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Doom: Annihilation Movie Review and Discussion

By: Justin Hopkins

I was looking forward to this. First Doom movie wasn’t bad. Solid action, Sci-Fi horror movie, but wasn’t the Doom we were hoping for. Maybe this time around would be better. Then the first trailer drop and was a little harder to hope, but still there. Then ID, the creators distanced themselves from the project, which was not a good sign, and the movie just kind of came out, without much press behind it or anything. But that was fine, I love B-Movies. Review them here every Sunday. Doom may even thrive in the B Movie genre department, and with the next game being pushed back. This can fill the sorrow till March and oh boy did it fail so hard at that. Normally, try to be positive and give a movie a fair shake, and not run down a bad one to much, but this movie… Let’s do the thing we do here, and I will try to be as impartial as I can be.

This story opens up in a lab, one on Phobos and one on Earth. Testing out what they believe to be teleporters, and their test is successful, but the man comes through as an infected monster. That they manage to lock away. We then jump to the Soldiers, and Lieutenant Joan Dark. Haunted by an old memory, and becomes clear that she is loathed by her team of extremely obnoxious and cliched soldiers. Plus a Doctor who use to date her, because why not. They are being sent to Phobos to act as security because Joan messed up bad on their last assignment and this was their punishment. Meanwhile, back in the lab. Dr. Betroger in an attempt to prove the teleporter can work. Goes through himself and causes an explosion and something bad comes through. Soldiers arrive and notice right away something is wrong and go out to restore power and find out what has happened, and are attacked by Zombie’s of the former scientists. Action and deaths are gruesome and sort of effective. You can see what happens at almost every turn here, but whatever. They find survivors and Dr. Betruger. Who has “no” memory of what happened. They then find out the portal is a gateway to hell. Although Dr. Betruger vehemently denies this. Venture off to their ship, but Daisy, their A.I. has been hacked or taken over, and isn’t about to let anyone leave, and enter the Demons, who actually look great. After a massive fight, survivors are faced with the painful truth that the portals may be their only way out, but Joan and the Doc, know that is what Betruger wants and are not going to do this, but call for help. Betruger knows and uses Joan’s failures to distract them long enough to lock them inside, and goes off to open the Gates, because someone on that side has ordered him to do so, and after more monologging, introduction the worst BFG gun imaginable, and it comes down to Joan and Betruger, and after what would be a sad death of Doc, which was more ways to slow things down when it had to be faster. She gets knocked into hell and I just want it to be over. Fights her way out, painful slow motion exit to Earth. No one listens and end scene of the portal, just before the demons escape to Earth.

This story was so bad, and I don’t even know where to start. I don’t understand the reason behind needing the soldiers, when one was all that was needed. They were cliche, and hearing the one yell, I’m your Ultra Nightmare wasn’t funny the first time, and hurt the second. Nearly turned it off the second time, and made a review on how dumb it was. If it was just to have people around for the demons to kill, could have accomplished that by having more scientist survivors for Joan to find around the complex. The pacing was so bad. They kept stopping to talk about something, and it just slowed things to a stop and all during what should have been the final climax. From stopping st the BFG, for her to have a tear filled breakdown about her being a screw-up, and then a long struggle with the Doc, and then the Demon Overlord had a speech, and then slow motion, because why not.

Feel like, they didn’t quite get the spirit of what Doom is. I mean, there is not much to the game. One person, Doom Slayer, against a massive force of demons. Armed with his wit and cache of weapons at his disposal, but there is actually something there, and that is might. One person digging down deep, and defeating a horde that outnumbers and should overwhelm, but through sheer will of his character; they can’t. That is what makes Doom Slayer memorable. They are the unstoppable force and the slayer is the unmovable object. In this movie, any time Joan starts to get momentum and looking strong. They stop to talk or have her crying and every time they do. They rob her of her internal strength, and no, the cross and faith was not the way to go. Had no place in this movie, cause like I said; needed to come from strength of character. Not an external source.

There were some positives in this movie. The setting was perfect. Attention to small details were on par. From the key cards, medikits on the wall. The holomaps. All ripped from the game. Some of the kills seemed Doomesque. The designs of the demons and imps were beautiful. Pretty decent carnage candy.

Do want to talk about the character of Joan Dark, and the actress who played her, Amy Manson. There were parts during the fighting scene and some of the conversation that I feel she excelled at. She look strong when they let her, especially when she fought the first demon on the ship. Held her own and looked like a credible threat. Felt like the writing failed her more then Amy did. Who did the best she could and was at least enjoyable to watch.

This is not B-Movie Sunday, which means that this is getting an official grade, and that is a D plus. Can’t possibly give this a higher grade. Would be lower, but Amy Manson was able to shine enough when they let her and did like what the demons look like. Can’t even really suggest it to anyone. If you love ther Doom series, don’t watch this, you will probably have a bad time. If you like bad B – movies. You might have a bit of fun, with some friends and beers, but there are far better ones to go with then this. It’s a really shame, because there was a good story here, but writing and direction blew it big time.

Thank you for reading


Pumpkinhead Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome back to our second edition of Classic 13. Where I go back and review a classic. From a regular or Cult and as you can tell. This month we are going through the Cult Classic route this time around. This was a rather tough choice. Really wanting to find something special for October. Went through a handful of Slashers and various monsters. Halloween obviously, was a choice, but I have other plans for that certain movie. Then it came to me, and it just had to be Sam Winston’s directed, Pumpkinhead. A monster that comes right to the front of my mind when someone asks me about monsters. Instead of going on and on about my love of this monster in the intro, lets dive in and break down the story and all the fun things that occur here.

The story opens up on a rather quick note. Where we see a man running for his life, and a family in their house, and they are in no way going to be helping him. Even to the point where the Dad threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t leave. He does, but meets a brutal end to the monster. While the son, Ed Harley sees it from the window. We jump ahead to Ed being a Father himself now, to young Billy, and you get to see them together, and they are each other’s world. Billy even helps him at their little shop, deep in backwood town, where the homes are built from hand and don’t even have electricity. Meanwhile, we are introduced to the teens. Who are going off to a cabin in the woods for vacation. Most of which are very likeable, with the exception of Joel. Who is drinking and driving as it is and reckless driving. All to set up for what will happen later. While they are at the store Joel and Steve go off to bike ride about the area, while the others shop and talk to Billy and Gypsy and a farmer with his grandkids show up, to pick up supplies, and Ed remembers he forgot the seed and leaves Billy to go get it. This is where things go south in a bad way. When Gypsy escapes and Billy tries to get him. Is accidentally run over by Joel. Who flees the scene right away, due to being drunk and on probation. When the rest couldn’t find a phone, leave Steve there to call for help. Where they are held captive for a time by Joel, who does not want to go to jail. Meanwhile, Ed comes back and finds his son, broken and inches from death, and you can just feel the pain and hatred just by the look and the camera hovering on it was perfect. In desperation to bring his son back, seeks out Haggis. Knowing she has powers, but when she told him she can’t raise the dead, enlists the help of the creature who avenges man who has been wrong, and Pumpkinhead begins his pursuit, and I will leave the story at that for anyone who has not seen it, because you really need to watch this movie.

I don’t even know where to begin to praise this story. The story of Pumpkinhead being a demon of vengeance. That he’ll seek the vengeance you seek, but you pay a massive price in the form of living the carnage he is leveling on his victims. Sending a clear message of the dangers of seeking vengeance and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Examples of which were with Joel and Ed. Joel could have accepted responsibility for what was an accident in the first place, then it could have been avoided, but waited to long. Much like Ed, who had all the time in the world to turn stop, but by the time he realized he went to far; it was also to late. It is an age old tale, that still holds up to today, and they do such a good job weaving that message into this story, and keeps you hooked throughout.

Casting wise is top notch, and starts from the top with the great Lance Henriksen. He was stellar in the role as Ed Harley. Can feel his emotions all the way throughout. They joy he felt just being around Billy at the beginning. Bit of pride watching him watering vegetables, and the pain he felt holding his son while he died, and the anger radiating as he sought out Haggis. Lance was perfect choice for this role. John D’Aquino was good as Joel. Was unlikable enough to hate, but pulled off sympathetic. Never meant to hurt Billy and in the end, did want to own it. Just never got the chance. Cynthia Bain made for a good final girl. You feel for her and made me want her to survive despite the unstoppable force in her way. Florence Schauffler was haunting as Haggis. Her appearance was disturbing and made for a believable swamp witch. Her chemistry was on point with Lance. Which was important for their back and forth toward the tail end when he is demanding her to call him off, and she is telling him that can’t happen. When she is on screen demands your attention. And congratulations to George “Buck” Flower. He actually survived this time, and was pretty good as Mr. Wallace.

Pumpkinhead himself… was simply glorious. His appearance was grotesque and terrifying. Way he would just appear, with the wind and flashing lights. He was smart and by luring them with escape, or just plucking them from rooftops or trees, and their demise was slow and painful. Often saving the final kill to happen in front of the surviving friends. Like with Maggie. He taps her face off the window, to get their attention, rubs her face against the glass, before shoving her through, and lays her on the counter like she is nothing more than a dirty dish. Just a demented creepy monster. Played by the extremely talented Tom Woodruff Jr, who can not get enough praise for his work in prosthetics, and he shines as Pumpkinhead.

Alright, negatives, and I really only have one. First, think they killed Joel off to early. Being that is was his early actions that caused this. They had him begin to try and repent, but felt his death could have meant more, if he sacrificed himself to buy the others time. It was a good death, but feel they could have gotten more out of it.

If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is the perfect time to watch; Halloween time. In between all the slashers, throw in Pumpkinhead, and enjoy the ride, and if you have seen it. Watch it again. You can never have enough Pumpkinhead. Final Grade – S

Thank you for reading

The Banana Splits Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

  **Spoiler Warning**

  Last night was the Syfy debut of one Banana Splits movie. Based off the kid’s show from the 60’s and 70’s. Never watched the show. Nor have I played five nights at freddy, but get the jist of the game. but after seeing just one trailer of the bloodbath carnage from the robotic mascots. Knew I had to watch this movie. Went in expecting a wild, carnage candy filled ride, with sprinkles of bad acting along the way. The classic B movie charm kind of deal. After it was all over. Had to sit back and think it over. Very much on the fence on which way I wanted to go. Let’s break things down and try my best to explain why I landed on where I finally ended up.

The movie starts out by introducing the family starting with Mom Beth, youngest son Harley, older rebellious son Austin, and Dad to Harley and Step-Dad Mitch. The night before Harley’s birthday, and they got him tickets to go see the Banana Splits. Harley’s favorite show. He friend can’t go so Beth gets another kid Tina, who doesn’t want to go because Harley is both weird and not her friend. She goes anyway. Once there, you get the cliched old timer warning them about the robots moving on their own, and we meet the characters in the crowd that we will be following along. Got Thad and Poppy, the social media users. Parker and her Dad, who is obsessed to get his talented child in front of a producer to have his dream of living through his daughter. Meanwhile, you got the backstage workers, Paige and Producer Rebecca, who is informed by the V.P that this will be the last Banana Splits Show. This conversation also happens in front of Drooper, one of the robotic who is being updated with the rule, the show must go on. Which sends them on their homicidal pursuit. Killing the parents and workers they come across and kidnapping the children so they can continue the show.

On to the positives side of the ball, we have the acting which for the most part, did a pretty decent to good job. Especially, when most of them are fairly new to acting in general, in the case of Naledi Majola who played page, this is her first credited role. Yet, she did a fairly good job as Paige. Finlay Wojtak-Hissong did a wonderful job as Harley. Who had to play the kid who knew all about this show, and liked how they handled it, with his love of the mascot Snorky being so much that it turned the elephant good and felt sad for Harley when Snorky died protecting them from his last Mascot brother. I almost made Romeo Carere’s Austin a negative, till I thought about it a little. He always looked down and spoke slow and nervous. Like he was constantly second guessing and kind of hated when he had to talk, but then it dawned on me. Of course Austin would. He lost his real father. Mitch was a jerk to him, and it screwed him up. He wanted to be a good brother to Harley and loved his Mom, but was internally screaming for help. Romeo pulled it off really quite well, and I think Dani Kind really stood out as Beth. Hard-fighting Mom who was trying to save her family. Despite her being outmatched by the Banana Splits, she felt like the only one who could stand up to them. Her decking Mitch at the end, felt like the right way to send her off with.  Speaking of the Banana Splits; Terry Sauls, Brandon Vraagom, Kori Clarke, Buntu Plam were those sporting the costumes. Bringing the Banana Splits to life and they did a good job. Can’t imagine how hard it must of been to work in the costumes, but hats off to their performance.

I loved the gore in this movie. Really utilizing the props around a Kid’s television set to make for some comical kills. Had no problem showing the money shots. Lingering on some a little longer than necessary, but still effective. They made the Banana Splits extra brutal too. Not only did they take out most of the backstage workers, but every parent who we thought left, and the Page who was escorting them out. Along the old man guard at the gate. We didn’t see their demise, but the aftermath was devastating Had two good example of foreshadow kills, which I always love and welcome every time. Steve’s death, as fun as it was, bothered me because of the obvious question of how did this happen, but was probably also the best kill so don’t question it too much. The robotic sound effects of the robots was a nice little touch, and the Tra La La music intro was created by monsters, and will haunt me to the grave. So thanks for that.

Now, we got to dissect the negatives and the story is one large negative. My god, they couldn’t possibly have made this more cliche. Three minutes after meeting Mitch, you can see they are setting him up to being one you want to be killed. I don’t have issue with that, but wow they throw it all on him. You can even predict that he is going to be cheating on Beth even before they start to hint at it, because he is just such a jerk to everyone. They really didn’t need to do this. You can root for him dying just by the way he treats Harley and Austin, and he is not even the only one they do this with. The social media users were obnoxious and way Parker’s Dad was trying to live through his Daughter. They spent so much time just making us hate characters they want to kill, instead of creating ones we like, and feel bad for losing.

Then you get stupid decisions on characters are turned all the way up here. There was a scene where Rebecca tried to runaway, by running directly into one of them. Snorky walks away, in front of them, yet no one notices him wonder off. Then Poppy doesn’t follow them down the ladder, but nobody realizes it for a while, and never question it again. I get that is what goes into a B movie, or any movie really, but they could have had the same effect by changing just a little. Like Rebecca running a different direction and being intercepted by another. Much like the cliches. Just wish they would have spent some time to polish out the script a bit more.

The ending though, was really rough because they just had to go down the dumbest route they could go. All they had to do, was have Beth pop Mitch in the face, turn, walk toward the camera, hit the unlock button the car and go to black. Showing the story come around and everything would be fine. No, we get everyone leaving, with Mitch chasing the ambulance, cause of course a paramedic and police would leave an injured person on the ground. Only to be hit by the Banana Car, being driven by Poppy wearing the sister mascot suit. Towing the rest of the Banana Splits to who knows where. Singing their song, and Droopers eyes turning on. I don’t know why they felt this was the way to go. Cause none of it made any sense. Even kind of robbed Beth’s comeuppance on Mitch for the a final ha ha kill. That they had already done. This ending was such a pour way to go and left me cheated of something better.

Despite, the ending, cliches, and stupid characters. I would suggest giving Banana Splits a shot though. If you were a fan of the show growing up. This will give you a rather twisted look on your childhood characters. If you didn’t, there is still a bit of fun to be had with the carnage candy and fun ride along the way.

Thank you for reading.

Sequel Saturday Presents Paranormal Activity

By Paul Anthony

In 2007 a small sleeper hit film was released called Paranormal Activity, now the film used the found footage style which wasn’t new but only a few films had such success with it, one of them being this film, so it was only natural that we would be getting a sequel. like any sequel the budget was bigger but not so big, the budget was only three million and the movie grossed 177 million which was 16 million less then the first film, also the budget for the first film was only 15 grand. Still the movie made a 174 million profit not bad for a sequel. I know this film is labeled as both a prequel and a sequel which at the time of this film, this idea was still new in this era. Most of the film does serve at a prequel because the movie events take place two months before the first film but ends after the events of the first film and a more of follow up to the events as well.

The film does some things right but still leaves us with a few questions which means more films to come but when there is a story to tell I am all for a sequel. Here we learn why this demonic figure haunted and took over Katie, it is revealed that this figure actually went after Katie’s sister Kristi’s family first and tells us why and here is why. Some point in their family a direct relative join a coven that makes deals with the devil basically in return for good wealth, it is a theme we see through out the series that the people are in fact in good wealthy shape. The devil in returns gets the first born son however there hasn’t been a first born son in decades since the deal was made up until Kristi has a new born son named Hunter.

The family goes through the events of paranormal activity which causes Kristi’s husband to contact the nanny they fired to perform a ritual to basically aim the demon towards Katie rather then Kristi, which they do and the first film takes place, Still Kristi had no idea her husband did what he did, however the devil still wanted Hunter which he sends Katie to retrieve Hunter which she kills both parents and takes Hunter and the film ends.

The only problem I really had with this film was at times it did seemed boring at times because they did drag the story out with the days and in the end I believe that is why the numbers were down, sure the magic wasn’t fully there as well but I believe that wouldn’t have hurt the numbers, in the end it did well enough for a third film to be released.

Friday Roundabout 10/11/19

By Paul Anthony

Welcome back where we look at some stories you might have missed so without wasting time let’s get right to it. Kevin Hart has been covered a lot because of his accident that with how it is described he was very lucky to be a live, and his career was thought to be over and no longer the same as it once was, Though the accident was still bad which required him to have back surgery. Now Kevin wasted no time and got right back to work, when he went out on the promotional tour for his upcoming film Jumanji The Next level, which comes out later this year in December. I love Kevin Hart and to see him coming back this fast is nothing shy of awesome.

This next story really only popped up on the radar because his movie is a big hit and is number 1 and is predicting to remain at number 1. Joaquin Phoenix was recently in a accident involving a paramedics truck. Basically there really isn’t much here, witnesses and everyone including Phoenix himself said he basically missed judge the amount of room he had when he was pulling out and the truck just had a scratch on with his vehicle took the most damage, everyone was okay of course and they exchanged information and Phoenix isn’t facing any charges. Pretty much end of story.

Today The Charlie Angels reboot released another trailer. When the first trailer came out I have to admit I really wasn’t into this movie but now the second one is out and well basically I am slightly closer to saying I might go and see but I am still not sold on the film. I like the cast minus Kristen Stewart, but who knows she could shine in this film. The Movie is about a month away still, if they want to shine they really have to give us a little more before it is all said and done.

Terminator: Dark Fate runtime has now been revealed and it will be over two hours long at 2 hours and 14 minutes. We don’t know what story they are going to tell in this film, we do know the old crew is back in this film to give us a a good third film that we never got, though besides the last film, I thought the movies were good but never on the same level as part 2. I do hope this is the perfect amount of time to tell this story and I also hope all the hype is worth it on this film.

We are in the month of October and the Halloween franchise is back in full swing and we know we are just a year out when Halloween Kills comes out and more and more details are coming out and the next big detail we got is that Charles Cypher is returning to the franchise. If you don’t know him, I’ll help you out, he played Sheriff Leah Brackett in Halloween and Halloween part 2 but his character hasn’t been seen since then. We don’t know the details of how big his role is in this film but we will find out!

The Walking Dead Is dead!

By Paul Anthony

This going to be tough for me to talk about because the truth be told, I still haven’t watched this show for more then a total of 5 episodes out of ten seasons and here is why I must have bad luck or my timing is off because every time I give the show a chance I watch a boring episode and I just go good lord what am I watching. The show has been on for ten seasons now and over 130 episodes and it seems like the hype is now fading and fans for one reason to another is no longer interested in a show that has zombies and some pretty cool villains but because they are not used correctly and fan favorite characters left and story lines getting dragged out to the point the show seems less then a drama.

It nothing short of a great milestone for shows to reach season ten and go over 100 episodes. But now things are getting brutal in the rating department. Season ten began with just 4 million people watching the first of 16 episodes in season ten, which is the lowest rating for an season 1 premier episode when it received 5.24 million viewers and the season avg 5.97 million. Still the show really peaked in season 5 and 7 when it opened at over 17 million but then the beginning of the end came in season 9 which only 6 million people saw and now this season.

Sure if the show can rebound and give us some entertainment and not bore us with introducing a new villain then I can see the numbers going but the climb is steep and they need to use all the characters correctly, if they want to bring the crowds back. The show will be returning for a season 11 which worries me to be honest.

We know the war going to start with the Whispers since they are next villain but they have 15 episodes left and that’s all the time they need, they don’t need to drag this out like they did with Negan. We know filming for the first half of the season is done, and if they thought the first episode was good then it will be a long season for fans that are left for the show.

Who knows maybe one day I will catch up and follow this show and maybe understand it more and we all know some shows you need to have filler episodes but we will see how this season goes from here and it can’t get any worse can it?

Top 8 Final Guys

By: Justin Hopkins

Last weekend myself and Paul got together for a Top 5 Final Girls on our podcast. (Shameless plug but check it out on spotify and apple or through our Facebook page) While that was a challenging list to narrow down some excellent candidates to just five. This proved to be an almost as hard. Guys surviving to the end is not a big thing in the horror. Then it gets even harder trying to rank them beyond the obvious 2, but I am always up for a challenge, and after some hard thinking and even more tears, I came up with my top 8. Like always, this is my opinion and am always open to who you prefer and others opinion. It’s all about starting a conversation and with that said, let the conversation begin.

8. Doctor Daniel Challis – Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

Played by the talented Tom Atkins, he is a name I don’t often hear brought up very often as it probably should. Mostly because the movie itself has been slow to gain the respect it probably deserves (myself included). A man who went above and beyond to try and find out what happened to his patient, and even when he was in over his head. Still fought as hard as he could to try and save the kids, and had it not been for a matter of minutes, would have done so. He may have come up short on that last part, but fought off everything that was thrown his way, and Colonel Cochran did not live to see his plan come to fruition. Had he been successful in stopping the last comercial, he may be a little higher, but as it stands, he sits comfortably at the number 8 spot.

7. Dutch – Predator

Alright, I get that this might not be horror, but have scanned message board, that were split, and asked around my own life, and after a conversation with someone who is still terrified by the scene where the predator rips out the guys spine; I am counting it. But for argument sake I kept him low on the list. Despite the fact he should be much higher.   Besides how can I not count the manliest man, in what has to be the manliest movie of all time. As Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on one of the most gruesome alien threats in hollywood history, Predator, or Yautja for the die hards. Who picked his way through a special forces unit, and made Arnold actually a believable underdog. Dutch takes a pounding, but thanks to his inner strength, experience, and intelligence. Is able to pick up the win, and his importance is still felt, as they have been trying to hit the bar, that Dutch left in his place.

6. Preacher –  Deep Blue Sea

You can say that Tom Jane was more important role, but LL Cool J made all the difference and made more of an impact on the story. The comedic character at first, acting as the cook and comedic character, who argued with his bird. You think that he is doomed to be killed, but that is not what happens. He is so likeable that I found myself getting behind him more then anyone, and becomes the heart and soul of the group at the end. While it is not as remembered as much as the Samuel L. Jackson speech, but the end scene where he is leading the prayer as they are going up is tremendous, and he did take the final shot to kill the last shark. Making it his second kill of the movie. Had Carter not resurfaced, I believe the movie still ends on a high note.

5. Casey Connor – The Faculty

Elijah Woods played the perfect underdog. Literally start the movie getting manhandled by the football team. If anyone had any reason to leave his classmates to die, it was him, but he didn’t. He buckled down and faced the odds head on, because he is the stuff of heroes. Even with everyone converted to an alien and all hope seems gone. Casey kept fighting to the very end. Taking down the mother alien and saved the day, and the coming of age story came full circle.

4. Alex Browning – Final Destination

Devin Sawa’s Alex did not have an easy opponent, as he tried to get a head and stop Death itself, from finishing the job, after a handful of students and teacher who got off a doomed plane. Never knowing where it Death would strike from next, and seamless accidents, light gust of wind, or even a slight bit of water, would be more than enough to trigger a sequence that would lead to one’s demise, and the more people he saves. Puts himself closer to the chopping block himself. Alex was such a likeable character and we wanted to see him prevail, but left us wondering how he could defeat Death itself. Throughout the franchise, we had good characters step into lead, but Alex still reigns supreme as the best of the bunch.

3. Odd Thomas – Odd Thomas

I see dead people, but, then by God, I do something about it! – Odd Thomas

Prime example, of my personal opinion, being that Odd Thomas is my favorite movie. Anton Yelchin, turns in a great performance, as fry cook, psychic Odd Thomas. Who uses his abilities for the greater good. Often putting his own life at risk, but that doesn’t matter. Because he is such a good guy and it pours out of him at all times. Becoming aware that something horrible is about to happen in his small town. He sets out on a mad dash against the clock. Trying to stop whatever evil is about to bestow his town, before it is to late. He earns his place, for his heroism throughout, the final climax, and the message at the end.

2. Tommy Jarvis – Friday the 13th 

I have switched up number 2 and 1 at least a half-a-dozen times, and still only 85 percent sure of my final call, but Tommy Jarvis is definitely among the best Final Guys of all time. He really fought Jason on several occasions, with Thom Matthew being the best of the three. Despite being the reason Jason came back from the dead, he came more than prepared to deal with the situation. Fighting Jason head on, and wanting to end the nightmare for good, and am hoping to see him do battle once again, through those behind the fan movie, Never Hike Alone, if that is the direction they are heading. While, Jason battled against plenty of strong foes, Tommy may very well rank as the best, and earned the second slot on the list.

1. Ashley “Ash”  J. Williams – Evil Dead Franchise

There can be only one, chainsaw handed, boomstick wielding demon slayer and king of the Final Guys, and that is Ash. What more can be said that hasn’t already. Fell in love with him from the start. Despite his cowardice and over the top buffoonery. Is deep down, a hero who fights with everything he has to save his friends and try and stop the evil. Whether it is a cabin in the woods, medieval times, or the local S-mart. We can trust in Ash and his ability to wing up a weapon of devastation and take out evil whenever it appears.

And that is the end of the list. Don’t agree? Disagree that Dutch should be on the list? Did I leave off your favorite, which I probably did, Let me know in the comments. Like I have said, it’s all about starting a conversation. We all have a list in us, and feel free to share yours. Till next time;

Thanks for reading.


Batwoman Episode 1 Review and Reaction

By: Justin Hopkins

I am not going to lie, it’ll be a struggle to look at this from a non-bias point of view. Have loved the Batwoman character since I picked up Hydrology a few years back. ( Still bitter about that ending) Besides the art work being top notch. Fell in love with the story they were telling and especially the character of Kate Kane, Batwoman. She is similar to Batman but so much more different and complex and has for the most part, walked her own path. Even if it put her against the “Good Guys.” Her character has grown and evolved and have been dying for them to do more with the character, and geeked out when she made her appearance in Elseworlds. Been waiting on pins and needles for this show to debut and… I absolutely loved the first episode. Let’s do what we do here and start by looking into what happened and go from there.

It starts off with Kate training in icy waters for what is revealed later to be a spot on the Crow Special Forces, that protect Gotham in the absence of Batman. She is fueled by the memory of her Mom and Sister dying, after what appeared to be Batman leaving them to die. Back in Gotham, we see people of Gotham gathering, to turn off the illustrious Bat Signal. Town have given up hope on him returning and ready to move on. However, the proceeds were interrupted by a gang of masked men, led by Alice. Who Kidnap Sophie, Kate’s Ex- Girlfriend and established member of the Crows. After Kate gets the call from her Step-Sister, comes back immediately to try and save her, and we get our first flashback to her time in the military academy and it was Sophie that she was seeing during the time of her getting caught. It was a change in the mythos, but they kept the most important parts. When her Dad won’t bring her into the investigation, she takes it on herself and goes to the abandoned Wayne Towers. Cousins of Bruce and knows that the security footage could be found there. Where she runs into Luke Fox. Who seems to be the lone security guard that she disposes of easy enough and gets what she is looking for, takes it back to her Dad and goes off on her own to get Sophie back, and we get our first big fight. Which was pretty good. Showed how strong and capable she is, and even though she came up short, gave her room to grow, and Alice came off creepy and dominating as she needed to. Hitting low when she tells Kate that wants to get even with her Dad, but Kate isn’t good enough leverage, because her Dad doesn’t care and try as she might, Commander Kane would never make her a Crow and loved Sophie more. Before dumping her unconscious and ends up at her Step-Sisters underground doctors office. Giving her character good reason to be around. After confronting her Dad, she returns to demand Luke calls Bruce back when she stumbles upon the Bat Cave and they even redo the scene from Batman Begins where the Bats spiral around her and I am going to stop talking about the story because I don’t want to ruin anymore and tell you to go see it for yourselves because it is fantastic.

I really enjoy the cast all around. Cameron Johnson has me interested in what role Luke Fox’s role is going to be , besides suit maker that is. Her Sister Mary, Nicole Kang has me intrigued as well. After the emotional gut punch reveal surrounding Sophie, wonder were they are going to go with Sophie’s character. Rachel Skarsten was a terrific choice for the colorful Alice. She came across as an intelligent and intimidating foe, but her speech patterns of someone truly out of their mind, and have got high hopes from here. Then we get to Ruby Rose. She was just great choice. Think she brings Kate’s character to life in the best ways possible. From Kate mannerisms and desire to do things her own way and defying the norms. Headstrong and going in head first. She wants to be more than just a gay, female hero, but just qualities that make up Kate Kane, and this was a good way to start things off.

My sole negative, and it is a nitpick, but one that has been a norm amongst these shows, and that is the incomplete costume. I get that she is starting out and needs time in the story to get her real suit made, but the hurried together Bruce Wayne Suit looks so weird, especially the head piece. Looks like a big helmet from a distance, and I hope they don’t drag this out much longer and she gets her real suit soon.

This will probably be the last review on this show I do, till Mid-Season break, because doing single episode reviews are not only difficult, but I think are pointless and misleading. Since they are such small time frames and only have so much information. We don’t know where they are taking us to, and don’t want to try and guess, but had to make the exception here, because I am already hooked. Want to know where this is going, and love the story they have begin to set up. The emotional weight driving the characters and how things will play out has me eagerly waiting till Sunday and what happens next. If you haven’t checked it out, I do suggest checking it out. In the meantime…

Thanks for reading.

Box office Rundown Vol. 2

By Paul Anthony

This weekend was a big box office weekend both in the terms of Money and Controversy because we saw the release of the film called Joker. Which serves as a some what of a origin story of the famous Batman villain the joker. The film came in at number 1 and had everyone talking about it both in a good way and bad way with security being heighten and people walking out yet more people stay and this film even has some Oscar talk being attached to it.  So here are your numbers for this weekend farther by predictions for this week to come.

  1. Joker, 93 million
  2. Abominable, 12 million
  3. Downton Abby, 8 million
  4. Hustlers, 6.3 million
  5. It chapter 2, 5.355 million
  6. Ad Astra, 4.557 million
  7. Judy, 4.445 million
  8. Rambo, 3.550 million
  9. War, 1.581 million
  10. Good Boys, 900k.


This coming week is a very interesting because we got some big hits opening this week which include The Adams family, Gemini Man and Jexi. Here are the predictions

  1. Gemini Man
  2. The Adams Family
  3. Abominable
  4. Downton Abby
  5. Jexi
  6. Ad Astra
  7. It Chapter 2
  8. Hustlers
  9. Rambo
  10. War.

You Might Be The Killer Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Warning**

This is for Steve, The one true Kayak King

    ” A Camp Counselor suffering from Memory loss finds himself in the middle of a horror movie massacre.” That was the description given for the movie, You Might Be The Killer, and I was sold right away. I didn’t look into it anymore, simply set the record and waited for it to come on. Wanting to go in, without knowing what this 2018 movie brought to the table. When I realized that Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan were starring, knew this was going to be a fun ride. Let’s break things down, and see how much of one, it truly was.

This movie wastes no time getting started. Hearing Sam’s character screaming bloody murder and flashes of gruesome slashes from a wicked blade and a dead counselor count of A lot.  When we finally see Sam and he is covered in blood and running for his life. Covered in blood. Barricading himself in a shack and called his horror movie expert friend, Chuck for help. You think that he is a simple victim in all of this craziness, but before long it becomes clear, that Sam himself is the killer, under the control of a cursed mask.

Half of this movie happens via phone conversation between Chuck and Sam, as she tries to get him to remember what happened and how this all began in order to try and save her friend Sam. Chuck playing a great role of a fan almost. Being aware of the tropes and using them to try and save her friend. It had plenty of funny, light hearted moments and some gory kills. The back half, when we are up to real time, slows down, because the funny moments almost cease and starts to take a more serious tone, but I think it was necessary. It was at that point, Chuck knows that the final girl has emerged in Jaime, and if they can’t find a way to break the curse the mask has on Sam. Her friend is going to be killed, and they spend so much time making us like Sam, that I want his demise to be a more serious than funny, but there is a more noticeable drag on the real time side of the movie.

Fran Kranz was stellar in his role as Sam. Showing a real loving and sensitive Sam, who just wanted to run this perfect Summer Camp. Had such much love bubbling up and wouldn’t harm a fly type, who was disgusted by the idea that he was the killer. Selling the pull the mask had with all of his life. We wanted to see all of Chuck’s warnings not come to pass and Sam find a way to beat this. Speaking of, we all need a friend like Chuck. Never once batted an eye about what Sam has done. Knew it wasn’t her friend and was trying with all she had to not only find a way to break the spell, but stop the others from killing him, yet never really put them in harm’s way either. Even telling Jamie where she needed to be later. Alyson Hannigan was a great selection for this role. I also want to highlight Jenna Harvey who played Jaime. We didn’t get a whole lot of Jaime in the early stages, but when she was shown as the final girl, you could see why, and while she was the cliche final girl, did not act like it in the least. On display big time, when Inami turns on her. Inami figured if Jaime was dead then she would be final girl, and Inami would survive, but Jaime wasn’t the crying type who ran off easily, but immediately fought back. She wanted to save Sam and all, but at the same time, wasn’t going to die like the rest had. She was going to fight back and pulled off a strong character rather nicely, and didn’t think that as late as when they had him trapped in the shed. It was a nice character development and the twist at the end was made better by her protral of Jaime.

This movie had some great carnage candy sprinkled throughout. Including a massive downward blow, splicing one of the counselors head in half, to arms being amputated at different angles then the norm and I loved the camera angles. Particularly when he was smashing in the ones head on a door. Weren’t afraid to get to good in tight on the deaths and looked great. Made even more brutal from the weapon of choice being this mixture of steel blade, jaw bone, and serrated teeth. Gorgeous weapon that needs to be seen to be appreciated, and I really liked the mask. Looked like it was carved out of bark and enough details to look menacing.

I alright, got to talk about the ending here. So, skip this paragraph if you don’t want spoiled… Okay, I liked about ninety percent of the ending here. We got all the warnings from Chuck. That Jaime was going to kill Sam, but by the time you see where they are going, assumed it was a way for Sam to take out a now mask wearing Jaime, but no. She still killed him and walked off with the mask. Evil when the day, and thought that was wonderful. To often evil winning is everyone dying or the main character going crazy. Both of which I rather find bland, but I liked the idea of the final girl, walking away as your killer. Now the part where they kind of stumbled, was jumping 2 years ahead. Seeing Chuck answering the phone at Rings of Saturn and it was Sam ( Or Jaime, me and a friend of mine were kind of split on who called her. I am sticking with Sam). This kind of felt unnecessary, unless they are planning on a sequel, which I would be all for, otherwise. Jaime walking off into the sunset was a better way to end this.

I didn’t have many negatives to gripe about. Mostly mixed bag stuff. Such as why was Sam able to take the mask off after Jaime killed Inami, but when he threw her off into the stake pit, didn’t slow him down. I get they needed to get the mask off him for the finale, but should have been something else.  They make such a big point in reminding us about Steve The Kayak King’s death that you think they are going somewhere with it, but never do. Like I said, nitpicking, but still things that annoyed me after it was all said and done.

In the end, this was a highly enjoyable movie. Big meta movie that was more along the lines of paying homage to great slashers of the past other then making fun of them. Fun acting and carnage candy to keep you entertained throughout, and I highly recommend checking out, You Might Be The Killer.

Thank you for reading