Becky Lynch

Smackdown’s Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

I am done talking about this fued. Know it’s suppose to be the last one, but that is dumb since Becky already has a match and you are closing a feud at the same time. Yes, Charlotte is talented, no she should not have had this match.

Winner Becky Lynch

Money In The Bank Cash in – Bayley vs Becky Lynch

Bayley seemed to hint at a possible turn in her Smackdown debut and she really needs it. Something to spice up her character. Cashing in on an exhausted Becky and just beating her down afterwards will make Smackdown a must see event.

Winner – new Smackdown Champion – Bayley

This can either be a tremendously great event or a complete dud. Matches need to have clean cut victors and rivalries have to come to an end. How things go here, will vastly change shows for either the good or bad.

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