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Genwhunner plays Pokemon Black

By: Justin Hopkins

I went into this generation a little more nervously and a little more cautiously. Going into Pokemon Platinum blind ended up making my run more difficult than it probably should have been and in this generation, it is all new Pokemon to the table, till after you beat the Pokemon League. Which as much as I like the idea of. Was kind of nerve racking at the same time, so this time I looked up the Pokedex and skimmed through it. Nothing about Gym Leaders or story. Wanting to experience all of that as blindly as possible. Scouting out potential Pokemon to keep an eye out for and after a few minutes, it was time for Mui to leave her Villa behind and begin a new. Lets dive in and chat a bit shall we.

The game kicks off with Professor Jupiter going through the normal spill but some little differences. This time we get two pals, Bianca and Cheren ( One friend and one rival, looking at you Cheren) and the Pokemon are delivered to Mui’s House and the game’s biggest question is upon us… okay, so it wasn’t really hard, it was Snivy. I know I just used a Grass type in Turtwig, but really didn’t like the evolutions for Tepig or Oshawott. Bianca got Oshawott and Tepig went to Cheren. After wrecking them and the bedroom. We go to leave, but make pitstop to pick up Bianca where we learn her Dad is arguing with her. Vehemently against her going on an adventure at her age. We keep it a secret and after Jupiter sends us on the usual got to catch them all quest, the three of us take our first steps out of town and into what feels like an endless wave of tutorials and a walkthrough of the Pokecenter. When we are introduced to Team Plasma. The villainous group that runs off the idea that Pokemon are slaves to their trainers and shouldn’t be forced to battle and demands their release. Even if it means stealing them. We encounter a trainer named N, who can speak to Pokemon and get the feeling we will be seeing him a lot. After the battle the game starts to open up to the normal routine. Fighting gym leaders and traveling around. Encountering Team Plasma, who are some evil people. At one point, one of their grunts are kicking a Pokemon. When things change at Niambasa City. While chasing Team Plasma through a theme Park. We board a Ferris Wheel with N to get a better viewpoint of the city. To find out that he is the King of Team Plasma. Telling us that he plans on defeating the Pokemon Champion and using the pull they have, to make everyone release their Pokemon. Making it so much more important for us to get the badges to stop him.

I really love a lot of what they did with this game. Giving you the two friends who are each trying to find their way in the world. At odds with her family. So badly wanting to find her way in the world and being overwhelmed with it all. Cheren was not as interesting, kind of a weaker Gary. Kid who they were forced to hangout with because there were only three kids in town and it would be rude not to include him. Wanting to be the very best, but having no idea what that means or what to do is he became the best. They were effect as friends though and having them meet up and taking their first steps together was a rather sweet touch.

Everything about the Gym Leaders were great. First, they were all charismatic. Every encounter I had with them was a blast. Their gyms had great aesthetics and designs. Between getting shot out of cannons at Mistraltron and the coaster at Nimbasa. The honeycombs of Castelia and the museums of Nacrene. Was genuineuly hyped any time I got to go to a new gym, but then they were actively apart of the story. They are hunting down Team Plasma and marked out when they arrived at the Mansion at the end to fight the sages so I could go forward and by having them being involved to this extent. Heightened the danger Team Plasma were. The Élite Four were a little underwhelming, but being four of my favorite types. Ghost, Psychic, Dark and Fighting. Can’t be to upset over it.

Team Plasma stole the show. They were shown just how ruthless they were. Attacking weaker Pokemon and stealing Bianca’s Pokemon. Build a relation between N and your character that hasn’t been seen. Recognizing that you are the threat instead of scoffing or playing it off. Ghelsis little about face was a little dumb, but after everything that you got to go through is nothing really. In a way, there argument for releasing your Pokemon is kind of better than the one against them. We do force them to fight till they feint. Getting poisoned and paralyzed. Forcing them into a small ball to wait till they have to do it all over again for money and our own pride. Not to mention dress them up and actually dance for our entertainment. While the counter argument is.. love. They do all this for love. Which is fine, but trainers could treat them a little better. Try not cramming them into a ball and take them on the Ferris Wheel… I really loved Nimbasa City.

I really enjoyed a fair amount of the Pokemon designs. My favorites obviously are the one’s in my party. Gothitelle, Krookodile (My MVP during the Elite Four and against N), Gurdurr, Chandelure and Serperior. Purrloin almost had a spot, but was being a little too annoying in the early going to level up. Loved the beautiful colors of Archeops. Were there some that I didn’t like, sure. Didn’t care for the Ice Cream Cone and really hated Cofagrigus. Seriously, it was a Sarcophagus with ghost limbs and looks ridiculous, but they had way more hit then misses and that is fine. Not going to bat a thousand and they tried hard.

Pokemon Black honestly rivals generation one for me. Had such a blast playing through this game. Had a fun group to be traveling with, charismatic Gym Leaders that are actively trying to face the threat instead of being blind to it, or only care about their town. Fun Pokemon designs and loved the city backdrops and settings. Team Plasma were great to square off against and a massive Post Game. Genuinely look forward to my next playthrough of this game. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

Wendigo (2001) Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


A friend of mine suggested this 2001 movie for me to checkout and it was an easy enough sell. I like B Movies and Wendigos have a ton of interesting Mythology behind them. Making them prime for horror movies in general, but was eager to see what kind of B Movie someone came up with. Lets dive in and see if the suggestion was worthwhile shall we.

We open with a family of three, Husband George, Wife Kim, and young son Miles, were traveling up a winding Mountain Road when they hit a deer. As the Dad got out to check on the damage. A group of three hunters came rushing up in search of said deer. Being that they had been chasing it for eighteen hours and end up Mercy Killing the deer. Much to Kim chagrin. Not liking it happening so close to her already shaken up son. Getting her calmed and back in the car. George calls a tow truck which will take a half hour, but the lead hunter Otis is upset because they broke the deer’s antlers. Which will cost him money because of it. His buddies calm him down, but they wait with the dead deer facing them ion their truck till the tow truck gets their and then they quickly help them. Despite George telling them not to, but they get on their way to the cabin. Where George finds a bullet in the wall, but plays it off to not worry Miles. Who is really shaken up by the deer dying. After an altercation where Otis drives by them cutting firewood. They finally get Miles calmed enough to go to bed, but we see Otis hadn’t gone anywhere and is watching them from the window. The next day, Miles gets a small wooden figure from a Native American man who tells him a tale of the Wendigo. A spirt that can move and fly like a storm. That eats because of it’s insatiable appetite and will only get bigger and hungrier the more it eats and this is about a good place to leave it for now.

This was a slow burn of a movie with several flaws. First you spend a lot of time with the family to build up emotional ties to them, but George is largely unlikeable. Miles is fine I guess, but is lackluster during the climax. Kim would have been a better character to work with but never really gets to do anything noteworthy. You get a meaningful twist with Otis, but it isn’t handled right in the least and than you get to the biggest issue with the story and the fact that what they present as a Wendigo, isn’t a Wendigo.

Wendigo are humans that have turned into monsters through cannibalism. What they got here, is a spirit that seeks revenge on Otis through the totem Miles has. If presented like that, this would have been something a lot better. Could have found Native American Lore on avenging spirits and tailored the story better to that then manipulating a creature to fit a story that it doesn’t belong in. Costume didn’t even really look good. It might be a nitpick, but it is more than that. Would be like going into a movie where they tell you all about vampires, tell you it is a vampire, but it is really a zombie.

I try not to bash low budget movies for special affects or camera work, but it is especially bad here. You get so many images flashing and flipping through in front of you that a feel like they are just trying to increase the run time. Get random shaky cam shots of trees or just bizarre sequences that fail at building suspense in an way.

Patricia Clarkson was pretty good as Kim. She brought out the strengths of being a shrink who is a loving Mother and wife. Doesn’t really does much in the climax beside be handed George’s shoes after he died. Which didn’t make much sense and made even less by the fact she just leaves them in the middle of the hall for Miles to find, but there had to be some positives here and Patricia is the closest you are going to get.

What is funny is Larry Fessenden, who wrote and directed this, would go on to work on the screenplay for Until Dawn. A much better Wendigo story that does have similarities to this. If you really want to experience a Wendigo story. Skip this and play that and there are far better slow burn B Movies. So save your time and check out something else.

Sorry for the negativity. I hope you enjoyed all the same and…

Thank You for reading.

Enola Holmes Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


My knowledge on Sherlock Holmes is minimal. Besides the Robert Downey Jr. movies, I only read a few of the books. I know much about Enola Holmes. Didn’t know she existed, until the trailer dropped, but looked pretty good and a fan of Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill so was pretty hyped for the release. Opting to go in blind so I wouldn’t be trying to compare and enjoy the story the movie was trying to tell and now that I watched. Lets dive in and discuss shall we.

We open with Enola riding her bike through the country side while talking directly to the camera. Explaining her life with her Mom. Her name being purposely named Enola because it is alone spelled backward. She was taught to always think and watch and read classical, intellectual books. On top of sports and fighting and one day, her Mother was just gone. Leaving behind a simple gift for Enola. She didn’t really know her brother Sherlock and Mycroft. To the point they didn’t recognize her at the train station. Mycroft is horrified to see the house in the shape it is and how Enola acts and plans to send her to a Boarding School. Even sending for Miss Harrison, head of a boarding school to break her and build her into a proper woman. While, Sherlock’s job is to find Mother. After a little push from Sherlock, she looks into the gift and finds clues that leads her to a wealth of cash and another clue that leads her to London. Laying clues to try and send Sherlock into the opposite direction and hopes a train to London. Where she encounters soon to be Lord, Tewkesbury. On the run from his family and a man who wants to kill him. Enola is reluctant to help him at first, but manages to save him and ditch the assassin by leaping off a train. After making it to London they go their separate ways and she continues to search for her Mother. Showing that she may have a lot of strengths, but city life is not one of them. Getting conned into a disheveled place to stay. strats to follow leads from a tea room to an abandon warehouse where she discovers her Mother had been making explosives. A little distracted by this, misses the return of the assassin from the train, till her head was underwater. Managing to fight out of it and brawling their way through where she manages to get rid of him after setting off the gunpowder. Back in her room, decides that she can’t just leave Tewkesbury, putting her investigation to the side to help and save Tewkesbury, and that is where I will leave it for now.

Enola Holmes was an interesting story. Had humor, an intriguing adventure, coming to own story. With two separate mysteries entwinned in both and Enola was just the perfect person to go through it all with. She was likeable character who was easy to get behind. Wanting to see her get through all the obstacles facing her. A world not kind to women like herself, the best detective in the world on her trail, Scotland Yard, and whoever is trying to kill Tewkesbury. All while trying to find her Mom. Barring that least learn to cycle. The Tewkesbury Mystery. Should have seen it after the conversation with the Grandmother, but went right over my head.

Millie Bobby Brown was tremendous as Enola. Brought out the very best and very worst of Enola. How capable she could be in her own right, but how easy things go over her head when dropped in the city. Growing throughout and that’s largely due to Millie’s Performance. Helena Bonham Carter was fun as Eudoria. Want to see so much from her in sequels. Somewhat of a mysterious character that I want to learn so much more about. Henry Cavill was amazing as Sherlock Holmes. Had the charisma and deduction down. If they came out and said they want to do a standalone with him, I would be all for it.

For what it is worth, Sam Claflin did well as Mycroft, I just found him to be incredibly boring. I get where they were going with his character. Being a brash old schooler who though women were nothing more than people to marry, breed and be seen. All of which she was already going through in the real world. Having it at home was just overkill and couldn’t really tug on the emotional side cause they didn’t have a relationship with one another in the first place and that was all he was.

A much smaller negative, was her constantly looking at the camera and talking. About eighty percent of the time it was fine and made the movie unique. Her winking and asking the camera questions though was far more cringey then anything else. Like I said, small negative and won’t actually complain about it. but one that was still present.

Had some fun with Enola Holmes and would suggest giving it a watch. Great characters throughout, compelling mysteries and plenty of room to grow from her. Looking forward to seeing where they take Enola from here. Hoping for new characters and more intricate mysteries, seeing how where her and Sherlock go from here and with more coming out about her Mother. Final Grade – A

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading.

Genwhunner plays Pokemon Platinum

By: Justin Hopkins

After having a blast playing my way through Pokémon Ruby. Went into Platinum with a bit more enthusiasm. Unlike Ruby, I had no idea what to expect going into the fourth generation and wanted to keep it that way. Which was sort of a mistake since my next self-imposed rule of trying to use new pokemon as much as possible and away from what I just used in Ruby and none from Generation 1. As you saw from the thumbnail though, that rule fell apart. With that said, time for Mui to depart the cave and begin a new journey. Lets dive in shall we.

We had to make two important questions this time. Having to name the rival (I refuse to call him friend no matter how much they try to push it) and I named him, Paulie, cause he is the enemy and then we get to pick our starter, after managing to get Paulie out of the house. It was a little difficult this time around. Kid of liking all three. Eliminating Chimchar since I picked Torchic. Came real close to Pinplup, but choose Turtwig named Pamela. A move I would regret later, but off we went. Trudging slowly through tutorials, but managing to catch Roxy the Starly and Electro The Shinx. Making my way through the tutorials in Jubilife and glad to see things open up after getting the Poketech, but things stopped for a vastly different reason in Eterna Forest. First, I really liked the team up missions. Different spin on things and any time they shake up the game play, I am always up for, but I also added two more Pokemon. Buneary named Harley, and a Ghastly named Trickster. My rules say I can’t have him on my team, but had to evolve him to the Best Boy, Haunter. My favorite Pokemon of all time and had to have one at least in my PC. So, took a bit of time and when he evolved, with a heavy heart, put him in the PC and continued on. Had already met Team Galactic, but thought so little of them, due to how Rowan treated them early on, but they were quick to grow on me. Their Grunts were insane, running around with explosives and while they were cheesy. Right kind of cheesy to hook me in. Loved encountering Mars, Saturn and Jupiter and was pretty much running through everything to keep going with their storyline and wanting to see how it ended, and loved the finale. The Distortion world was great and Cyrus was a tough battle. I used the Master Ball on Giratina and named it Spectre. With Team Galactic behind me though, was kind of sad to carry on with the Gym Leaders because the mistakes I made were beginning to catch up to me.

I had some real issues with Bryon and Candice and while Volkner and Victory Road were a non issue. The league was a different story and Unlike before it was more than a leveling issue. My team was not balanced well at all. Even with Giratina taking hits to heal, barely making it past Aaron. Bertha was easy enough with Lopunny rocking Grass Knot, but Flint was devasting since I didn’t have a water type and when I did manage to get by him, Lucian finished me off fast. I needed a new strategy. So, I turned my attention to collecting the three Mythical pokemon, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf and training up a fire pokemon and well, was going to make the painful transformation of Magmar to Magmortar, but thankfully couldn’t due to the trade stipulation, but Magmar was needed for Aaron Than added Uxie for its Yawn move. After some time up at Snowpoint, was ready to go. With Magmar sweeping Aaron, Lopunny hossing her way through Bertha, and Torterra Earthquaking through Flint with Starraptor and Luxray assisting. The team working together on Lucian. It was on to the wall known as Cynthia. Lost counting on the number of times Garchomp destroyed my team. Had nothing to slow it down and had to pull out a ton of tricks. Uxie yawn to put it to sleep. Torterra used Leech Seed and managed to widdle it down enough before dying, and Lopunny finally put it down. Magmar put her final Pokemon, Roserade down and we became the Pokemon Champion. Had a great time in the post game. A ton more places to journey through and more pokemon to seek out, but after all the extra grinding and Cynthia. Did just enough to stop Team Galactic one last time and retired to the Villa, with Haunter in place of Uxie.

Platinum was a game of steep ups and downs. I hated the rival/friend. Mostly because he didn’t feel like either. Just annoy sight to constantly run into and other characters constantly telling me how nice our friendship got old. The gyms ascetics were nice. Like the clock in the garden and the gym setting, but none of the leaders were memorable, except for maybe Crasher Wake due to the mask but none of them were exceptionally interesting to interact or battle. I only had an issue cause I didn’t do a good job building my team. Torterra being strong, but would be destroyed with ice, fire, dragon, or aerial. Pinplup really should have been my choice. The overreliance on older Generation Pokemon as well. If you didn’t pick Chimchar you would need a generation 1 or 2 Pokemon. Unless you had traded for Magmortar, who is as drastic downgrade on Magmar, I don’t care about stats, Magmar is awesome in my opinion. Same with Electabuzz for that matter.

With that said, the pros easily out do the negatives. To have a powerhouse such as Cynthia be your final obstacle was great, because she was a champion. Her team were unbelievably tough and required thought to overcome and just a joy to deal with. Team Galactic stole the show. Building off Team Magma using Pokemon to change the Earth. Cyrus just upped the game by rewriting everything. As B-Movie story arch as it might be, was great fun to go against. So much Pokemon and Sinnoh Lore. Then you get to the Distortion World which really built up the whole adventure to a whole other level and made the finale with Cyrus feel special.

While Platinum may not be as good as Ruby was, still had a fun time and glad I finally played. Final Grade – B+

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You for Reading.

Pokemon Gen Whunner Plays Pokemon Ruby

By: Justin Hopkins

By: Justin Hopkins

I am somewhat of an old soul at this point. Bones cracking and all that fun stuff and once upon a time, was a massive poke fan. Had hundreds of cards, including a holographic Charizard. Had the hat and stuffed animals and played hundreds of hours of Pokemon Blue, Stadium and a bit of Silver, but that was as far down the line as I got. Played a bit of Ruby, but never too much further than the first gym, before hustling. As I grew up, even after I threw all of my stuff away (Blue was one thing, the game wouldn’t even hold a save anymore, but the Charizard card hurts still. So does the hat) I always counted myself a fan, but only really talked about the first generation. Kind of dismissing the others as being lesser without ever giving them a fair chance. Didn’t outright bash them, but yeah. Than I heard a phrase, “Gen Whunner” Poke fans only interested in the first generation and will blindly bash all of the rest. To which my original response, was up yours they are the best and.. of god I am that exact thing. Like those crazy fans who bash movies from the trailer. We got to fix that. If I like Pokemon as much as I say I do, I should at least give the other games a chance and share my experience along the way. Choosing to start where I left off, Generation 3, Pokemon Ruby. We all know the story, so instead, will go through the run I had and then pros, cons and all that fun jazz. With all of that said, Lets dive in shall we.

Started Mui’s Adventure by having to pick a starter. Didn’t want Mudkip cause he reminded me of a drunk hillbilly whose is ranting about Bigfoot from his porch. Treecko was out cause I always went with Bulbasaur, So fire chicken Torchic it was. I named it Wahoo and off we went. Powering on our way to Route 102. Where I grinned him while trying to find a Ralts. Knew I could find one and it was either Ralts or Abra and wanted something different. Managing to track one down and named her Stormy. From their it was off to Rustboro and despite a fair amount of training. Roxanne beat us the first go around. Needing to go up one more for Ralts to learn confusion and we blew her out the next time. Making the trade for Makuhita and the long journey. We found everything and anything we could. Wanting to get them fully evolved quickly, Only picking up two Zigzagoon which I named Ziggy1 which was lower level and Ziggy2 who was 26. For their pickup ability and my love of Raccoons. With the combined might of Gardevoir and Blaziken was too much for any Gym Leader we went against, and those who did try, Hariyama finished them off. Tate and Liza were the only ones that looked like they might have a chance at beating me, but an Absol named Fionna I picked up outside of Fortree City, came in clutch and wiped them out. With the circuit done, we went to deal with Groudon and our first issue arose. I had played to loose and missed the chance to pick up the Master ball. Wasn’t about to let that stopped my and three resets later, Nea the Groudon took the final spot from Ziggy1. Just to fill up the numbers and off to the league.

Standing outside the building and I knew we were not ready. Stormy being out highest level at 49 and all. I took a swing, but even though we nearly took out Phoebe’s last Dusclops. We were in trouble. Gardevoir was not hitting hard enough and Blaziken had a real problem with Power Points. So the grind began. Mixing it up with a series of wild encounters and throwing myself at the elite four. When two heroes arose. Absol was becoming a powerful closer and with Ice Blast. Was going to be able to take care of Drake and the biggest hero, Ziggy2 had amassed a collection of not only eithers, but PP Ups as well and Groudon enough to take some hit and soften some tougher opponents up the heavy hitters. Making it to Steven Stone and we took him down to Claydol on our first shot and to be a troll. Took him out with a Perish Song. Becoming a Pokemon Champion for the first time in fifteen odd years, but the game was not over yet. Real fast, I caught the Regis, won a ribbon with Castform and Rayquaza should have got into the ball when I told him and he got a Perish Song as well. With everything done, I spent all my money on decorations and retired to a cave on Rt. 116 like all good Champions, with Nea, Fionna, Stormy, Wahoo, Makit, and Ziggy2.

I really enjoyed my time in the Hoenn Region. For the most part, I enjoyed a lot of the designs of the Gen 3 Pokemon had to offer. Could see some fun combinations to use on multiple playthroughs, but loved the team that I had. Felt like everyone one of them had a purpose and wasn’t just powering through with 1. Really liked the fact they showed Norman helping Wally. The idea that being a prestigious honer for towns and seeing Norman helping out a local kid with something as trivial as catching a Pokemon was a nice touch. Team Magma was a fun enemy. ice change up from Team Rocket and felt a bit more dangerous since they were actively messing with Legendary Beasts. Than their was Brendan. This wasn’t much of a rivalry in the terms of like Gary, but he was a good counter part. Wanting to be helpful like his Dad and frustrated that he was getting past up, because he is probably use to being a leader for people his age. He was fine.

Con wise, got to go with the Regi’s. The hoops you have to have to jump through just to open their caves are dumb and if you have to google what to do, because you can’t read the clues then it is a faulty system. Made the horrifying mistake of not bringing a repel to New Mauvillie. caught Magnemite and voltorb to fill out a bit more of the pokedex and hated both of them by time I left. Speaking of, the Ghost Pokemon were a massive letdown, but I am being immensely bias. Haunter is my favorite Pokemon of all time. Ghastly and Gengar are in the top ten. Caught one and immediately binned it, because I disliked it so much. It was the one hangup I couldn’t move past.

With all that said, i wished kid me would have stuck with Ruby. Hate a great time and would gladly play through again at some point down the line. Try and actually catch Rayquaza. Who knows. Final Grade- A+

As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and…

Thank You For Reading.

The Naked Gun Review

By: Justin Hopkins

Thanks to how the last few months have gone, I haven’t been able to do a Classic 13 and was definitely looking forward to getting back on track with it and when a co-worker told me I have to watch Naked Gun. Figured, that I would save it for today. It may sound strange that I haven’t watched this classic, but I don’t normally go out of my way to watch comedy movies all that often. While some are good, I don’t get a lot of enjoyment out of them. Lets dive in and see how Naked Gun is shall we.

The movie kicks off with a meeting between terrorists. Trying to plan out an attack on America. Only to be stopped by Police Squads on, Frank Drebin in an over the top fight, before making his escape through a window and we go to a opening title sequence from the view point of a police siren watching the car going through things like a house, roller coaster and even a girl’s locker room. Movie picking up with Nordberg watching the ship about to make a massive drug bust on his own. When he failed to kick down the door though. Ends up getting shot and running into a slew of awful things before going overboard. Frank comes back from his trip from Beirut to both that news and the news his girl had run off and married someone else. Going straight to the hospital to find out what Norbert knew about his attackers, only to do more damage to him than anything else. His wife showing him a picture of the ship. Before they can go to the dock they have to attend a press conference that pertains to the impending arrival of the Queen of England. A conference that goes wrong pretty quickly. After a back and forth bribery exchange with the Dock Master, is told he is dealing Heroin for respected businessman and owner of the docks Ludwig. The same man who ordered Nordberg to be killed on the dock. Who is quick to help him by getting assistant Miss Jane Spencer to collect the shipping files. Files that don’t have the ship in question. Then he finds out that they found drugs on Nordberg’s clothes and is given twenty four hours to clear his name, before the Queen’s arrival and that is where I will leave it for now.

This was a fun story. A cop who tried his best, but continuously bungled the situations that he found himself in. Fact that he plays it serious half the time added to the amusement. Some of the jokes were hysterical. Such as the back and forth bribery scene and when the airbag blew all the way up and kept going. To the point it put the car into gear and rolled away. Actually most of him hitting stuff when he parked and the car chase was great. Helped massively by a comedy great, Leslie Nielsen.

Leslie is just a legend in comedy. His delivery and ability to play it as straight while insane things breaks out around. To go along with his ability to talk. Made this movie fun to watch and he was backed up by a solid supporting cast.

With that said, there were some negatives. Some jokes fell just flat and boring and some just didn’t know when to end. Such as when Nordberg was shot and kept hitting things and was funny, but they just kept it going. To the point it wasn’t funny anymore and just meh. Then the musical montage with him and Jane was just dumb. It felt like it slowed down the pacing and one two many being that they would do something similar later on when he was in disguise as the umpire.

I get why this is a classic and beloved movie and it should be held up in high regard and there are plenty of good moments to be had. If you haven’t checked it out. You should you’ll probably have a great time with it. Comedy is just not really something I enjoy all that much and think that hurt it going in. I am glad I watched it, but won’t be in a hurry to watch it again. Final Grade – B –

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Watching.

Heels and Faces

By: Justin Hopkins

Stories are all about heroes doing battle with heinous villains. All throughout media this is almost always the case and is no different in the world of wrestling. Dramatic tales of underdog heroes fighting to unseat the diabolical heel champions or fend off weaselly opponents. However, a lesser seen feud is when two faces or two heels mix it up themselves. We see matches here and there, but I am looking for proper feuds or heels where neither are expected to turn by the end. Which is a lot trickier especially when two heels square up, but was sold enough on the idea of putting my fantasy booking hat back on and talking about one of the things I love the most. So, here they are. Four matches, two heel and two faces and how I think it could be booked to where there are no turns. Using AEW and WWE. Sorry, Impact I don’t get the channel and struggle to keep up and wouldn’t do anything from there justice. So without further adieu, lets dive right in with the match on the Thumbnail.

Abadon vs Kris Statlander (Face)

Alright, two things, I am stretching the idea of Abadon potentially being face or heel. Her character is certainly not a normal face, but when the crow is chanting, eat your soul, at Shida, You aren’t an outright heel either and more importantly, Kris Statlander is injured and could be out for a while to come, but that is okay. Gives us time to set the table in advance. So, here’s how it could work. Keep pushing Abadon. She is running her way through everyone on Dark. Just keep it up. Beating everyone she gets in the ring with. After some time of this. Makes it all the way to a title match with Shida and gets the strap. Getting her win back and setting herself on top of the castle and she just keeps going. Leading to a Dynamite where her opponent no shows a title match. Is found by an interviewer leaving. Wants nothing to do with the Living Dead Girl. Angering Abadon who catches up with her in the back and takes her out. Other women start to avoid the number one spot because of this. Until, Brandy, or Matt Hardy depending on how far out you want to go, we are booking a feud between a zombie and alien after all, have fun with it. Where she declares she found a challenger not from this planet who is not afraid of her and the return, when she is healed and ready, Kris Statlander, who should walk away victorious. At this point, Abadon has made a name for herself and a force to be reckoned within AEW and Statlander picks up as one of their top women. Plus, these two are so creative with their characters that I want to see the match they can come up with. Winner – Kris Statlander.

Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee (Face)

Okay, do not turn Keith Lee. This was the rumor that started the conversation that birthed this idea, and it is a woefully bad idea. He is one of your biggest crowd favorites you got and it doesn’t need it. Both of these guys are overflowing with charisma and are more than capable of making this feud happen. How, just have Keith Lee win the Royal Rumble. Just have them being friends but making it known that is secondary when it comes to the title. Don’t have them outright attack each other, but bumping each other. Let their promos and interviews build the tension up until the final raw and everything blows up. have them Main Event Main Event Wrestlemania as it should and… Drew should win. I would love to see Keith win it, but it would be almost too predictable. He’ll get the win back at Summerslam after cashing in the Money In The Bank. Just don’t want the champ losing at Mania this time around. Winner – Drew McIntrye

The Miz vs Roman Reigns (Heel)

This was much harder to book. Wanted to put John Morrison in The Miz’s place, but couldn’t think of any way Morrison doesn’t flip back to face in the process. When the Miz gets the chance, he is the best heel on the mic going today and that is what is needed for this and want to see the promo work between him and Paul Heyman. That would just be wonderful. How I would do it, is have The Miz line himself up as number one contender after Jey. Roman fresh out of destroying his cousin. Have Miz and Morrison rag on him for everything from his time off and attaching himself to Heyman and needing to check in at the end of a match in order to win the belt. He’ll need to dig deep in the bag to keep heel and can even go right into the Morrison turn from there. Roman will retain after another savage beating and showing the locker room that no one is safe. Winner – Roman Reigns

Brodie Lee vs Chris Jericho (Heel)

This match has had to have changed a good number of times. From Omega to Hangman, but as a friend pointed out, neither are official changes yet so that brings us to Mr. Brodie Lee vs Le Champion. Two extremely talented wrestlers and heads of their own top groups going right now. How I would start the feud is to have one of The Dark Order give a sheet to Sammy Guevara. This would obviously anger Jericho who will not be taking the idea of The Dark Order poaching on his boys and have Jack Hager beat up some of the Dark Order lesser members and the feud is on. A full on Faction War between The Inner Circle and The Dark Order. Leading to the match between Jericho and Brodie down the line to settle the score. Winner should be Brodie at the end of the day, he could use the rub from beating someone like Jericho and he wouldn’t lose anything in the loss. Winner – Brodie Lee

And that is all I got. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

Sharktopus Vs Whalewolf

By: Justin Hopkins

It has been a long time coming for this movie. I have watched Sharktopus nearly an inappropriate amount of times and enjoyed Sharktopus vs Pteracuda and after the last few B-Movie Sundays. Kind of needed a fun goofy movie and had hopes fir this one. Lets dive in and discuss shall we.

We open to a water on the funeral on the water, with the Captain of the boat, Ray, coming out halfway through. Having no idea what was going on and made a scene out of it. His friend Pablo was the one to rent out the boat since he was out cold and made a scene arguing over it. Cut short when Sharktopus attacks. Taking down the casket and eating the widow when she went overboard. Earning him a trip to jail for reckless endangerment and Inspector Nita going to hit him with Manslaughter charges if the woman doesn’t turn up. Ignoring the warning he was shouting. Meanwhile we jump to the office of mad doctor Elsa Reinhardt with her patient Felix Rosa. A former Baseball Player who is desperate to get back to the league, but is slightly turned off by what he is hearing, but when he is laughed out of the bar. He has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Ray gets bail from Voodoo Priest Tiny. Whop agreed to Bail him out if they will bring him the heart of Sharktopus. Turns out Sharktopus is pretty well known, even having a Twitter page. Back at Reinhardt’s, Rosa returns for his procedures. She is prepared and ready. Going to inject him with DNA of various animals and shots it into him with electricity, She cut it off after awhile, but he commences another round before flat lining, She drags the body to the dock and dumps it in and on contact, he turns into half wolf half whale. Returning to the Doctor who feeds him the nurse and doesn’t take long for him to start rampaging and that is about a good of place as any to leave it for the time being.

Normally, can’t really bash the story to much. When your characters are Sharktopus and a Whalewolf you are not expecting the strongest of stories to back them up, and while this is really weak story even by these standards. The over the top carnage from Sharktopus was more than enough to cover some of it and Whalewolf wasn’t to bad. He was no Pteracuda, but passable.

But that might be the end of the positives for this one. Outside of the Sharktopus and some of the Whalewolf scenes. There really isn’t much to say about any of the characters. The Voodoo scenes actually slowed the pacing down to a crawl. Continuity issues glare its face in ways that makes it impossible to ignore. When the cop is inspecting the garage, the car door is open in one shot and closed in the next and they flip between the two shots making it impossible to ignore the mistake. There were scenes where Sharktopus and Whalewolf were fighting and the next they were separated. They really could have used a bit more fighting between the two of them to transition a bit smoother.

While this movie wasn’t as good as Sharktopus and Sharktopus vs Pteracuda. There is a decent amount of fun to be had with this film. So if you are a fan of cheesy monster movies. You might have some fun with Sharktopus Vs Whalewolf. As Always, I hope you enjoy and…

Thank You For Reading.

Bill and Ted Face The Music Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


This was one of the movies I was rather looking forward to seeing going into this year. The Bill and Ted movies were always good fun movies to kick back with and just enjoy yourself and had some high hopes for Face The Music. Didn’t think they would come back for anything less than a good script. Certainly been a trip to get to this point but now that it finally here. Let’s dive in and see if it was worth the wait.

The movie starts with a voice over from Thea and Billie. Explaining what had transpired since we last seen their dads, Bill and Ted. That they thought they had written the song to unite the universe, but that wasn’t it and they had been beating themselves up and sinking the band lower and lower in the process. Finally joining them at Missy’s new wedding. Performing their next song that they hope is the song, but it most definitely is not. The only two who do like it are Billie and Thea, who are nearly a carbon copy of their Dads. Getting lectured by Ted’s Dad about how they need to grow up and how they have ruined the girls by being how they are. We jump to Bill and Joanna going to marriage counseling and wildly disappointed to see Ted sighed him and Elizabeth up for the exact same session. Trying desperately to get one of them to say I love you, instead of we and end up sending them away. Going back home and after a conversation with their Daughters. Ted confesses to having got an offer for the Les Paul. Tired of hitting their heads off the wall over it and hurting those around them. Just about to give up when a Time Traveling pod arrives and out comes Kelly, Rufus’s Daughter. Who says they have a problem and they need to come with her. Taking them back to meet with the leaders. Passing a Phone Booth with a hologram of Rufus along the way. They discover that if they don’t perform the song at 7:17 reality would collapse in on itself and the affects are already happening with historical figures being displaced across time. In a panic, they take the Phone Booth to go into the future and steal the song from their future selves. When they had already written it. Only when they jump ahead two years. They find their future is not bright and they not only don’t have the song, but have lost Joanna and Elizabeth and the kids. Meanwhile the Great Leader reveals that the song is only one interpretation of the destiny. Another is Ted and Bill dying. So she sends a robot names Dennis to go kill them. Trying to get ahead of it, Kelly goes back to the present to warn them, and is stopped by Billie and Thea who saw them leaving before and want to use the time machine to go back in time to collect the most famous musicians in history for the band their Dad’s will need to perform their song and this is where I will leave off for the time being.

The story was simple, let elegantly woven together. Everyone having something to do and coming together nicely at the end. From Billie and Thea’s trip through time that was so well put together and performed that I could have easily watched more from them alone. Had the killer robot lurking around every bend. The wives dropping in and out of the timeline and of course, Bill and Ted’s adventure which was hysterical. Getting to arguments with every iteration of themselves. Taking them all the way to the end, with a detour into hell along the way.

The pacing was perfect. Moving at a rather quick pace to show how little time they have. Only slowing down to show importance of a moment which helped heighten the moment all that much more. The characters all felt real to who they were. Bill and Ted were two guys who are trying their best to do right by everyone and two daughters trying to help their Dads. There was no fighting to pad out the run time and it benefits largely from it. The jokes hit for the most part and was still able to pull out a twist at the end and a large part has to do with the cast.

Keanu Reeves did a great job stepping back into the role of Ted after all this time was amazing. Along with Alex Winter returning to play Bill. These two just have great chemistry together. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine were brilliant as Thea and Billie though. They were so good playing as spaced out as Bill and Ted, but when they talk you can hear how smart they are. Especially when Billie is talking to Curdi about what is happening to reality. Able to play off one another so well. Thrilled that we got to spend so much time with them and if they come out and wanted to do a movie around these two; I would be all for it. Kristen Schaal was good as Kelly and always great to see William Sadler as Death and can’t forget Anthony Carrigan’s Dennis Caleb McCoy. Didn’t expect the robot to be as funny as he turned out to be and glad he got to dance at the end.

When I started typing this out, was going to talk about the ending, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who decided to click on this without seeing it. If you haven’t seen it, you should go and check it out. Either at the theater or on VOD like I did. Especially if you are a fan of the serious. It was a fun ride with a great way to bring the series to a close. Final Grade = A +

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

June (2015) Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


I am not normally a fan of possession films. Tend to all go about the same formula and never really enjoy them all that much, but going into the B Movie Selection. Decided top give one a go and finally settled on June. Mostly because the picture of the little girl with a bunch of knives floating about her seemed like a good time. So lets dive in and discuss the movie, shall we.

We start with a voice over of a women talking about a savoir, a child with two souls. One good and the other evil. A bit of a title screen and a ritual happening around a baby. With bright lights swirling with darkness. When the lead cult member is stabbed an things get out of control and everyone except one teen who ran and the baby die. We jump ahead to nine years and we see now orphaned June. Living in a trailer, with a bunch of other orphans and parents who collect them for the money. Which the Social Worker, Emmanuel sees through and tells her he can find her a new home, before leaving. That night when the other kids start picking on her. The Demon, Aer, comes out and fries the electricity and the next day during a BBQ. When one of the kids picks on her again. Only this time when Aer came out. Takes down everyone with a ten foot radius in a loud scream. Which got her removed from the house and place with Lily and Dave Anderson. A friendly couple who are a little taken back by her drawings, but more than thrilled to have a child. They take her to school and when she gets called on to answer a question in front of the class. She begins to bleed everywhere and blacks out. Having a nightmare and comes face to face with Aer. Turns out it was her first period and Emmanuel believes homeschooling is the way to go and the Mom agrees. Going into a montage of the three bonding, but mostly June and Lily. When Dave is taking pictures, we see a glimpse of Aer before the camera breaks and he begins to get more concerned after finding pictures of him scratched out and I will leave it there for now.

I didn’t outright dislike what they were trying to do here. Presenting this cult that were trying to bring this demon into the world to reset the world for nature and had some fun ideas set up, but didn’t take any time to capitalize on any of it. I loved the fact that Lily was the survivor if the ritual and June once again ended up back in her life. They could have played with the concept the Aer knew her and had some fun interactions with them. Could have had David really investigating and discovering everything on his own. Even have the occult sway him over due to his love of nature. They could have done a lot with what they were presenting, but only did a little bit of everything. Dave figured out Emmanuel from his pictures, only had a slight stare down between Aer and Lily and rather weak end with the Cult made very little sense. Especially when we have seen just how strong Aer is.

It wasn’t outright awful. June was an interesting character and liked the concept of the two spirits inside her. Seeing her coming out of her shell and finding happiness but Aer threatening to cost her that. Lily trying to take care of June to keep Aer appeased even at the cost of her marriage. There were some fun things throughout that kept my attention.

The acting was just alright. Kennedy Brice did a really good job as both June and Aer. Had pretty good chemistry with Victoria Pratt who played Lily. No one was outwardly bad, just alright.

The movie suffers from trying to tell a story with so much going on, with bare minimum effort to tell the tale. Had so much going on and instead of going into it. Just shrugs it off and carries on, without bothering to explore it and it is because of that, can’t really suggest it to anyone. Which is kind of disappointing. Don’t really like telling people to pass on a movie, but kind of becoming an ugly habit. Here’s to next week being better. As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thanks You For Reading!

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