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It movie review

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Sure to form, 27 years after the first, It has made it triumphant debut to the big screen. Being that It has already taken down several records for horror movies, Steven King movies,  and September releases,  and tracking for a hundred million dollar opening weekend. Safe to say it’s a financial triumph for New Line,  and sitting at 89 on rotten tomatoes, it’s a critical one as well, and in my opinion; was an incredibly fantastic movie. 

 Where this movie really excelled for me was how the story was constructed and unfolded.  From taking classic scenes such as where Georgie fatal encounter with Pennywise in the catch basin, Beverly’s bathroom scene, and when Ben was caught by the bullies. They added details and depth. Made them more psychological and greatly improved them.  Each of the characters in their own right got plenty of time to flesh out and add to them. The seven felt like real kids, who were trusted into the fight for their lives,  and alone in doing so.  Surrounded by adults who either forced themselves to turn a blind eye to the evils going on around them, or had gone mad themselves in all of it.  Which is classic Steven King style writing. 

 The kid actors and actress all came in and blew all expectations away.  Sophia Lillis was stellar as Beverly Marsh. Heart and conscious of the group.  Showing bravery and willingness to stand up for them,  then made you feel her sorrow and desperate silent pleas of help due to being at the mercy of her father.  Jaeden Lieberher was golden as Billy.  His desperate search for his brother in the hopes of him still being alive,  and his performance alongside Jackson Roberts Scott was both heart wrenching and terrifying as that Jackson made for one hell of a scary kid.  Jeremy Ray Thomas, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff rounded out the other five and could go on and on about how good each were.  They were the perfect cast to have and friendship that radiated off the screen, but before I close,  have to mention the lead bully, Nicholas Hamilton’s Henry Bowers. He was such a stand out character for how despicable character he was, his downslide to psychotic was compelling and mesmerizing, as the scenes between him and his Father were some of the most powerful in the movie. 

 The million dollar question going in was how would Bill Skarsgard compare to the massive shoes left behind by Tim Curry. An unfair question to the young actor, but an inevitable one. Bill owned the character of Pennywise from the opening sequence.  Loved the mannerisms and constant movements. Everything about him was creepy and deranged.  Loved the prosthetics and make up. His interactions with the kids was off the charts with peril and intensity. Not only matching curry but for my money,  far surpassed him. 

This is the reason behind remakes. To take a classic and make it so much more. Everyone involved knew they had to deliver and brought it and then some.  They story was more fulfilling and upped the gore without over doing it. The scares were earned and psychologically charged roller coaster.  Felt like you watched a real classic and am excited for part 2.


Fall Top 5

By Paul Anthony

Okay so the summer movie season wasn’t that good, sure we had our moments but now we are in our fall movie season and in this blog, we will take a quick look at the top 5 movies that could peak our interest. Now the fall season starts after Labor Day and ends the Thursday before the first Friday in November. So, some big-name titles will be missing from this list.

Let’s get started, now like before we will go from number 5 to number.

  1. Jigsaw, okay, okay I know this might tick a lot of people off but it has been seven long years since the last film which was supposed to be the last one but the movie made some money off its low budget you knew an 8th film would happen. The trailer looked good and could be the best film of the series or close to it or we could just get another horrible movie, for now it’s on the list.
  2. Cult of Chucky, this film might not come out in theatres but it doesn’t mean it’s not as good as any other film. The Curse of Chucky caught us off guard of how good it was, it brought Chucky back to his roots and made us forget the film before it. Now we are expecting it to be good and this film has a lot to live up to. The reviews have been positive so far, which is a good thing, you can buy your copy in early October.
  3. The Lego Ninja movie, It seems like these Lego movies are good right now, so it only make sense that this movie on this list. Currently it sits at 89 percent and I would not be shocked if it stays this way. The fall season is full of horror movies, so having a good family movie to see to get a break.
  4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first movie was a sleeper hit and it quickly grew on us, at first it didn’t seem like we would get a part two but after the first film final run we knew a sequel would happen and fans went crazy over the cast and when the trailer came out they went insane but now the film will be release shorty and we will see if they can maintain the magic from the first film, it currently sits at 99 percent.
  5. Blade Runner 2049, you want to talk about waiting for a sequel, try waiting for a sequel for thirty plus years and now the wait is over, the film brings back Harrison Ford and adds Ryan Gosling. Now the first one became a cult film because in today standards a 40 million profit wouldn’t get you far. It currently sits at 99 percent, so with that and good word of mouth they should have a hit on their hands and who knows the fan base might not have to wait another thirty years if the film does good.

So there you have it, the top five movies to see the next few months.

 Reflecting on the 1990’s mini series, It

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Sitting on the eve of the remake of Steven King’s beloved It. Showing the struggle between 7 children going against the ultimate evil. It was one of my top 3 excited for movies of 2017, and am beyond pumped for it’s arrival,  but before that happens. Let’s take a jaunt back to the awesome 1990 mini series. 

 Think about that for a moment. A movie that scared an entire generation.  Redefining people’s phobia of clowns, and they did it as a TV Mini-Series. That is outstanding.  Most can’t do it with a bigger budget and a theatrical run. 

 The movie starts and stops with an all-star cast.  Kids like Emily Perkins, Seth Green, Jonathon Brandis, and Marlon Taylor along with the rest of the kids, shining bright in the first half,  when they first fought Pennywise. Adults ringing in the second half.  Being led by the late phenomenal John Ritter, Annette O’Toole, Harry Anderson and plethora of other greats returning to their hometown to finish the job.  Crown Jewel being of course,  Tim Curry’s Pennywise. Most adults still fear clowns due to his performance.  Showing how to play a movie monster at it’s finest. All of the actors and actresses brought out their best,  and delivered and gem of a movie. 

 The special effects may have been  lacking at times. Kind of over the top, but was pretty good for the time.  This movie didn’t need much effects to make it scary,  that came from the psychological aspects. Weaving together fears to fit each person specific. The loss Billy felt over Georgie, Bev’s abuse she suffered at home,  and even mundane as Richie’s fear of monster movie characters to how his Pennywise’s presences alone would send Eddie scrambling for his inhaler. Alot can be learned in how well they did with so little. 
 I was ready for the remake as soon as it was announced. Excited for the good reviews coming out already, but before I go.  Will take some time to enjoy the classic. 


Summer Winners and Losers

By Paul Anthony

The Summer movie season has now ended after this labor and boy the numbers were down by 18 percent from the 2016 summer season which runs from the first Friday in May and ends on Labor Day, in this blog we are going to look at the top five winners and losers of the summer, we will start with the losers beginning with number 5 and 1 will be the biggest loser.

  1. The Mummy, the film seemed to doom itself when it cast Tom Cruise as the lead role, he was clearly too big for the role, then add insult to injury Tom had to play he’s normal character which he believes is cool but he couldn’t be more, what’s even more alarming is that the rumor is he demanded more screen time which cut the screen time down and made the movie more about his character. Universal wanted to start a monster universe, well sadly it’s not off to a good start.
  2. Baywatch, put the Rock and Zac Efron together you should have gold to make a comedy but sadly we know there needs to be more, I think we should learn by now that hit tv shows don’t make good films but we know Hollywood will continue this trend because they are just low on ideas.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The main cast was reunited, which they would hope sparked people to come back and watch their movie, with a 230 million dollar budget, they failed to make that in the domestic box office, if it wasn’t for the foreign box office, this movie would have sank big time, what is worse is that it is ranked 5 out of 5 in the series a terrible downward trend.
  4. War For the Planet of the Apes, the movie should have made more money, this sequel however couldn’t live up to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We know this trilogy was a prequel to the original film series, now with numbers being way down but still passing, might leave the fourth film up in the air.
  5. The Dark Tower, Fans were craving for this film when they first announced this film, people were freaking out and couldn’t wait but then they saw the film, well the few that did see it didn’t like it. The film failed to make budget at the domestic box office and barely made it to 100 million thanks to the foreign box office.

Now let’s look at the top 5 winners of the 2017 summer movie season starting with number 5 and work our way to number 1.

  1. Spider-man Homecoming, Sure this film might not have made billion dollars or even be the highest grossing Spider-Man film, the truth is it didn’t need to do all that to be successful, the movie was a hit among fans and critics, this fight might be number two behind spider-man 2 in the sense of being good. People went crazy for Tom Holland as Peter Parker and we are pump he will be around for some time, well if Sony realizes the deal with Marvel is a thing of beauty.
  2. Annabelle: Creation, this film is another case of the numbers don’t truly define its success, critics loved it and so did fans sure the money was just slightly better than the first one but in this case the quality was such a big improvement over the first one that it is insane, lucky we gave this spinoff a second chance and they delivered.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, when the first film came out we had our doubts that Marvel would make new franchise into film, it caught us off guard so the film was a true test and sure enough they made it better than the first one, the jokes, the emotions and action with the story it was all there and it paid off.
  4. Dunkirk, in the summer that was ruled by Marvel and even DC, this film gave us a break from comics this Nolan film that was based on a true story was a hit among the giants and at this point the last good film of the summer, Nolan proved he still has the magic when he made this and it helped when the film didn’t really have competition.
  5. Wonder-Woman, Dc needed a hit, the movie world needed a good female hero to prove that we can have a good movie, Wonder-Woman did all that and more, if the DCEU going to survive for another year then they need to thank this film for it, because the previous three failed where this film succeeded.

There you have it the top 5 winners and losers of the summer.

The fight that took your money

By Paul Anthony

I must ask you, have you ever been scammed and not realize that you are being scammed? If you bought last weekend “fight” then most likely you got scammed and you didn’t even know it and the sad part was it’s a legal scam. First, this wasn’t a fight, when they first announced this fight, I was like okay this is going to be legendary because Connor has to be one of the best in MMA and Mayweather so good at his sport his boxing skills would make up for the lack of other moves, but then it was becoming clearer this would be a boxing match and then I was like okay Connor going to lose and Mayweather will go 50-0 and truly retire on top.

I don’t have anything against Mayweather, I believe he is a great boxer no doubt but the one knock against him is the lack of talent he picked to box with and Connor was no doubt one of those weaker Boxer, well truth is he never boxed in his career. He lasted a good while but he was never going to win.

Sure, the buildup was entertaining, they were running their mouths left and right and throwing the digs at each other. I couldn’t take it serious since this was more the social media pressure to make this happen, these two never had real beef with each other before then just suddenly they want to box each other and all this nonsense.

It has been reported Connor with the lost, still took home an easy 50 million while Mayweather took home close to 300 million which should keep him set for a long time. What really drove me crazy was the amount money it cost just to watch it on PPV. It cost a hundred dollars I am assuming that’s not high definition. I wouldn’t know because honestly, I never cared enough to look at the prices. Then if that wasn’t enough the ring side seats were selling for ten thousand dollars for each seat, how crazy is that?

So why do I think this was a scam? Well it was no secret that Connor was going to lose and why would you pay that price for something you knew was going to happen. Now had this been a fight yes, I would pay for that because it could go either way. Well I know some may have bought the fight and disagree with me, well please tell me your thoughts on why you did or didn’t buy the bout?



A Long Wait

By Paul Anthony

Last Sunday was epic if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, we saw the end of season seven with the ice dragon. Season seven was the first season to be shorten and next season which is at this point being billed as the finale season, though at times I have been questioning that, but I will save that for another blog. Now with this season in the books we were left craving for more but the biggest question we have is when will we get more? This has been a topic of great debate for roughly a year now. We don’t have an official answer just yet but it’s becoming increasingly clear, so I hate to bring everyone bad news but it may be close to 16 months before we see a new episode.

We know the scripts have been written or at least the hackers believe they released the scripts to season eight though there is nothing to confirm these leaks are the scripts but we do know they haven’t begun to film a single episode yet and in the past, film the next well one season is airing. However, this is not the case. Filming is scheduled to begin in October and is expected to last until August which is a good amount of time, this all but confirms that the episodes in season eight will be longer than usually. The rumor right now is each episode would be around two hours which would explain the ten months of filming. The sad part is that the next stage is post production which could take a few months. If you’re doing the math right we are basically in December at this point and not a single episode has aired yet, which means this 16-month gap that’s been around for some time now, is basically true.

Now we have wonder why the long gap like that? Well I have a few ideas but remember they are just ideas. I believe HBO like any other studio or channel wants to drag this out, it’s been no secret that they wanted to this show to be ten seasons long with each season having ten episodes, they realize that wasn’t going to happen because the truth is they don’t have enough material to do so, well at least not to enough without dragging it out.

Now my other idea is that maybe season 8 isn’t the end, just the end for now, there been rumors of spin offs but I am referring to that fact that there are two more books on their way with each book rumored to be 1500 pages long, I would think that would be plenty of material for them to get to ten seasons. The problem is we have no clue on when these books will happen, after all writing 1500-page book can take years let alone write two of them.

I don’t know what will happen in season 8 but I can tell you this much I am dying to see it just as much as you are, but like you I have wait it out, bring on WestWorld.