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Ladder match let down

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Going into WWE Money in the bank, the match that garnered most excitement, at least to me, had to have been the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, between Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya, and Carmella with James Ellsworth, in her corner. 

 The women on both shows have been phenomenal over the past year or so. When they haven’t stolen the show, their matches are right there for match of the night. They’ve competed in Last Man Standing, Iron Man, and not only preformed in Hell in the cell, but main evented that card. So seeing five going to be the first women to competed in Money In The Bank was enough to get you to want to watch. 

 The match itself was stellar.  Allot of high impact, death- defying falls, and constant momentum changes. On their way to setting the bar for the match that much higher.  When the ending occurred, that sucked all the energy and excitement from it. When Ellsworth climbed the ladder, and dropped the case into Carmella lap.

 Going to start by saying, know these matches are scripted and winners chosen ahead of time, and as much of a fan of Becky Lynch that I am, and wanted to see her win. Knew Carmella was going to win, and would have been in some sort of heel (Villain) fashion, but this ending was awful to see.

 Have seen or read over and over, that the ladder match is No Disqualification and there being no rules.  Which would be fine, had I not listened throughout every other ladder match, it’s the first competitor to climb the ladder and retrieve the title, or in the Money in the bank matches, Briefcase. Have seen outside assistance before, and had Ellsworth done something to aide Carmella to climb it herself. Would have gone over and not felt like a huge step back. 

 That’s the problem. This was suppose to be historic, and was a truly great match to see. The women absolutely put their best into creating an amazing edge of your seat, couldn’t take your eyes off of match, and seeing him take the case down, instead of even having Carmella do it herself, just seemed to taint the match itself. 

 They announced a rematch on Smackdown for next week. A second money in the bank ladder match for the woman’s briefcase. Once again I’m sure the match itself will be fantastic as they always do, but it’ll be difficult going into this as excited cause I’m already wondering how the heel ending will come into play this time around.


Changing of the guard for Miles Morales 

By: Justin Hopkins 

I remember quite a few years back,  when Sony was rebooting Spider-Man. Came across a movement for one Miles Morales to be Spider-Man, instead of Peter Parker, and I had no idea who they were talking about.  Had been awhile since I read a comic,  and had no idea there had been a change. To be honest,  I was against this.  Spider-Man being my favorite superhero.  Was not ready for someone else to take his place. I didn’t have to worry,  because Sony went with Peter,  but the push didn’t go away,  but grew. 

 For those who may not know.  Miles took the place of Peter Parker, after his death in the Ultimate Universe.  While he was met with controversy, he was poplar enough, that when The Ultimate Arc ended in 2015,  he was carried over to the regular run.  With a stop over in Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon. Where I first saw him,  and became a fan. His emotional weight and differences from Peter made him a great character. 2015 was also the year he nearly got the lead in the Disney reboot.  

Bringing us to today.  Miles is on fire. In the last six months,  outside of his own comic run,  he’ll be crossing into Spider Gwens comic, an Animated Movie coming to theaters on December 21, 2018, and yesterday the fans cheered in joy,  as he was shown in the new Spider-Man Video Game. Leaving the question, why wait to bring him into the MCU.

 The Thanos story is nearing to a close, and Spider-Man, being a massive earner, that comes with a multiverse dilemma storyline. Allowing them to bring in three likes of Spider Gwen, Noir, and headlined by Miles Morales, and done early to use the emotional impact that comes with Miles meeting Peter. Skipping around origin,  and start him on the fly. 

 At this point, it’s a forgone conclusion that Miles Morales still take the reigns from Peter in the movie theaters.  It brings in fresh faces and new stories.  The time is right and the board is almost set perfectly for a smooth transition from one to another.  

Significance of Wonder Woman

By: Justin Hopkins 

 With Wonder Woman all set to blow past three hundred million in the box office; just six days after its release. Strong word of mouth,  and 93% rotten tomato score. Calling it a smashing success would just be a foregone conclusion.  A wildly entertaining turnaround film the dull and rather boring DCEU. However, it could be more significant, being the first successful female driven superhero movies to date. 

 For starters,  it’s a great sign moving forward and raising the confidences for Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens. Headlined by fan favorites such as Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman set the bar high,  and everyone involved will try that much harder to hit higher, and that is always great news for us fans.

 Why stop there though.  D.C. has tremendous pool of characters,  both A and B listers. From Powergirl, Huntress, or even Katherine Kane’s Batwoman, or many others.  Can be introduced through any of the upcoming movies,  or even just get their own solo adventure, since D.C. has not shyed away from the idea of not having everything tied together.

 While Marvel has had great success with Jessica Jones, she seems solely dedicated to Netflix, and our hopes for a Black Widow movie, stuck as rumors. They opened not only a very successful door, but a mostly untapped one to boot. With plenty of choices, they can venture out into new territory,  and set the stage themselves. 

Wonder Woman 

By:Justin Hopkins 

 Coming off a less then stellar year, D.C. really needed a success, with Wonder Woman. Not just financially, but one with the crowd.  A movie people enjoy, and not regret sitting through.  Being directed by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gabot reprising her role as Wonder Woman. I did not go into this movie with much in the way of excitement, due to how low of a track record they have with movies, and I’m so glad to be wrong,  since it turned out to be a tremendously entertaining movie.

 The story was deep and emotional, taking place in a flashback to her time on Themyscira. Learning to become their greatest warrior, helping a plane wrecked Steve Trevor,  and setting off with him, to defeat the God of War Ares. The settings and fight sequences were all too notch. At times the pacing seemed a little sluggish,  but it all played out nicely and built up more and more emotions and gave it much needed heart.

 The shining and best part of the movie was its amazing performances from all of its actresses and actors.  Gal Gabot leading the way, as the Amazon Princess. Taking the audience on an emotional thrill ride. From excitement and desire to train and willingness to stand for what she believed. To venturing out into the human civilization fascination and confusion over seeing how things worked to how horrified she felt seeing injured soldiers and desperate in need of help. Emotions coming to a head to in surprise ending, and great boss fight. Learning the secret hinted at at the start of the film. Behind her was Chris Pine’s role of Steve Trevor. Playing excellently off her, showing chemistry and just fluid acting between the two main stars. Backed by Connie Nielsen and Said Taghmoui, and everyone else involved,  brought their A- Game in bringing the movie to life. 

 Wonder Woman really highlighted just how good D.C. can be. Using just her story, and no involvement from the other heroes.   They turned out a great movie.  This could be a real turning point for D.C. to learn from going forward. If you haven’t seen it, or on the ropes,  rest assure Wonder Woman is a true delight.

Resident Evil Movie Reboot

By: Justin Hopkins 

 In 2002, Paul W.S Anderson, would kick start what would become a six movie saga of Resident Evil. Choosing to focus on new character,  just for the movie universe, Alice, played by Milla Jovovich. First movie acting as a prequel to the wildly acclaimed video game. Bringing in 103 million dollars off a meager budget of 33 million, with mixed reviews. More then enough positive results though to warrant a sequel. Fast forward 15 years later, and five more sequels later.  The series came to a close in January 2017. Despite seeing reviews fall by each passing movie.  They managed to bring in over a billion dollars world wide.  Less then a week after The Final Chapter came out to DVD, they announced a reboot was in the works, and I’m not only excited for it,  but strongly hope it comes out as soon as it can. Since there is plenty of reasons to keep the movies coming,  and plenty of direction to go into. 

 It’s not like these movies will come out tomorrow or next month.  Still going to be little over a year or two even. Resident Evil 7 is still fresh in people’s minds.  The movies,  as bad as some looked at them as, is a billion dollar series.  People still want this world to stay, and would be easy to keep the hype going by casting stories and rumors.

 I did enjoy the movies quite alot actually, and Milla was really entertaining, but the one thing the reboot can rectify, is giving the characters we all wanted to see come to life on the silver screen,  a better going this time around. From Leon and Chris Redfield, to Ada Wong, Jill and Claire ( Simon Roberts was an awesome Albert Wesker) Even great villain and side characters. They got a wealth of great stuff just waiting to be used. That could make a great movie. 

 Resident Evil 7 showed that there is still a market for the beloved series. Every remastered game, lighting that fire right back. Making us nostalgic for when we were introduced to the massive, thriving world. The reboot was almost a foregone conclusion. Why hold off and wait, when the market is here now.

Friday the 13th The Game review

By:Justin Hopkins

 Yesterday was the big day.  The day I have been looking forward to since the day they announced it.  The reason I upgraded from PlayStation 3 to 4. Most excitement I have ever had over a video game in my entire life. The official launch date of Friday the 13th The Game. Woohoo!

 Starting off, this game had to go through quite a bit to simply be made.  Like taking to kickstarter to get funded.  Able to land heavyweights from the movies,  such as Kane Hodder to come and do motion capture for Jason Voorhees,  as well as Thom Matthews to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis.

As of right now.  It’s multiplayer online only,  with the single player story being a free download in a couple months. One person taking the reigns as Jason.  Given twenty minute time limit to kill as many of your party as you can. Depending on which movie version you are.  There are various tweks to what you can or cannot do. Once you have a grip on the controls, it’s go time.  As this game gives you so many different ways to slaughter the counselors. From bludgeoning to choking or punching their heads, fist through the chest, or breaking their spines. Use the environment around you,  to crush heads in doors, drowned, hang them on a coat rack,  or as I found out when my character got stuck in a bear trap, neutered. When you are Jason Voorhees, it is simply the best part of the game.  As you try to recreate your favorite death scenes or wipe them out as quick as you can.

 Unless you changed you preference though. Odds of being Jason at this interval is slim. More often then not.  Find yourself tasked by having to survive the onslaught. Much like,  Jason, each counselor is different from the next. Depending on who you get. May change how you want to go. Once you’ve armed yourself.  Going to have a few options to decide.  You can win by escape, via repair the car or boat. Which is difficult, since while you are doing this.  You are pretty much defenseless. You can call the police,  but you’ll still have to meet them at the front of the camp, and since they now know where you’re going.  Jason may just be waiting. All of which is still easier then your final two options.

 Calling in for Tommy Jarvis is always something you want to try to gun for. As one of your fallen team members will now return as the gun welding hero. Wish I could say more,  but I just don’t know what all he is capable of during my time as playing the game.  Which leads me to my biggest grief about the game.

 This may well be my inexperience talking,  but the online multiplayer just doesn’t allow me to get as involved into a game as much as I would like to.  Odds are slim that one gets to play as Jason, unless you change your preference,  but with the serves overwhelmed by so many playing at once.  Can end up waiting longer to play. Now,  the plus side is that a single player is right around the corner,  and this was their way of getting the rest of the money they would need for it, but it is a downer at times not having it.

 None of this should stop you from buying this game. Especially if you love the Friday the 13th series.  Often found myself taken back,  as I would stumble onto parts of the camp grounds, that took me right back to my favorite moments, and for those who love online gaming and are looking for a challenge. Spawn as a counselor,  bat up,  and try to survive, or even more difficult then that; try to kill the monster known;  as Jason Voorhees.

Alien: Covenant Review

By: Justin Hopkins

Alien: Covenant hit theaters yesterday, and is performing extremely well in the box office.  The prequel to the originals and sequels to Prometheus.  Taking us further into the story of how the Xenomorphs came to be.  Despite the fact it had to clean up the mess that Prometheus made.  Still had high hopes for Covenant.  In some ways it delivered and other ways; came up short.

The movie starts off with a conversation between Weyland and synthetic robot David. A conversation talking about creations and creators, that plays out later, but largely not needed.  Then it jumps forward to the space ship named covenant. On a journey to a new world.  Fifteen crew, 2000 colonists,  and embryos. All in hyper sleep, except for synthetic bot Walter. When they were hit by a massive flare.  Killing their Captain. Setting up for why the new Captain decided on the change on plans and followed a transmission to a new world instead.  Where two would immediately getting infected and release two early forms of the alien. Getting saved by David. Where he had been creating new species,  and had been waiting for test subjects.

Alien has always been a movie that slowly built the suspense. Growing the tension till the climax, but this movie really pushed it at times. Even after being rescued by David. Can see where the movie is going and just want to get there already.  Kind of ruins it by the time it does pick up, and there is excellent parts to come.

Alien has always been about strong female protagonists. From Sigourney Weaver to Noomi Rapace and now Katherine Waterson. Who did a great job at playing the role of Daniels. From feeling her sorrow at the very beginning at her watching her Husband burn to death, and watching her grow to be a strong captain and fight two Xenomorphs. Her performance made the twist all that much more meaningful.

Then came the part I was waiting for. Sure it was fun seeing the early breeds of Alien, but nothing trumps finally seeing the original Xenomorph we all love and terrifies us, in all its glory.  Making it worth while sitting through.

Alien Covenant was a good movie.  Far better then Prometheus was.  Backed by strong performances from Katherine Waterson, Michael Fassbender, and Danny McBride. If your a big fan of the Alien series or horror junkie. Would suggest going to see it in theaters. Otherwise,  make sure to collect it on DVD because it is worth seeing it at least once.

Hellboy getting rebooted

By: Justin Hopkins

It was announced last week,  that Hellboy would be making its long awaited return to theaters… without the big players Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman. This is tough bit of news even for me.  Since I think the first two Hellboy movies are seriously overlooked,  and way underrated.  Perlman’s potential protrail being one of the best of the superhero kind. Had high hopes for a third for so long, and with them dashed, kind of want to eat my words on accepting reboots.  Nevertheless, I admit,  there are some perks to rebooting Hellboy.  Let’s get started with the easiest shall we.

Almost overstated, but Deadpool changed the superhero movie.  Backed by the success of Logan, could almost bet they got allot of studios thumbing through their properties. Searching for more adult oriented comics (Sony returning to Venom) Only a matter of time,  before Hellboy was going to resurface, as it should. There is a great wealth of characters and stories.  Centering around the dark and depraved,  with dark sense of humor. An R Rating will carry it far, and is the right direction.

Guillermo del Toro does seem to want to do a third movie, but when would he have time.  He has a laundry list of movies,  and its been nine years since Hellboy 2. Sequels are challenging after this much time has past, and unless he’d be willing to make it top priority. Who knows how long we’ll be kept waiting.

A major aspect working in the favor of the reboot,  is Mike Mignola is behind it. The creator of Hellboy is helping pen the script.  Making sure it stays true to form. The reason we love Hellboy and having this conversation in the first place,  is because of his hard work. Reason enough to get behind the reboot.

I’m going to close,  not with another pro or con, but with something I hope at least one person can take away from this.  David Harbour is not Ron Perlman. Perlman made a tremendous Hellboy,  and will be missed. Don’t expect David to come in and be a Ron Perlman Hellboy. Instead let’s see what David Harbour’s interpretation on Hellboy can be,  and let’s see how this plays out,  before we judge it.

Star Wars Spin-Offs

By: Justin Hopkins

I am not a fan of Star Wars.  Anyone who has talked to me or read my previous blogs are aware of that.  Yet,  with Disney planning on movies all the way out past 2020, and me blogging about as many movies as I can. Something I’ll have to get over. However,  all is not lost for me. The spinoffs have alot of fun potential, and can’t help but think of three characters that I think deserve to be front and center, and also believe the fans would love them as well.  Let’s start this off,  with wildly popular, Yoda.

You may not find a more popular character then Jedi Master Yoda. From the original trilogy,  prequels, and inclusion in TV. He has been great fun to watch.  Not much has been seen on his early years though. After all this time, would be a nice change of pace to see his early years,  as a young Jedi.

Most people give Boba Fett way to much credit. He’s boring and way overrated. The Bounty Hunter who they should go with is Cad Bane. Made one hell of a splash in the Clone Wars Saga. Taking on any perilous assignment all for the money.  His intelligence and ruthless not only made him succeed alot of the times, but made the Jedi chasing him; appear woefully outmatched. For the fans of Boba Fett, they can even have a younger version being trained by Bane. Like they originally wanted to do in the show.

And here we are,  the most deserving one; Ahsoka Tano. She absolutely made Clone Wars Saga entertaining. A character you could get behind. Watching her grow as a Padawan and learn throughout. Heartbreaking moment when the Jedi Order hung her out to dry, for a crime she didn’t commit.  Exciting return in Rebels.  With at least one actress,  Rosario Dawson willing to play her. Wouldn’t just stop at a spinoff,  but work her back into the main story.

Star Wars may not be my favorite series of movies,  but it does have some entertaining parts to it, and for me; these are the three who deserve their time on the silver screen more then anyone.

Wonder Woman’s growing problems

By Justin Hopkins

Little over a year ago, DC put out what should have been an easy, billion dollar mega hit, in Batman vs Superman. Alot of excitement and hype. Only for it to fall flat. While it had many flaws. One of the positives, was Gal Gabot’s performance as Wonder Woman. Bringing the Amazon to life for the first time, on the big screen. May have only had  brief screen time, but was a true highlight. Enough to garner excitement for her future… or so it should have.

This movie has so much going for it. Long awaited female led superhero movie, Wonder Woman’s first, Gal Gabot’s return, and entertaining trailers. These are things studios want from an upcoming movie. Yet, here we are, just over a month away, and the walls are mounting.

Starting with the simplest; the early estimates that this movie is tracking for an 83 million dollar opening weekend. Now, this would be fantastic, if it wasn’t a superhero movie. It has to match precedence here. Man of steel at least got 117 million.

Factor in all movies see a drop after the first week, along with stiff competition from The Mummy the following week, hope Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean don’t turn into a success that takes away from that projection. 83 million is simply not going to cut it.

DC had fallen into a bad steak, with their last two movies entering opening weekend, with rumors of messy scripts, and labels of disaster. Neither of which were able to be proven wrong. Could be a bad omen, that Wonder Woman is facing down the same barrel. Risk scaring people off, who don’t want to pay for a potential bad movie again.

Most important, Justice League is set to release six months after this movie. Alot of investors and studio heads will be watching Wonder Woman’s numbers closely. If it bombs or under performs. This will not only add to the pressure on Justice League, a movie under the same disaster barrel, but start to ask the question is it time to clean house?

Despite my hammering, I want this movie to succeed. The DC Universe is full of awesome characters, that deserve their time in the spotlight. In order for that to happen; Wonder Woman must succeed.